What’s the secret of life? What’s its purpose? Who are we? Where are we heading?

Those questions have different answers for everyone, different explanation and factors that influence each.

We can all find them and reveal the meaning of everything. I use the word ‘find’ simply because all we need to know is inside us, we just have to refind it and learn how to use the information.

We are magical beings and have all the power inside us. Power to change, understand, achieve, help and live.

It’s not hidden, it has just been there all the time – in our mind, in our consciousness and in every single cell in our body- and waits for us to get to that moment of our development when we will be ready to accept the knowledge, to live with it and to spread it.

This may not be an easy task because it requires a lot of contemplating, believing, accepting, understanding, thinking and doing. But there are a few things we can do to quicken the process of self-improvement and self-understanding, the result of which is learning everything about our life.


“Meditation will bring you sensitivity, a great sense of belonging to the world. It is our world – the stars are ours, and we are not foreigners here. We are part of it, we are the heart of it.”

Meditation itself is just a practice, a technique, a method. But what it does to our mind if done right is tremendous. It helps us discover new worlds, understand new feelings, see new things. It is a way to close our consciousness to some things and open it to others.

All you need is solitude – a quiet place, and a desire to get to know yourself better. Try to eliminate all the negative thoughts and if you can just stop thinking at all for some time. This may sound difficult and ridiculous, but I assure you it’s not.

To stop thinking is hard in nowadays daily round when so many things are happening, so many tasks, ideas and thoughts just pop up in our head all the time. We have lost the ability to just turn off the button and relax. Meditation is a way to achieve that.

So clear your mind and just contemplate. You may be lying in your bed, sitting, or be close to nature. Wherever you are, try to see – even if your eyes are closed. Try to hear the silence, to feel yourself breathing, to relax, accept one thought at a time and try to understand it.

Do this every morning and evening for as long as you can and soon you will feel the change. It can’t be described exactly but by meditating you will find answers and often questions you haven’t asked before.

New experiences

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Try new things, go to new places, meet new people. Each of these things can spontaneously give you an answer to your questions, ideas, new feelings and emotions.

Conquer your fears by doing what you are scared of and challenge yourself constantly in order to reach another level of living – where you will be connected to life and will really experience moments, enjoy every day and feel like you belong here.

Have a go at every sport and game, read all kinds of literature, speak with people from different cultures and eventually you will find that one thing that will give meaning to everything else. Just never stop searching, experiencing and discovering.


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“Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable.”
Mahatma Gandhi

True love is another way to find what you are looking for. You may feel love towards your family, friends, pet, yourself, nature or anything. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s in its pure form, where you would do everything to help the one you love.

This feeling opens new doors for you, your mind experiences other emotions as well and gets you closer to revealing the secret of life.


“I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.”
Robert Frost

Some may think it is irrelevant to compare writing to love, but I would say that he hasn’t really experienced this process.

They are different ways of finding similar things.

By writing we speak on behalf of our imagination, we travel the world through words. For some it’s therapy, for others – something that keeps them alive, but however you feel about writing, you still haven’t revealed all it has to give us.

Give it a chance.

Sit down in a quiet place and try to write. Write down everything you think, the things that happened to you lately, your dreams and plans, or just write without purpose.

Eventually you will realize that your words are starting to make sense and you may even feel the effect of meditation – understanding new things about yourself and your life.

These are just 4 ways that can help you connect with your inner self and reveal the secret of life. It’s not an exact science and there aren’t any rules. Try them and if they are not your ways continue exploring other methods. If you look inside yourself, one way or another you will find something. And it will be astonishing…

What are your ways of finding the secret of life and answers to all the existential questions?