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This Moment


“This Moment” teaches you how to let go of what was and will be so that you can embrace what is.

Its purpose is to set you free from the burden you’re carrying, bring you back to where you belong – here and now, remind you of how important and precious this moment is and let you appreciate and enjoy it.

Product Description

Now is where you’re supposed to be and thinking about the past or future prevents you from living this moment, which is the only thing you truly have. And if you can’t live this one, you’ll miss out on many more. And having in mind that life is made of moments like that, you don’t live at all.

But if you take control and focus on your current activity, on the people around you, on how you feel right now, if you look around and breathe deeply, you might just feel like the happiest person in the world.
And no one is able to take that from you. Because this moment is your present.

This moment is yours.

If we look at it this way, life is a series of such moments. And not being able to focus on the now means we’re not living at all.
Not being present means not being contented and in peace as this state can only be reached by an empty mind.

That’s the purpose of this book.

The main points I’m making in it are:

  • this moment is all we have, we need to cherish it and make the best of it;
  • only there can we find peace of mind and contentment;
  • there are barriers that prevent us from being present;
  • we think too much about what was and what might happen and thus miss out on this moment;
  • letting go frees our mind and lets us live consciously here and now;

and much more.


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