How to Be a Strategist in Daily Life

In life you need to be a strategist.

You should use tactics, always be mindful and with a plan in mind, and willing to try new things in order to see what works best for you.

I came to that conclusion some time ago. It’s the result of all the information I’ve consumed on productivity, success habits, building a powerful mindset, and more, over the years. That includes my own experiments, my constant desire to see progress by doing things the smart way.

Little daily improvements lead to personal excellence.

After all, you don’t need to try to be ahead of others. Comparison itself is pointless and only brings negative emotions. You job is to be on top of your game. And that can happen by developing good habits first, taking control of your time, and being strategic.

Now, the tactics I’m talking about here don’t need to be aggressive. The fact that you’re winning doesn’t mean someone else should be losing.

It’s all about eliminating anything you do that doesn’t give you results, doing regular stuff faster, breaking big goals down to manageable action steps, tricking your mind into being productive when it doesn’t want to, saving time, working smarter rather than harder, and so on.

So let’s dive into the strategies we can implement today to take personal development to the next level and never feel stuck again:

How to Be Strategic?

1. Do your research.

That’s preparation. And it doesn’t need to be complicated. Get out there – online or in real life – and speak with people, read about anything related to your field, see what others have tried and how you can avoid their mistakes.

2. Plan.

Once you have the information, you can make a plan. Start with the end goal in mind. Then break it down into smaller ones. Now do it again and again until you have tiny steps and can start with the first one right away.

3. Experiment.

The whole point of being strategic is to always find better ways to do stuff – in less time and for maximum productivity. That’s why you need to be open to doing things differently.

The moment you stop seeing progress, a change needs to be made. But even if you consider yourself successful, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an even smarter way to do it. So the trials need to continue.

The goal is to always be looking for what works best for you, and eliminating anything that doesn’t bring you big wins.

4. Think.

That should be done at every step of the process, all the time. Brainstorming, generating ideas and just contemplating on the big picture. It engages your brain more, unleashes your creativity.

Whatever you come up with, write it down. It may be useful after some time (that’s an example of a simple strategy that works pretty well).

5. Track.

Everything needs to be documented. A true strategist keeps track of any area of his life he wants to improve. Here are the 7 things I’m tracking and the benefits that habit brought me.

My 3 Favorite Strategists of All Time

Here’s just another chance for me to mention some incredible people I admire:

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