5 Things Average People Do That Ruin Their Chances for Success 82

5 Things Average People Do That Ruin Their Chances for Success

Average people are those individuals who always go for the easy and fast option, who follow the crowd, live by someone else’s standards, and are pretty much anything successful people have changed about themselves.

But the world is full of such individuals. And their mediocrity is contagious. Why? Because society wants you to be successful, better, more productive, reach the top of a career, different, etc. But once you do, they judge you.

That’s the paradox and few can deal with it. So they choose to seek the approval of the masses and remain in their comfort zone for the rest of their lives. There they can easily keep complaining and blaming, never try new stuff because it’s too risky, and just do the same old things while expecting different results.

I’m sure that’s not the life you want for yourself. Especially if you’re a fan of personal development, are an avid reader and learner, and open to exploring new ways to improve yourself and your lifestyle.

If that’s the case, then you’ll want to immediately stop doing what average people do. Here are some of the signs of being mediocre:

What Average People Do That You Should Eliminate

  1. They wait for the perfect moment.

how to know if you're being productive

It’s much easier to just say that now’s not the right time and wait for better conditions, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, that becomes your attitude towards life. And you start waiting for yourself to be better prepared so that you can start working on something new, you wait for the right person to come into your life instead of getting out there to meet new ones, you say no to opportunities because you’re waiting for something better to come your way, etc.

What’s the result? You never do anything, and life becomes a waiting room.

That’s how average people do it and that gives them comfort. Waiting. But it’s also a mental prison that gives them no peace of mind and happiness.

Don’t let it become your reality. Take action in the present moment, it’s the only place to do something about your future. Take chances now, you never know before you try.

  1. They keep themselves busy.

Those living a regular life keep thinking they’re being productive, when in fact they’re just keeping themselves busy doing unimportant tasks and activities all day.

In the end, they haven’t accomplished much, haven’t taken action upon their goals and can’t say they’ve done their best.

Productivity, however, is all about eliminating anything that doesn’t give you result and doing more of the rest. It also means doing one thing at a time but giving it your full attention, being focused, tracking things, managing your time effectively and ultimately getting things done faster and better.

  1. They spend time with other average people.

If you’re only surrounded by people talking about others, complaining, never listening to each other, without aspirations and goals, who live in the past, blame their parents, are lazy, or else, that what you’ll be slowly turning into.

Whether you like it or not, you’re the average of those you spend most time with daily. So if you don’t want to be average anymore and believe there are better things you could be doing with your life, find more ambitious and hard-working individuals who are making a difference in the world and improving themselves on a daily basis.

  1. They wake up because they have to get to work.

other people and your boss lower your self-esteem at work

What’s the main difference between average people and successful ones?

The former get up at the last minute, put their clothes on, drink their coffee and rush through the door to get to work. They start their day in an awful mood, overwhelmed and stressed, are late and often forget something.

The latter, on the other hand, set their alarm for earlier than they have to be up and take the decision to have a nice morning routine the night before. This way they have a reason to wake up and are in a good mood to kickstart the day with some productive morning habits.

Some meditate and eat a healthy breakfast, others work out and plan out their day. Whatever they choose to do, they make sure their morning doesn’t go to waste. What’s more, they do things slowly, enjoy it and even make time for some creative activities like reading or journaling.

  1. They don’t commit to anything that can make them successful in the long run.

Average people may sometimes try to become better by working on something new. But a few things tend to happen:

  • they can’t choose a project to work on;
  • they jump from one activity to the next and don’t focus their whole attention and invest all their free time in one (so it leads to failure);
  • they remind themselves of past defeats and don’t want to go through this again;
  • they aren’t brave enough to give something risky a go;
  • they listen to those around them who convince them not to try;
  • they aren’t confident in their abilities;


All these are a bunch of excuses. And average people are good at coming up with many of those.

But in the end of the day, all that matters is whether you tried something extraordinary that made you stand out from the crowd. If you didn’t, it’s just another ordinary day of the regular life of an average person.

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How I Make Money from My Freelance Writing Services (And How You Can Do The Same) 4

How I Make Money from My Freelance Writing Services (And How Can You Do The Same)

I’ve been offering my freelance writing services professionally nearly 7 years now. And what started as a one-time project every now and then, has now turned into the online business that allows me to keep working remotely and operate globally, although I’m based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Forget about the competition, the broad niche you’re trying to enter and that it takes time to build a name for yourself. We live in the digital era and thanks to all its opportunities you can make a living as a freelance writer if you decide to.

Let me share the things that helped me make money from my freelance writing services. Maybe they can help you raise your prices, get started as a freelancer, or write and publish your first post today.

I started from the bottom.

I believe those following their passion, who are interested in becoming lifestyle designers and finding meaning in their days, should start from nothing.

Even if you have your family to support you, or connections in the field, or are given opportunities already, leave that behind and go ahead and build something on your own.

That’s important because the years you’ll dedicate to learning skills, making mistakes, getting to know your field and finding what works best are priceless. No business degree, internship, parent, easier career choice, or even initial capital, can do that for you.

The only millionaires I respect, for example, are the self-made ones. That’s because I’m all about self-improvement and it means following your own path. But first, defining and creating it.

If you decide you want to be a writer and to make money from that online, you need to invest years to get better at this and be able to call it your craft. You need a new mindset that will help you understand what your clients want and give them exactly that. And you need to be truly invested in doing it right as it’s all about providing value with your content, not making a few bucks.

You’ll build habits, find focus, work from home, ditch distractions, make sacrifices, and eventually start earning a bit. But you’ll be doing what you love. Then, there will be more doubts and challenges to overcome. Again, you’ll stay consistent if you’ve decided to make a living from your freelance writing services and achieve something bigger.

I make sure I cover topics I’m passionate about.

I believe anyone should be doing work they are passionate about. While the way you do it may vary, its main topic should be something you truly care about.

For me, that’s self-improvement, spiritual development and business growth. I have always been reading about this, and so it made sense to also start writing about them on my blog.

Such passion never goes away.

You take it with you whenever you write something, be it for a client, for a social media post, an email, or your own book.

Find your passions in life and make sure you incorporate them into your writing.

I build my portfolio every single day thanks to my blog.

6 Tips for Transitioning from Office to Freelance Work

Building your portfolio is a never-ending process. Leave conventional wisdom aside and think of the way people do business online today.

It’s not about a polished resume or a ton of experience working for other people anymore. I don’t have that. In fact, English is my second language and I have no degree in Journalism or anything. What I have though, is more than 1000 articles on my blog (which eventually turned into an authoritative platform), each of which is written to provide value, to help those who find it through social media or search engines, to give advice and share my thoughts on the issues of life that I care about the most.

Such portfolio can only get better. The more things you publish under your name, including guest posts, then more you’ll have to share with your clients.

The way I do it when promoting my freelance writing services now is this: When I’m about to pitch someone who seems to be a good fit, I give them samples of relevant articles. That means I always make sure he wants me to write about topics that I’ve covered before. So I simply get 2-10 links, share them with the client and tell them this:

If you like any of these, I can provide the same quality for the work I’ll do for you.

Simple as that. And I do keep my promise. Also, there are no wrong expectations here as I will do for them what I’ve done before for my own projects.

If you’re wondering how to become a writer and offer your freelance writing services, start a blog today, write about whatever it is you’re interested in and share it with the world.

I make it a win-win situation.

There are many parties involved when you do work for a client. First, there’s you. Then, there’s the client. But there’s also the reader this content will eventually get to.

Whether you’re writing something for a company or an individual, you’re helping them grow their business, improve their online presence, build a following, sell their products or services, or educate their audience. Whatever it is, your content matters. Keep in mind everyone your writing is going to affect and let that inspire you to be a better freelancer.

I enjoy the process.

How To Boost Your Energy and Vitality for A Successful Life

Because I started my freelance career in order to have an enjoyable lifestyle, not the other way around, I do make sure I take a step back every now and then and evaluate the situation.

I’m a lifestyle designer. That’s why I started working online, doing what I love, left my home country and relocated to Amsterdam, Netherlands, but still operate globally and work from home.

I need that freedom and independence in order to be doing my best work, to keep my focus and to have peace of mind. Without them, I won’t be able to make my clients happy.

That’s why you should enjoy the process as a freelance writer. Even the unpleasant moments. It’s a journey with ups and downs. But no one had it easy.

I stopped underselling my freelance writing services.

I wasn’t charging much in the beginning and that’s okay. I believe every freelance writer makes this mistake when they start out. It’s because of the competition, wanting to please every client, being scared you’ll never make more money out of this, not being confident enough in your writing, etc.

The only way to overcome this barrier is to do more of the work only you can do. As your reputation grows and you see you have enough clients, you’ll start saying ‘no’ to low prices and will learn to ask for what you deserve.

I diversified my income.

Is Owning a House and Mortgage Financially Sensible?

Freelance writing goes together with a lot of insecurity. From not getting paid on time (or at all), to not finding new clients, not meeting a deadline, not scaling, or else. If you don’t do something about it, this will cost you your precious focus and creative energy. And as a writer, you need these with you all the time.

So, I made sure to diversify my income. In my case, it was thanks to my blog, growing it and monetizing it by offering sponsored posts.

For you, it will be different. I sell my books on Amazon too, do affiliate marketing and many other things on the side. But these aren’t a significant part of my monthly income.

I make half of my money by selling my freelance writing services. Which means that even if I don’t necessarily find enough clients soon, or something else happens, I’d still make it until I get back on my feet.

Find your other income stream that will help you stop worrying too much and focus on doing what you do best.

I’m picky with my clients.

Saying ‘yes’ to every project that comes your way means you’re desperate to make some money, don’t have priorities and are trying to please everyone. I made big changes to my approach when I started being serious about selling my freelance writing services.

For a start, I ditched the clients who didn’t pay on time. From then on, I set the right expectations from the very first chat we had and discussed all the details such as payment, deadline, whether they would require me to make changes to the articles, etc. All these matter and after doing it for years, you start noticing recurring issues. But when you talk about each one prior to working together, it’s all good.

I’m absolutely okay with rejecting clients or projects that seem big or tempting in some way. It’s because I know exactly who I want to be working with and can feel whether we’d be a good fit from the first few emails we exchange.

That’s been a game-changer for my work and freelance writing business. Some amazing individuals reach out to me personally because they liked the story I share on the About page of my site and decided to work together. Or because they saw my name on another platform, liked my work and now want something similar for their blog.

From clients like that, I get positive feedback, an enjoyable working experience, no pressure, honest communication, regular payments, good mood, and referrals. These are the people I can do a good job for. And while it’s not always easy to find them, it’s worth the wait.

These are the things I did to be able to make a full time living from my freelance writing services. It took me years and a lot of mistakes, but you can do it differently. Stop being afraid to ask for more. Go build your portfolio, learn everything you can about the topic you’re covering. Be confident when you pitch potential clients and see how big opportunities are coming your way.

If you have a question about this, or if you’re interested in hiring me to help you out with content creation for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out.