How to Find the Meaning of Life and Reach a State of Peace

I’ve heard many answers to the existential question about the meaning of life.

And as with everything else, each individual has his own view according to his beliefs and experience, things he wants and is going through right now.

But there is one problem – he puts meaning in every little detail of his average day and sometimes that affects his version of his mission in life, and eventually his actions.

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Life is about more than the daily worries, fears, people that come and go, and things we pay too much attention to.

And in this – finding meaning in life – we’re all equal, because the goal is one.

Peace of mind.

Life is about finding peace in the chaos, silence in the noise, meaning in every event and wisdom in hardships and grief.

Because peace is the highest happiness.

It’s hard to find with all the distractions around us, but once seen, we continue our life in such contentment that we know we are living the way we should be.

People try to create peace, but it’s already there. You can’t force it because that’s the opposite of it.

Peace consists of:

If you can do that, you know what life is all about

We often try to find solutions to every problem.
But sometimes what we consider a problem is just a series of coincidences, something that has turned out in a certain way and there’s nothing we can do about it.

The ‘problem’ then is in our mind.

We want to change things. We think we did something wrong and analyze the events too much, we also stress over it.
But the real solution to everything in life is peace itself.

So let go of all grudges, negative thoughts, fears and whatever else it is that prevents you from living now, and what will be left is peace.

You get rid of all the distractions so that you can see the essential.

You don’t struggle to change and make things better.
Instead, you let go of struggle and make peace with what is.

I’ve become a bit better in that.

It’s such a relief to be calm in a stressful situation, to be like in a quiet meditative state on the inside while there is a war out there.

It’s one of the reasons Buddhist monks are so calm, and contented. It’s why people keep visiting their monasteries and ask them for their secret. They go to their home, feel the peace there and want to take it.

But the moment they have it as a material desire, the moment they define their current situation as a problem and look for a solution, the moment they want to have more of something someone else has, this peace is ruined.

We don’t really know how to deal with it.

But it’s all so easy.

It’s just peace – it’s right here, right now, and is exactly what will be left if we eliminate our desires, grudges from the past and worries for the future, let go of attachments and comparison, and simply see and appreciate what we have. That is when peace will reveal itself to us.

Peace of mind is what we all want.

Everyone puts that off, they think peace and happiness will come after they start a family, finish their tasks, or else.
But the truth lies in finding beauty in imperfections, making peace and experiencing the present moment by being mindful.

We’re constantly complaining about everything, but instead we should try to be okay with what we consider problems, to accept them as they are.

So find peace now. Don’t wait for that, don’t think you don’t deserve it and don’t put effort in it.

Just see it, it’s inside of you and everywhere around you.
You just need to open your heart and embrace it.

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”

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  1. I have been reflecting on this post for a few days now and I agree with 95% of it. There was a tiny bit that bothered me (and perhaps you can follow up with that in a further post) and that what to do if you are in a situation that you do need to change, or get out of. Should you sit back and ‘accept’ what is and find your own ‘peace’ within that bad situation? Or is that simply going into denial and not facing the issue. The only way to improve is to face reality, to judge it for what it really is and to take action rather than to accept and try and find peace within it.
    My thoughts on the other side of the coin.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for reading the post so thoroughly.

      Here’s what I can say about your questions:

      If you have something you want to change or get rid of, you can do it. But not with the usual pressure we all put into everything (and which makes things worse), but by first accepting things as they are. Then we can understand that they are our present, be okay with it, and then let it go so that better things can come.

      When in a bad situation, we need to do the same. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about goals, self-improvement and changing. But if we first accept ourselves for who we are with all our bad sides, and the world as it is, and everything else, we can then free ourselves of fears, doubts, jealousy, comparison and other negative feelings. And make place for peace, contentment and pure joy. Only then will we be able to think straight, see how things really are, make deliberate decisions and take action.

      It’s not denial or running away from problems. Because you accept they are there, you should even try to be objective and figure out why this happened at the first place. Then you can do something about it. But be okay even if you fail. And then try again.

      So that’s how I combine finding peace and taking action. You see them as two different approaches. But I think the former can be just the beginning of the latter.

      Hope you understood me. Sometimes I can’t really express my opinion in such philosophical areas. That’s why I’m trying to keep things simple. :))

  2. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    Lots of people wonder why they live and have to struggle so much. More people do think they can enrich their life with several gadgets and do think when they live without caring about the rest they may enjoy it most.

    The materialistic mind shall not find peace and a state of peace is far away from those who only think about themselves.

    We should not go to try to find meaning behind every bit and piece of the day. We should be aware that we do live in a time system which shall always be imperfect. No government shall be sufficient to bring everything all right for every body. Only the governing system that shall come after World War III or Armageddon shall bring relief. though we do not know when that final point of the worldsystem would come, at the time that the master rabbi Jeshua (Jesus Christ) will return, we can already work on a better system to take into account every creature and to give it the full respect it deserves.

    The world is created out of chaos and the void but got turned over by mankind and filled with a lot of rubbish, trash defiling nature. In case we work at it to get again some order we also will find a better way of living.

    Peace is in every bodies hand. It is there to make easily when the person wants to put aside his own individual egoism. when we let go of all the bothering things, the struggles we have in us and we do encounter each day, than we shall find ‘soulavement’ mitigation of all inner and outer pains, alleviation of ‘ourselves’.

    It was material desire and greed which brought sin in the world. This materialism has grown unto unseen proportion; But this also means we are coming closer to the end times and to the point that some may think there is reached the point of no return, but at the other hand where is reached the point that more people their eyes shall be opened and who will find the way to a better life, making the relation of the in God’s image created human being back into a good relation with the rest of the creation.

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