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morning pages ebook

Morning Pages: All You Need to Know About Writing in The Morning


“Morning Pages: All you need to know about writing in the morning” is a book in which you can find all the questions you ever had about this practice answered.

Whether you’re a newbie, are looking for a new morning habit to build, or just want to get more creative, bring a little more piece in your days and start each one with a pleasant activity like writing, this book is for you. Inside you’ll find the what, why and how of morning pages, together with tips, hacks and advice on how to make the most out of this powerful exercise.

Product Description

For years I’ve been interested in a simple practice called morning pages.

It combines two things that are a big part of my life – writing and mornings. And the benefits of making this exercise a habit are beyond measure.

And now I’ve combined everything I know and have learned from experience, and came up with a book on the subject. Inside you’ll find all the things you’ll ever need to know and will be ready to embrace that new successful behavior and let it change your whole life.

Many people wonder what morning pages are. They try to figure out what the best time of the day to do them is, how long to write and how many pages, whether it should be done on an empty stomach, after meditation, what exactly should be written and how to prepare.

Seriously, people search for all of these online. And I can only hope that they actually sit down and do some writing after that (and it’s longer that the browsing).

Because that’s what morning pages are. You just sit down in the morning and write.

Simple as that.

Of course, there are things you can do that will improve the experience and overall effect. Like doing it right after you get up, as a part of your morning routine, writing for a long time, eliminating distractions and trying to really focus. All this makes it more helpful and it becomes a successful habit.

So do morning pages really work? Yes!

And if you want them to work for you too, check out my book.

You don’t need to be a writer, or to even enjoy the process.

But if you start doing it, if you start writing down the things that go on in your head all the time, you’ll do the right thing.

It’s a therapy. It helps you get things out and even find out new things about yourself.

Here are the changes you’ll experience after you do the exercise for some time:

• you’ll look forward to writing in the morning;
• you’ll have an established morning routine;
• you’ll focus more easily;
• the problems later in the day won’t affect you that much anymore, nor will people and their drama;
• you’ll be more creative;
• you’ll begin to prioritize and know what’s essential;
• you’ll leave the house energized;
• your mind will be clearer;
• keeping a journal will help you organize your thoughts;
• it will make you see your life from another point of view;
• you’ll come up with new ideas.


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