The only way to finish something and be able to enjoy the results is to start it.

Unfortunately, that’s also the part we find most intimidating.

If you think about it, there’s nothing scary about starting. You just get up and make the first small step. And it gets easier after that.

But before we begin to work on a project, to develop a new habit, or a new behavior, something quite big and serious is going on in our minds:

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– we think we may fail;
– we thinks of tens of excuses as to why now is not the right time to begin (and thus comes procrastination);
we don’t know where to start;
– we don’t feel ready;
– the thing we want to get done looks too big and hard;
– we decide there are more urgent things to do before that (and thus come distractions).

All that proves that we give our mind too much free time to play such scenarios, to get scared and convince us to put the project off for later. And it has strong motives, so we believe it.

But if we start working on it right away, it won’t have the time to come up with all that. And we won’t procrastinate.

The main reason we don’t get started is because the whole thing is way too big and scary. We imagine all the time we’ll have to invest, the efforts we’ll make and the pressure it will bring.
But that’s not true.

Forget the big picture for a while. At least until you start.
Break down you task/project/habit/etc. into small chunks. Make them specific, easy and simple.

Soon you’ll have the exact tiny step you’ll need to take each day. And that’s not scary.

The best way to start is to make it super easy.

But just imagine how good you’ll feel in the end of the day knowing you did something to move forward.

And getting started can become a habit, as everything else.

Soon it will get much easier to begin. Your willpower will increase. And you’ll be consistent in what you do.
Starting is the key to getting things done, finishing big projects, reaching your goals, and eventually becoming successful and living the ideal lifestyle.

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Getting started is a form of art.

You get better by practicing. You get the chance to fight your inner demons, to go beyond your limits, and eventually unleash your true potential.

There’s nothing more beautiful and powerful than a person who knows how to start. As each time he begins, he goes out of his comfort zone, expands his horizons, takes a step further towards reaching his goals, and builds his character.

The world needs more people like that.

And you can become one. Just by taking the first small step.

So how do you feel about starting? Have you had troubles when beginning a new project? And how do you deal with that?

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  1. Oh my God this is so true. And I am so happy I stumbled upon your new post right now as I am struggling to get to work. To me, the worst about starting is just like you describe: I immediately think of the big picture and start shaking in fear, thinking I will never be able to do it. Well, because actually the big thing cannot be done in one day. So now I am trying to only visualize the smallest task possible to get it done by the end of the day.

    Also writing about why I am scared to start working on a project helps me too.

    For info, my biggest project/fear/work is my PhD dissertation.

    1. Thanks for sharing that. Glad my post helped you and you’ve found a simple approach to your problem.

      All the best with your project. I’m sure you’ll get it done.

  2. Awesome advice Lidiya! This is such a help for me, a motivation for me to simply begin some things. To take that first step instead of looking at the big picture and becoming overwhelmed which causes me to come up with excuses. These excuse cause me to procrastinate…to the point where in some instances I am still standing at the starting line waiting to go. I believe things are changing starting today. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Be A Blessing!


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