How to Know If You’re Being Productive

how to know if you're being productive

You got up early this morning,drank plenty of water, had your breakfast, went to the gym, then to work or run errands.

Sounds like from the morning routine on, you’ve had a productive day… But is it so?

Time management is great in this example, there are also important daily habits included. It speaks a lot about the person himself. But what exactly is he doing?

What did you do when you got up early?
Meditation,reading, writing, maybe. But was it worth it?

Because when it comes to successful people, we all know they choose wisely how to spend their free time: in activities and small daily routines that include only people, objects, hobbies, foods, etc., that will help them unleash their potential.

Getting up at 6 o’clock to meditate for a couple of minutes without even focusing on something positive or just clearing your mind of thoughts, is pointless.
Eating healthy foods in the wrong combination, while drinking water at the same time, is just harming your digest system.

In the evening you feel so glad you visited the gym today, but so did millions of people in the world.
Was the training equally beneficial? Of course, not!

While you were chatting with someone, going through magazines, doing too much cardio and using the wrong weights, someone out there had the greatest workout of his month for half the time you spent.

The things you read and watch also matter a lot.

It’s great that you’ve read a great number of books, but did you learn anything from them?
Because I am sure that reading a chapter of motivational literature written by a famous businessman, something from a zen master, an article on business intelligence or just tips for self-control from an ordinary blog, can be worth much more than a few bad novels.

Also, socializing is important, but it doesn’t mean you have to carry on conversations with everyone all day.

Some people are so negative that just a small talk with them can ruin your day. That is why you have to surround yourself with inspirational and successful people who can teach you something.

It is the same situation when you go to uni/work.
Of course you have to show up, but it’s not sure that your day has been productive just because you’ve been sitting in the office all day pretending to work.

We can always delude ourselves that the things we do will eventually make us level up in life.

Unfortunately, this is rarely true.

You have to think over every activity of yours so that you can be sure that your time is being used wisely.

A good thing to do is to divide your ‘To do’ list into small sections, in which you can specify every part of your daily tasks.
Even the things you don’t really think about – like your breaks at university, the small talks with acquaintances, the film you want to watch in the evening and so on.

Never forget that it’s all in your control. The day is yours and only you can decide how to spend it!

I’d love to hear how you spend your days! Do you do things that waste your time and have no effect on your productivity?
Are you planning to replace it with a better activity and how?
Please, share your answers in the comments below!

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