The 6 Kinds of Relationships You Must Form in Your Life


One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives. – Euripides

Whatever we love or hate about life, however we look at thinks and regardless of our interests and dreams, it all comes down to communication.

There are people that just can’t get out of their comfort zone, there are days in which we don’t want to see or talk to anybody, but we can’t live alone. Human beings are made to seek attention from their fellows, to evolve together and to become more powerful as part of a group.

Being an individual is important, of course.

It’s one of the main characteristics of a leader, and of any successful man. But he must also be able to work in teams, to speak with everyone, to form relationships. This is in our nature and no matter how hard it is sometimes, we just can’t be loners.

Eventually we realize that every action of ours is connected to other people. We have friends, families, we work with people, we judge others and get criticized by them, we argue, we lie to them, we disappoint and get disappointed, we want to attract someone’s attention, we admire some people and avoid others.

It’s all about communication and relationships.

Some of the connections we form though, are way more important than the rest. Here is a list of the relationships we need to establish in order to have a valuable life with meaning, love and people that matter to us.

The Most Important Relationships to Form in Life

1. The one with yourself.

You are the star in your movie, so no matter how important other people and issues are for you, don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

Many neglect their appearance, stop their learning process, don’t enjoy what they are doing, don’t relax and take time for themselves and lose the special connection with their inner self. That reflects everything in their outer world and they end up having no meaningful relationships, work, hobbies, etc.

It’s crucial to establish a balance between your mind, body and soul.

Every day try to find time to relax, reflect on things, listen to what your body and mind tell you, get in touch with your spiritual side and take every chance to find inspiration and motivation. Be peaceful , satisfied and in harmony with yourself.

2. Family.

One thing you must never forget is that family will always be by your side.

In good times you have your friends and many other acquaintances that stick with you, but it’s those that don’t leave you in bad times that matter. Your relatives will help you no matter how rude you were to them, how bad the situation is and how wrong you are.

Your parents are those who will give you everything they have when you don’t deserve it, they will tell you that it’s all going to be okay even when you have done the worst thing, they will tell you that you are a beautiful and wonderful person and will actually mean it even if you look and feel bad.

So be grateful for the childhood they gave you and for all the things they are still providing for you. Show love and appreciation and try to go beyond their expectations by living a meaningful life and becoming a great person.

Then when you have your own family, give them all the love in the world. Listen to them, understand their problems and try to solve them together, help them become the best versions of themselves, appreciate, give and never take them for granted.

Your husband/wife is the person you choose to spend your life with. Cherish that intimate relationship and let it help you enjoy every other aspect of your life. Together you will have the power to overcome every hardship and misfortune.

Live a wonderful life together and cherish the fruits of your love – your children. Become their friend and mentor and prepare to be amazed by the unconditional love they will give you back and the unbelievable things their imagination will generate.

3. Friends.

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Life would be unthinkable without friendship.

Friends are our saviors in a moment of need, our best advisers in desperate times. They will come when we are lonely, they know us so good that there is no need to tell them what we need.

Value your friends and think highly of them.

Try to remain close with the ones from your childhood and high school. College friendships are great too. You’ve been through so much together, have so many memories and know everything about each other that it would be a shame to leave that behind.

Create new memories, let your kids become friends too, maybe you can start a business together or support each other’s hobbies and talents.

4. Acquaintances.

Life meets us with many other people in different situations. They may not be that important and may not stay long, but one way or another we form some relationships with them as well and this plays a huge role in our personal development.

There are the people we work with, our neighbors, roommates, classmates, managers, teachers, clients, friends of friends, gym buddies and many others with whom we just chat and have some interaction. Sellers in the shops we buy from, people we meet at parties, or at the park while walking our dog.

Every week we lead many short conversations and think they are unnecessary. But faith knows what it’s doing and sometimes, too late do we realize what an important lesson has someone taught us.

That is why we should keep our eyes wide-open and benefit from every little piece of communication we have throughout the day. From one person we may get an advice, a second one will help us, the third may recommend something useful or give us information.

Never underestimate the benefits we can get from the people we meet just for a while. And yet, sometimes your new best friend may be hiding behind the person you just bumped into.

5. Foes.

These are the people you argue with, the colleagues that envy you, those who want to bring you down or simply don’t like you.

Leading a social life inevitably meets us with such people. We may be good to them and think we do everything right but somehow they just find a way to engage in an argument with us. They judge and criticize us and may have an influence on others too.

We, on the other hand, have to choose whether to react to that or not. And more importantly, how to do it.

Always keep in mind two things: first, these people are also humans and have their inner battles just like you and me. And second, they are in your life for some reason and you can learn from them. If you start judging them too, that means you are on their level and thus you show shortcomings in your own character..

Continue treating them in the best way you can. You might just be what they’ve always been looking for: someone who will believe in them and give them a chance.

6. Animals.


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Last but not least, in order to be satisfied and lead the life we are meant to, we should form a connection with animals. The easiest way to do it is to have a pet.

This is a wonderful way to connect to our spiritual self and realize how every being on earth deserves to be loved and is willing to give it in return.

Animals are so pure and sensitive. Not only are they conscious of bad weather and earthquakes, but they also feel it when we are sad or hurt. They are always ready to help us. There are many cases of dogs that have saved their owners or random people by pulling them or calling for help. Cats, on the other hand, teach us valuable lessons about life.

It is important for us to be able to connect with animals, to appreciate them and read their signals.

Reaching success is a journey which affects every aspect of our life. Social life is one of them. Try to establish each of the relationships listed here. Appreciate the people in your life, be humane, spread your love and learn from everyone in your life.

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4 Tips for Newlyweds to Manage Their Finances Flawlessly

4 Tip for Newlyweds to Manage Their Finances Flawlessly

June is around the corner!

What does it remind you?

Isn’t it the smell of champagne and roses?

Yes! It’s again the time to rejoice the cheerful wedding bells. So, if you are planning to tie the knot soon, congratulations!

Howbeit, preparations for the wedding day might be making you worried over these months. Whether it is about picking up the wedding dress or booking a caterer for the wedding feast, your finance is moving upside down!

But, wait!

Don’t think that such monetary hotchpotch will come to an end after the wedding day. There’s still a long way to go! You and your partner are going to spend your entire life together. So, both of you have to practically start thinking about how to manage money.

No! I am definitely not scaring you! It is just that the approach in which you’ve been handling finance till now have to change now. After marriage, it’s not just you, it’s about you and your partner living together.

So, it is required for you to understand the basic know-hows effectively.

Read on to get an idea. 

1. A Serious Talk on Pecuniary Goals and Habits

You both are staying together, it’s essential to know each other’s financial point of views. Especially, you can remind your parents in such a situation. For example, how your parents used to manage money, when they used to pay the bills, what have been their successful financial decisions, and so on. It will let you both curate your financial life perfectly.

Also, you need to discuss your habits when it comes to managing money. Whether you are a saver or spender, how you usually decide on purchasing something, what your reaction will be if there is a sudden financial loss etc.

Once you are done with understanding each other’s habits, figure out a suitable way to manage money, and that’s it!

2. Stick to Your Budget.

When it’s about spending money, be cautious and stick to your plan. Let no any indulgence drive you towards unnecessary expenses. You and your partner both should cultivate this habit to save remarkably.

Moreover, you’ve to always look for smarter ways to save your hard-earned dollars. For example, learn how you should use things limitedly for household chores, how you can save on shopping etc.

One of the smartest ideas could be grabbing the lucrative discounts and coupons while purchasing everything, whether it is a small household stuff or any prominent furniture or jewellery. Additionally, there are a number of such exhilarating websites now which can let you always fetch the right discount at the right time!

Browse through the websites like Dealslands and many such others present around, you’ll definitely start believing in what I mentioned above. 

3. Numbers Are Important.

When it comes to managing finances together, you and your partner should share every related information. You should start with tallying up your asset and debts. Next, just subtract the debts from assets to determine your self-worth. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to inform your income to each other.

The conversation between you both should be open and honest. There should remain no scope for any hidden fact. The more transparently you will talk, the more perfect your financial plan will be.

4. How Do Your Budgetary Habits Differ from Your Partner’s?

It is very important for you to figure out the difference between how you and your partner think about money.

Try to find out the agreeable amount of saving for you both. You should understand what his/her priority is when it comes to paying off the debts or spending on quality things, what money saving traditions that he/she thinks are absolutely non-negotiable, and so on.

Once you have a clearer idea, an impeccable plan for managing your bucks will be ready! 

This is how you need to start planning your finances together to attain unparalleled results. Initially, it might be quite unnatural for you to understand the aforementioned facts. Well, it’s nothing wrong with that! You are new to this life.

However, don’t lag behind in following these tips in future. Thus, to manage finance as a family will not be tough at all!

About The Author

Arina is the marketing manager at DealsLands, coupons and discounts provider company. She is passionate about fashion, make-up, beauty treatment and lifestyle. In addition, Arina also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

You and your partner need to discuss your habits when it comes to managing money. Once you are done with understanding each other's financial habits, you can figure out a suitable way to handle savings, expenses, budgeting, and more. Here are four great tips for newlyweds: #moneymanagement #newcouple #newlywed #moneytips