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I’m thinking more and more about the so-called abundance in our lives. It does exist, but we tend to notice the wrong side of it.

What I mean is that we want to have more when it comes down to food, belongings, money, technologies, information, entertainment and so on.

And the moment we use or consume the certain thing, we feel good. But right after that, we feel emptier than before.

It’s because this stuff actually sucks the life out of us.

The food we eat is killing us. We don’t eat for energy or health anymore, but because it tastes good. And we barely think about the fact that probably 2/3 of the food in every supermarket is processed and made only to get us fat, ill, addicted to sugar and salt.

We also crave information more and more. From all sources.

And that’s why we’re surrounded by technologies everywhere.

But reading the newspaper, watching TV, checking out sites, email and social media, getting notifications on our phone and computer all the time… it’s just too much. Just think about how much of all this you actually need and wanted to know at the first place.

That’s just a small part of the abundance we live in today.

And the saddest thing is that it takes our time, energy and attention so much that we remain blind for the real things.

Those are the people we love, the things we love doing, having free time, meditating, relaxing, seeing the beauty around us, laughing and loving more, just going for a walk, reading and writing, eating healthy natural foods, having a purpose and so on.

And because of these two reasons – forgetting what really matters and focusing on stuff and activities that waste our time and potential – we live unconsciously.

And here’s the solution – eliminate the unnecessary.

Simplicity requires elimination so that the essential can be seen and enjoyed.

Here I’ve listed 40 things to get rid of.

You may consider some of them vitally important. But that’s not true.

We can easily live without that. It’s just that it will be hard to ditch it because we’re so used to it.

The first 20 items on the list are material. The next 20 are more spiritual and mental.

  1. TV set
  2. Smart Phone
  3. car
  4. most of your clothes
  5. most of your accessories
  6. dishwasher
  7. microwave
  8. coffee machine
  9. caffeine
  10. junk food
  11. grains
  12. processed foods
  13. sugar
  14. most of your kitchen utensils
  15. FB account
  16. other social media profiles
  17. ads
  18. medicines
  19. too many decorations at home
  20. regrets
  21. fake friends
  22. haste
  23. doubts
  24. negative thoughts
  25. disappointment
  26. guilt
  27. hatred
  28. comparing yourself to others
  29. jealousy
  30. the need to be always right
  31. fear
  32. insecurities
  33. anger
  34. worries
  35. too many desires
  36. complaining
  37. overthinking
  38. making choices because of someone else
  39. the need for attention
  40. the past

It’s your choice.

You can keep living the way you do, which is much easier because change often requires effort.

Or you can give elimination a try and embrace simplicity. It’s a sure way to find peace and harmony, to feel free and happy and have more space in your life.

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Wanna Live The Travel Life? Here’s How to Get Started 78

Wanna Live The Travel Life? Here’s How to Get Started

The travel life is for those who are tired of their conventional lifestyle, living in the comfort zone and being stuck in the 9 to 5. These people often do anything they can to be free from the corporate world and the daily round and set out to live the travel life.

That’s not the only scenario, though. You can also get paid on the road, be a digital nomad, or start an online business just for the sake of traveling the globe. Plenty of travelers have proven that this doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s okay to do it even after you have kids. There are so many millennials who travel the world for a living. The only limitations stopping you from starting the travel life are the ones you set for yourself.

With this post, I want to remind you that a life of freedom, constant travel and new experiences on a weekly basis is more than possible. It’s a decision and some planning and saving away. And while I myself am not born to be on the road all the time, I do appreciate and know a thing or two about the travel life.

If you are tired of your current life and are always admiring those world travelers you read about, then here’s how to get started and do it right:

1. Cut your expenses and save a bit.

While you don’t necessarily need savings to leave your country, even if it’s with a one-way ticket for a distant destination, having something in the bank does provide peace of mind. What’s more, you’ll be prepared for bigger unexpected issues.

Here are some tips on how to save money for a trip or to travel the world.

2. Be okay with uncertainty and discomfort.

Perfectionists rarely survive for a long time when traveling. But it’s also the challenge some of them need to finally let go of the desire to know everything that’s about to happen.

You can do some planning to prepare for your first trip, sure. But anything other than that would be a waste of time. I’m talking about things such as fearing what might happen on the road, worrying about money issues, feeling like giving up on the whole travel life thing, and more. Overthinking leads to more doubts, and they are even likely to make you stay in one place forever.

So let go of the uncertainty, insecurity, and comfort.

3. Embrace the unconventional living.

Something the happiest and most successful people from different fields have is that they don’t do things the way others are doing them. Usually, their life is described as unusual.

You can hear about people quitting their jobs to travel the world, asking their boss to do their job remotely, then selling all their stuff and moving to an exotic country far away. Or CEOs saying no to huge salaries, just to be able to live on savings for a few years and travel the world.

There are also the graduates who take a gap year and do some pretty awesome stuff across the globe. Then share them with the world online through a blog, beautiful travel pics, or great videos, and become known for that.

What can you do? Anything you feel like.

You could get an RV right now and start living in it while taking your most favorite people and heading anywhere away from home. If you can’t afford that but are planning to be making money while traveling, then find RV title loans.

You can give it a few months till you save up a bit and also start monetizing your passion and making your first bucks online. As crazy as it may sound, plenty of travelers admits you can live the travel life on $1000 per month.

4. Make it affordable.

Start ditching bad spending habits right now, and be open to making changes depending on where you go. My advice is to start with cheaper destinations, such as the beautiful countries in South East Asia.

Life there is good, affordable, filled with new things, good food, friendly people, and amazing beaches. There’s so much to see and so many life lessons to learn, that your next travel plan doesn’t need to be made anytime soon.

5. Combine travel and lifestyle.

personal development in a cheap country

Just like when you’re working from home and have an online business you make your lifestyle fit your daily schedule and work, so can you do if you want to live the travel life.

Prioritize. Eliminate the things you do daily that aren’t important enough, and replace them with things that will support your travels and help you start your adventures sooner.

Learn to pack light and get rid of belongings that you don’t really need.

Start prepping your meals yourself and be open to new cuisines. Buy food in bulk as you won’t always be right next to a supermarket.

Be okay with the lack of technology around you. Unplugging has plenty of health benefits and can easily happen daily for some time even if you work online.

Appreciate experiences that cost you nothing. Such as watching the sunset, swimming in the ocean, sunbathing, talking to locals and checking out the free attractions. You can understand a lot about the culture by taking walks or biking and observing, visiting the food markets, heading to nearby villages, seeing how people interact with each other and with foreigners, reading guides about the place and asking questions at the reception or information desks.

6. Take care of yourself.

Make traveling stress-free, for a start. Or you’ll end up hating every flight, the research phase, finding accommodation, trying new things there, etc. It’s about your mindset. Be positive about anything. It works best if you have no expectations and are just pleasantly surprised no matter what the travel life throws at you.

One of the most important things, however, that are crucial to sustaining this lifestyle of freedom and constant traveling, is to take good care of yourself.

Sleep enough, eat well, be active, laugh, don’t be in a rush. Make sure you take measures not to sunburn, eat bad food and upset your stomach, lack the vaccinations necessary for some counties, or forget about something important related to payments or documents and end up stressing over it.

Embrace the travel life.

The travel life is waiting for you, but only if you keep in mind all the items above. It could be the best thing you ever did that can turn into your new norm and daily life. But it can also be a nightmare and something that ruins your workflow, health, relationships, or else.

Prepare, keep an open mind, and choose your first destination. That’s the best way to see if the travel life is for you.