Cure Depression with a Writing Morning Ritual 4

how to cure depression by writing in the morning, keeping morning pages

What if you could cure depression just by writing for a few minutes each morning?

After all, it’s just a pleasant activity that takes no time, but which can make you less anxious, stressed and negative over time.

That’s absolutely possible.

Depression comes in many forms. And it’s never good. But we can take control of our emotions and bring back the positivity and joy in our days with a simple and easy exercise like doing morning pages.

Basically, it’s just sitting down in the morning and pouring your thoughts out on paper. It’s therapeutic and has many positive side effects too, like letting all bad feelings behind by putting them in writing, getting to know yourself, understanding your problems and issues and finding out what causes them, maybe even a creative solution.

And all that just by writing down a page (or a few) in the morning.

But there are some things to keep in mind if you want to feel the healing effect of this practice:

do it in the early hours of the day – in the morning it’s quiet and the stress of the day hasn’t come yet. So you can do things slowly, and enjoy the silence and your morning coffee while writing;

do it before everything else – in order to focus and not to think about anything else, you’ll need to do it first thing in the morning. Otherwise, doing a chore, task or something else will engage your mind and you’ll jump onto the next, forgetting about writing;

handwritten morning pages – don’t turn on the computer in the beginning of the day. In fact, don’t use any devices. Unplug completely. This will give you a sense of authenticity, you’ll write more slowly (as typing itself makes you do it faster), you’ll be able to actually enjoy the exercise.

How can a morning writing ritual help you cure depression?

1. You’ll complain to the pages.

This will help you get the negative emotions out and feel free. That makes you less anxious too.

2. You share stuff and become more expressive.

People are often depressed because of the many things they keep inside. In time, it just gets too much. And even talking to someone else doesn’t help simply because you’ve got an issue with yourself.

Morning pages are a great solution for that, plus they help you cure depression once and for all.

You can just write down everything you’re worried about, describe your deepest fears and desires. You’ll be admitting them to yourself this way. Which will take a huge burden off your shoulders.
You’ll feel more comfortable sharing your feelings now that you know how to express them.

3. You become grateful and optimistic.

Using morning pages as a platform to celebrate your life is what can bring the joy back into it.

You can simply list things you’re thankful for and write positive affirmations about yourself and the following day. Even this little – and pleasant – habit will make a big change.

4. You get over past experiences.

A morning writing ritual can also be used as a way to share traumatic events, understand them, and let them be in the past without going back to them.

So that’s how this simple exercise helps you cure depression and that’s the powerful effect is has on so many areas of your life.

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How To Boost Your Business With Your Mobile App 134

A lot of small and medium enterprises now have their mobile app development company because they have realized the importance of an app to their business.
Become a Better PR Professional by Embracing the Latest PR Trends

This article was written by Kenneth Evans, a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies.

A lot of business managers still think they don’t need to hire a mobile app development company as only big brands require mobile apps. Nothing can be further from the truth than that. 

Some of the ways you can boost your business with a mobile app have been outlined right below. By the time you finish going through them, you will understand why you need to hire top app development company immediately.

1. Use Your Mobile App as a Digital Billboard.

Physical billboards are usually erected in locations that encounter high traffic volumes. This is because as people pass by it, they get to see the billboards. This is why they are usually very big and meant to attract as much attention as possible.

You can do the same with your mobile app.

When your app is downloaded and installed, the icon will be on the main menu of the user. So, as each user navigates through his phone, he gets to see the icon of your app.

Do you know how many times each user navigates through his phone in a day? You can now multiply that by the number of users you have. You only need to tell your mobile app development company to make your icon very distinctive.

2. Quick Feedback.

a day in the life of a ceo

Ensure your app development company includes a feedback button on your mobile app. By pressing the button, a template will appear on which users can type their feedback. The ease with which your customers can send their feedback will motivate them to do it.

Most times, you won’t need to initiate a survey before you get important feedback. However, if you decide to carry out a survey, you will get a faster response when you send it through your app. And this is much better and more effective than sending it through a mail.

3. Marketing Email.

Your mobile app development company should design your app to allow you to send a mail or a post to all your users at once.

Remember, anybody that downloads your app already has an interest in your brand. So, the users of your app are likely to read or view your post.

This is why sending marketing messages through your app is much more effective than sending newsletters via email.

4. Easy to Share.

You should also make sure your mobile app development company integrates social media into your app. This has two major benefits.

The first benefit is that it allows your customers to log in with their social media account. The advantage of this is that they won’t need to memorize any password. It offers a one-click login. This is definitely more convenient than typing in their username and password.

The second advantage is that your customers will be able to share your posts on their social media account by clicking the “share” button. The more your posts are shared, the more popular you become and this will lead to brand reinforcement and more sales.

5. Analytics.

This function gives you a daily report on some important statistics, such as the number of people that used your app on a particular day. It also gives information about the number of orders for each of your products. In fact, it gives several daily statistics that is very important to your business.

For instance, if the number of users of your mobile app begins to reduce, it is a sign that there is a problem. Moreover, if the number of orders on a particular product begins to drop, it is also a sign that something is wrong.

You will definitely begin to look for solutions. Whereas, without the statistics, you may not realize that you are already losing customers until it is too late.

A problem identified is a problem half solved.

However, it is important to state that you must check the statistics on a daily basis. A manager that does not check the analytics of his mobile app is not better than a manager whose app does not have the function. So, because of the importance of the function, you should check yours on a daily basis.

6. Advertisement Platform.

You can send a message to all the users of your app just once. So, if you have a new product or a promotional offer, the users of your app will be the first set of people to receive the marketing message. This implies that you already have a platform to advertise your products on.

However, don’t let all your messages be promotional. You should send informational ones too. Otherwise, you will turn users off.

7. Brand Loyalty.

7 Steps to Starting a Profitable Online Store in 2017

If you keep your customers engaged by sending informational messages to them regularly and by also responding quickly to their queries, they will gradually become emotionally attached to your brand.

This usually happens unconsciously. So, you should keep them engaged.

When a customer becomes attached to your brand, he will prefer to buy your product even if it is slightly more expensive than other competing products. Remember, people don’t really buy what you do. Rather, they buy how you do it.

8. 24-Hour Sales.

Physical stores usually have a closing time and some of them don’t even open on Sundays. However, your app remains accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, customers can order from the comfort of their home anytime they like.

You only need to back it up with super-fast order delivery and your brand will be a force to reckon with. This is why customers like to order products on the go. Once a particular user remembers that he needs to order a particular item, he does so immediately. So, he is likely to order through a mobile app or through any mobile-friendly website.

9. A Mobile App Will Help You to Remain Competitive.

If you don’t have a mobile app yet, chances are your competitors are already taking some of your customers.

Think of this: Why would you go and pick an item from a physical store when you can order it and have it delivered to you? A mobile app gives customers so much convenience!

In conclusion, having gone through the importance of a mobile app to every business, you will understand that having an app is not an option. Rather, it has become a must.