LRS 034: How to Work Smart and Not Hard by Doing Less

How to Work Smart and Not Hard by Doing Less | The Let's Reach Success Podcast

In today’s episode of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast, we’ll focus on business growth and how to be more productive and effective and work smart instead of hard.

Too many people go for being busy rather than efficient, they want to do more things, work more time and think this will give them more results. But today we do business in a better way – by working only on what gives us progress, eliminating anything unnecessary, getting things done faster, saying no to distractions and interruptions from daily life and thus saving ourselves time which can be better invested in other things.

I’ll now share 21 tips on how to improve the way you work and scale your business. What you’ll hear is inspired by a bestselling business book called ReWork.

Show Notes:

  • Why the term entrepreneur is outdated and what to replace it with [3:21]
  • A better thing to focus on instead of finding investors [4:20]
  • Why you should ignore the details to do business better and work smarter [5:43]
  • One of the main reasons why startups fail and how to avoid it [6:53]
  • What makes meetings pointless [9:05]
  • Why paying too much attention to the competition is bad for your business [10:50]
  • What’s the only way to keep track of customer’s feedback [12:19]
  • Marketing isn’t about press releases and paying for promotion [13:28]
  • Why resumes don’t matter [14:16]


Action Steps on How to Work Smart

  1. Don’t plan too much in advance. Focus on taking action instead.
  2. There’s no need to call yourself an entrepreneur and try to fit the description. Be a starter instead.
  3. Outside funding is a shortcut. Don’t go this way.
  4. Forget about scaling from day one. Leave bigger offices, new departments, more employees, investors, projects, etc. for later.
  5. The details are a distraction from your actual work. Leave them behind.
  6. Let some problems be.
  7. Create your minimum viable product and launch it as soon as possible.
  8. Stop using reports and documents.
  9. No more meetings.
  10. Make your to-do lists shorter.
  11. Break big decisions into smaller ones so that you can be more decisive and move forward faster.
  12. Stop paying so much attention to the competition, and improve yourself and build products instead.
  13. Say no to some of your ideas, no matter how good they sound. You can’t get it all done.
  14. Forget about spreadsheets and databases, listen to the feedback of your customers instead.
  15. Stop promoting yourself in the wrong ways. Just improve all the actions you take connected to your business, anything that’s related to your online presence, and every type of communication you have with the customer. Everything you say and do is marketing.
  16. Do the job yourself first so that you can teach employees how to do it.
  17. Ignore resumes.
  18. For better customer service, be available and get back to people quickly.

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