“The 10 Mental Habits That Will Become The Pillars of Your Success” is a book about the importance of having a powerful mindset in order to achieve more in life.

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It will help you start making big changes without feeling overwhelmed, and developing the mindset all successful people share, which will become the most powerful skill, and the only tool you’ll need later to go after what you want in life.

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The journey to becoming the best version of ourselves is a process that happens from within. That’s why we need to develop certain mental habits that change our way of thinking and approach to life, and thus prepare for what lies ahead.

Inside the book you’ll find the 10 mental habits that I consider most important for this mindset change.

Becoming aware of them and starting to work on them (slowly, focusing on one at a time) can help you turn your life from negative to positive, and feel confident every step of the way.

I’ve chosen these 10 and used the most understandable way to combine them so that they can be put into practice right away.

The habits are:

1. Purpose
2. Imagination
3. Belief
4. Focus
5. Taking deliberate decisions immediately
6. Accepting failure
7. Living in the present moment
8. Letting go
9. Forgiving
10. Giving

I did my research, experimented on myself and saw what high achievers have tried. And these ten – in that exact combination – seem to work wonders. (If you – of course – are willing to do something about them.)

Developing the right habits of mind is where we need to start, before we move onto setting and achieving big life goals.

Change is a powerful process. But it only works if you give it enough time and let your mind get used to it without feeling overwhelmed.That’s why it happens on a mental level first, before we see any actual outcome in real life.

Habits are the things we repeatedly do that let us transform our behavior and who we are in the long-term. They let us build willpower in the process, and move gradually from old patterns to new, successful ones.

But too many people start big and rush into changing things like the time they wake up, what they eat, what they do daily, etc.
They do it at once, without any mental or physical preparation. And soon fail.

That’s because there’s a certain set of steps we need to follow if we truly want to build better habits. But most of all, we need to pay attention to our mind first and make it stronger and adaptive to change.



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