One Action a Day is All It Takes

Take Action Now, Let's Reach Success

Sometimes even after we’ve figured out what we want and have set the specific goals, we still struggle to begin.

That’s because it looks too hard.

We focus on the whole picture – which is enormous, as it often takes years to make the money you want, to become financially independent, or months before you get fit, make the body you want and get rid of all that fat.
Or weeks before you get used to a new habit, before you see some traffic on your blog, or before you have written enough pages to have a manuscript that you’ll then offer to a publisher.

And that big picture doesn’t appeal to us.

Because all we see is the long time it will take, the efforts we need to put into doing it, the chances of failure, the compromises we’ll have to make and the things we’ll have to sacrifice.

And that scares us so much that we don’t even begin. Which is the biggest defeat one can have in life.

But what if we use another approach?

Let’s try to focus on the short-term progress, to forget that it will take time and effort, and to just do one thing connected to our goal each day.

Pablo Picasso once said that “Action is the foundational key to all success.”
And he was right.

Here’s what Marc Manson says in his post The “Do Something” Principle:

“I recently heard a story about a novelist who had written over 70 novels. Someone asked him how he was able to write so consistently and remain inspired and motivated every day, as writers are notorious for procrastination and for fighting through bouts of “writer’s block”. The novelist said, “200 crappy words per day, that’s it.” The idea is that if he forced himself to write 200 crappy words, more often than not, the act of writing would inspire him and before he knew it he’d have thousands down on the page.”

And that’s all it takes.

One thing a day. Be it 200 words, one page, ten minutes of writing, or another version of the daily step you need to take that works best for you.

The point is to break your big goal down to specific tasks, and then turn them into steps.

And what you’ll then have in front of you is an action to take each day.

Make it small, ridiculously easy, and fast to execute. Do it at the same time and let it be your priority for the day. Know that no matter what happens that day, you need to take your step, otherwise the day is ruined.

All that is easy, and leads to success. Because its key element is consistency. And it goes together with prioritizing, focusing on one thing at a time and starting small.

That’s how big dreams are reached – by gradual change.

So what action will you take today that will get you closer to what you want in life?

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