1000+ Articles Later, Here’s Where Let’s Reach Success is Heading

1000+ Articles Later, Here's Where Let's Reach Success is Heading

There are now 1000 blog posts in the archives of the blog.

This makes me smile for a few reasons.

First, it’s a proof that consistency does create results. But by consistency, I mean years. And by results, I mean that it’s possible to create an authoritative site on your own (without the help of a single expert or having a team, or outsourcing any aspect), become known in the niche, make money from a blog, and turn it into a business.

The investment is the number of hours that I’d never be able to count. But I don’t need to. Simply because it has always been a learning experience before anything else.

The second most important reason why the growth of Let’s Reach Success makes me smile is that by having done this – sticking to this project, I proved yet another business and life principle many are afraid to admit.

That the first step can be the smallest thing possible, and that the end result is only limited by your self-limiting beliefs and excuses.

I started with one short post on a wordpress.com website, because I had no idea how it was possible to have your own platform online. I also wasn’t sure what will happen next, whether anyone would see it, or how many errors there were in it. But it didn’t matter. Because this first step led to the next one. And after years of taking small steps, it’s all come to this moment.

I’m a writer before anything else. I do self-publish books and can keep doing it as content creation is my strong side. However, I was never really passionate about selling them.

Until a week ago, there was a book store on the site where you could buy one of these.


Throughout the site, I also invited people to join the free newsletter, to listen to the podcast, to consider advertising on the site, or my freelance services. There were other offers too, often taking them to third parties.

But in the end of the day, I was never confident in selling anything, so it wasn’t such a success either. I kept producing and publishing content on my favorite topics – personal, spiritual and business growth, and letting guest writers contribute to the site too to get exposure and share their life lessons or business wisdom.

I knew I still wasn’t making the most of this platform that I had created over the years. That there was potential in it, and ads, affiliate marketing, or even my products had little to do with the most suitable way for monetization.

I don’t like ads anyways. Removed these a long time ago to improve readers’ experience and give it a more minimalist and professional look. It’s all about the content here. So it should stand out, and there can’t be any distractions.

That’s why you haven’t seen a popup on it for months now. The average Internet marketer would say I’m crazy about this :)

So, let’s get to the point.

There’s a solid knowledge base in the thousands of pages of Let’s Reach Success. And content creation is, to this day, the thing I wanna dedicate my time to daily.

After all that time, I finally found a way to put all the pieces together and think of a way that will be best for everyone, including the site itself.

I’m turning it into a subscription-based site, offering premium content to anyone who decides to join.

letsreachsuccess.com premium

This will be the only paid thing the site offers now. All the books, how-to guides, other downloads, and the best of the articles I’ve written over the years, will now be restricted to non-members.

That’s the best way to offer free content (there will always be plenty of it here, and new additions coming almost daily) to anyone who just wants to spend some time, look around, skim a few posts, and leave.

It’s also the most practical way for those who truly want to make a change in their life, to find the right content, to receive more of it weekly that others won’t see, to have it all in one place, and to show that they care by investing a small amount of money monthly.

Here’s when you can join, if you’re curious to see what’s on the other side.

Other reasons why this is a good idea:

One thing.

I’m reading The One Thing now, but I’ve always known that in life and in business we should concentrate on one thing solely. Otherwise, we get distracted and don’t really have the time or energy for more.

That’s what I was till recently – distracted. Not knowing what to offer to people on the site first, overwhelming visitors with more than one offer on some pages, and producing content with different purposes, not being sure whom to target it for.

Now I know.

The hours I invest daily to gather information and turn it into step-by-step guides, the personal realizations and life lessons I share, the research of other pieces, the editing, proofreading and formatting to make it look good and easy to read. All that will now be with one single goal in mind: ‘Is this piece of content serving the subscribers of Let’s Reach Success Premium right?’


In the world of digital business and internet marketing, where everyone’s in it for the leads, the backlinks, the followers, the scaling, the likes, the paid ads, I remain loyal to the good old honest content strategy and the respect between a reader and a creator.

It’s simple. If you are a personal growth enthusiast, want to see practical tips on lifestyle design, starting a business, getting things done and living unconventionally by making small changes in daily life, you’ll also want to have access to content that’s not available to anyone out there.

So it makes sense that you’ll subscribe to Let’s Reach Success.

You can also ask me to write on any topic you’d like to learn more about, or ask a question about something you struggle with and hear what I’d do if I were you.

If you just wanna skim list articles on different sites and switch to other activities after that, then you won’t really need a subscription. That’s also fine.

I’ve written before on the importance of being selective.

With our time, the people we let in our lives, the projects we work on, the many goals we want to reach, etc.

So, we also need to be selective with the information we consume, its source, how it’s presented to us, and the platforms we invest time in.

You can see what’s inside Let’s Reach Success Premium herecheck out my mission here (the short story of my journey and why I’m turning the site into a premium platform). Or simply register in the form below here.

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Becoming an Online Merchant: 4 Tips to Find the Perfect Product to Sell

Becoming an Online Merchant: 4 Tips to Find the Perfect Product to Sell

E-commerce is a booming industry and will only continue to grow in the coming years. That’s why it’s not so surprising that there are plenty of people who want even just a small slice of the proverbial pie.

But whether or not you are looking to establish a full-blown online store or would simply want to supplement your income by buying and selling items on the side, you have to pick a product to sell that would, well, sell.

With the right marketing strategy, one can argue that anything and everything can be sold online. However, the real challenge is finding a product that is conducive to success. How do you find that product? Here are a few pointers.

Finding The Ideal Product to Sell

1. Target Hobbyists and Collectors

You’ll be surprised by just how much money hobbyists and collectors are willing to spend to fuel their passions.

If you have a knack for finding rare items, you’ll be a big hit with collectors. Whether they’re interested in action figures and toys, lapel pins, first edition books, stickers, sports cards, or even antique dinnerware. Just make sure that everything is legitimate.

Meanwhile, there is no shortage of hobbies on which people willingly invest their time and money.

Some of the more popular ones include biking, fishing, knitting and crocheting, calligraphy, model building (including radio-controlled vehicles), and handicrafts. Look for a leisure pursuit where you can act as the product-based solution and you’ll easily enamor yourself to these customers.

2. Something Hard to Find or Can’t be Bought Locally

There are some things that can be easily found in a local grocery store or a specialty shop — say gardening or baking supplies. But what about specialty foods, magician’s accessories, eco-friendly products, and fandom items?

Most likely, people will go online to find these. You can enlist the help of Google Trends and Google Keyword Tool to get a glimpse of what kinds of products people are searching for online and use the results as a guide to pick a niche product to sell.

You can also try to sell products that can’t be bought or difficult to procure locally, like Japanese Kitkats, the “three-story” alfajor Oreos, or Asian beauty products. The latter, in particular, is a good place to start since a lot of products are only available in select countries or regions but are available through wholesale Asian cosmetics websites. Do the hard work of sourcing these products (and offer them at reasonable prices) and see just how much your customers will love you.

3. Star with The Accessories Before The Big-Ticket Items

When people buy big-ticket items such as 4K TVs, high-end smartphones, and gaming laptops, they buy them only once. Their next purchase of these kinds of products will probably be in the next two to three years.

These are big investments, after all, and people are much more reluctant to spend huge amounts so often. However, accessories are much more common purchases and people are relatively more agreeable to spending more often on these items. Especially when they’re meant to increase the performance or ensure the longer life of the bigger product.

Think about HDMI cables and switchers for TVs, charging cables and power banks as well as cases and protectors for smartphones, and gaming accessories like a mouse, a keyboard, and a good pair of headphones.

If you already sell the big-ticket items, then it’s a wise decision to add the accessories to your online catalog. If you’ve yet to choose what to sell on your online shop and/or you have a limited capital, you should consider selling these kinds of accessories first.

4. Consumables Mean Customers That Keep Coming Back

Consumables mean that you will have a steady customer base and a rather reliable revenue stream. What’s more, when people need to order products from you regularly, it’s much easier to build a loyal customer base.

Think about specialty cooking ingredients (Himalayan pink salt, anyone?), supplies for arts and crafts, and even cosmetics. Just make sure you’re able to deliver each and every time, since you don’t know when your customers will run out of their stock or order in bulk in advance.

Of course, choosing which product to sell is just one part of a thriving online business, since you should also take into consideration the demand, potential competition, and reliable suppliers, among others. However, it’s also undeniable that finding a saleable item is a huge contributor to your business success. Good luck on your journey as an online entrepreneur!

If you're into ecommerce, you might be wondering what product to sell on your online store. Here are 4 great ideas that are sure to make you money and bring you loyal customers: #ecommerce #onlinestore #makemoneyonline #sidehustle