11 Positive Things to Start Your Day

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” Abraham Lincoln

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It’s a new day.

Take that gift with a smile and use it wisely. You are the only one that can live your day to the fullest, that can make it count. Always stay positive and expect only wonderful things to happen to you.

The morning is the most magical part of the day.

The whole world rises, the sun comes up, every flower and tree blossoms, the park is full of people jogging, taking a walk on the beach or walking their dogs. Students go to school, other people go to work or simply start working on their daily tasks.

But the time between waking up and going out is only yours and if you spend it right, your day can be amazing.

Here are a few things that can help you start your day with the most positive attitude:

1. Wake up with the biggest smile.

You decide how your day goes and if you start it joyfully, be sure that nothing will bring you down. Make the smile an inseparable part of your outfit and be sure to wear it when you do everything and communicate with everyone. This is both your weapon and power and even if something bothers you, just pretending to be happy will eventually make you so.

2. Be grateful.

Look at all the positive things in your life – family, personal qualities, good look, achievements, dreams, material possessions, etc. List them in your mind and be grateful for every one of them. Realize how lucky you are and thank for that.

3. Sing/dance/write/read.

Do your favorite thing once in a while – after waking up, when you have 5 free minutes at home, when alone in your office. Fill yourself with love, joy and passion. Dance, sing, exercise, draw, write, read and do everything that will start your day actively. Be lively, full of energy and life and take that mood with you wherever you go.

4. Tell your family how much you love them.

By the time they wake up, you should have done your morning routine and had some time alone, so now concentrate on them for a while.

Make breakfast for your kids/husband/parents and talk with them while eating. If they are stressed and don’t look forward going to work/school, kiss them, soothe them and tell them that it’s all going to be okay. Sometimes that is all someone needs to hear.

5. Look great.

Take a shower, wear your favorite clothes, do the mirror technique for more confidence and go out to conquer the world.

If you keep smiling and being confident and positive for the whole day, don’t doubt that only good things will happen to you and people will be friendly, because you will fix their mood too.

6. Expect only marvelous things to happen.

Maybe this is the day when you will get a promotion at work, someone will tell you great news, you will meet an old friend, someone will surprise you, your kid will be doing great at school, the story you wrote will win a contest, you will realize you’ve lost some weight… Everything can happen today if you expect it. The universe never lets down its positive residents.

7. Take opportunities.

I am sure that there will be wonderful changes in your life today, but sometimes you need to go and get them yourself. Just waiting for happiness will get you nowhere. So get out there, speak up, grab your chance, move on.

Do something brave, act without thinking too much.

Maybe to get that promotion you will need to talk to your boss in private.
You need to sit down, edit your book and send it to an editor first, so that it can get published.
Make a compliment to people, especially to those who least expect it – this will make their day and eventually they will make yours.

Give and you will get. Speak and you will be heard. If there is a new project at work that sounds pretty interesting but challenging, don’t hesitate to take it. The result will surprise both you and your colleagues and manager.

8. Do something new.

Go to a new place in your free time. Talk to a stranger that seems interesting to you. Try a new exotic meal or drink.

9. Give.

Help people, answer their questions, donate, give chances, forgive. Only then will you find one of the greatest levels of contentment in life.

10. Find time.

Most people just don’t accept the idea that one day is enough for a lot of different activities and tasks.

Well, it is.

First of all, most of us sleep too much, You don’t need more than 6 hours to be rested and ready for action.

Another problem is procrastinating. If you keep it to a minimum, you will have time for your daily tasks, work, family, some time alone, housework, workout, etc. It sounds hard to believe, but this is actually achievable. The only obstacle on your way to a perfect day is time management.

11. Seek inspiration.

Do things that get you inspired. Look around and find the needed motives to keep going. Inspiration is all around.

Here is your day. Here are your daily tasks together with the positive things you can do. It’s your turn now.

So how are you going to make your day more positive? 

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Lidiya K

Lidiya K

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  1. Very inspiring post. Realize now I need to be more positive and stop stressing out. Most of all I need to remember to count my blessings more often, even when I have to call the plumber again and the roof is leaking.

    1. Hello there! Thanks for commenting!
      It’s good that you realize it. I believe that stress is a matter of choice, so it’s a simple change of perspective to choose happiness and embrace positivity.
      Good luck with that! Don’t forget that there are always things to be grateful for, just look around.

  2. Hi Lidiya. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today and clicking on the Like button on my most recent post. You’re blog is interesting and inspiring; Keep up the good work you’re doing here. I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers!

  3. Be positive and say thank you!!

    My standard greeting in the morning, never mind what the weather (or life) is doing… “How are you this bright and sunny morning?”

    That leads to all sorts of answers… mostly though, it brings a smile! 😉

  4. Those, I think, are some things that people who are already positive do. It’s harder for people who aren’t positive to start doing those things; however, one thing I really enjoy and that lifts me up when I’m not feeling positive IS to start a conversation with a stranger, make a new, even if temporary, connection.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog. What a wonderful list of positive thoughts and ideas. It is nice to be reminded about being positive. Sometimes life can get a person down and we all need a pick me up like this every so often. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

  6. This post is wonderful and full of Truth as well. The only thing, however, when telling people about positive living (just like losing weight, for example), it behoove you to let them know, that it is very simple, but it isn’t easy! Basically, the concept isn’t hard to understand, but putting that concept into actual practice takes a lot of time and effort to produce the desired tangible results. Thanks again, I am glad we crossed paths.

    1. Glad I met you too 🙂
      This post is a bit old though.
      I truly understand this concept and have realized it a few months ago. Everything, when it comes down to success or happiness, is absolutely simple (there are steps to take, things to do and anyone can do it) but it’s not easy (it takes time, dedication, effort and so on).

  7. I am very impressed by your eloquence and depth of perception, Lidiya. You are wise beyond your years, and your English is far better than a lot of native English speakers I’ve met. Keep up the good work! Aly x

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate it. I like this post. Sometimes I have trouble being positive. I also never seem to have time to do every peaceful, de-stressing thing that I want to do in the morning before the day’s duties start. Your post encourages me to make time to do those little special things before I head out the door! =) so, thanks.

    1. Thank you too for commenting.

      Maybe you should stop trying to do many peaceful things in the morning and focus on just one, but to really experience and enjoy it. It will work wonders 🙂

  9. I bookmarked this page and plan on revisiting it often.I have two 13 year old twin grandsons and want to pass this way of thinking on to them.It could my greatest gift for them to receive from me.Thanks.

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