7 Extraordinary Things You Can Learn From a Child

When I see a child, I smile. I do it unintentionally. Then I think of how less I smile now compared to when I was younger.

Children are innocent, happy, excited, honest, and do only things that make them smile more. With that behavior they affect the people around them and make their life happier too.

A child is always in motion, has something to do, has creative ideas, wants to do new things, to meet new people and to know more. Adults, on the other hand, are serious, do what they don’t enjoy, are full of regret, stress and boredom. Which one is better?

If you think the answer is that it’s better to act and think like children, then they have some things to teach you.

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1. Do what you love.

We know we should, but we rarely do that. Children are always finding new ways to have fun, to learn and to be active. They have their own projects and stick to them until they are bored. Which is actually very clever, because if something isn’t done with a positive attitude and interest, it can never be done well.

They find the sport they like and they practice it. They may not want to read, which is okay, because even if you make them do it, they won’t be concentrated and won’t understand anything from the book. Instead, they may prefer to write, sing, paint, or else. Let them do it! And do the same.

Find the hobby and activity that you enjoy and do it whenever you have time.

2. Be honest.

If you ask a child a question, no matter how personal, it will tell you its opinion directly and honestly. When you grow up  you consider that impolite, rude, and a sign of a bad behavior. But it’s actually what we should all do.

Imagine how simpler the world would be, if everyone was able to just say what they think and want. Then there wouldn’t be any gossips, unsaid words, obscure relationships and unfinished business.

3. Be happy for no reason.

These little creatures always tend to find the bright side of everything, which is a wonderful human trait that we eventually lose while growing up.

They are always smiling and happy because they see something funny, interesting, new, exciting or beautiful. Their eyes are wide-open for the little things we now ignore – like that amazing butterfly, flying around a tree; an old box, which can be used as a helmet or a part of their new house they will be building later; a funny noise someone makes while speaking and so on.

Don’t forget how beautiful the world is and if it’s still hard for you to see the little details that make our days so magical and interesting, spend some time with a child and try to see the world through its eyes.

4. Be curious.

Maybe it’s annoying for some people to listen to all the questions children ask all the time, but this is why they will remain at the same level.

We grow and improve as we learn but unfortunately many people stop that process in their 20s or so. This is so bad for our brain. We are learners as long as we live and need to learn new things – how to do something, why people behave like that, what does a certain word mean, how to take care of your health, what does your name mean and many more interesting facts.

The best way to be always on the grow is to do new things, read books and research, or you can do what children do best – ask questions. They can be very powerful if they are used in the right situation with the right words.

If you always want to know how things work and what they mean, you will also remain a lively person full of excitement and joy.

5. Be stubborn.

This is also a wonderful quality. Children may make you annoyed with their insistence on having something, but you can’t deny how well that strategy works. 90% of the time they get what they want.

It’s never like that with adults, who are afraid to ask, lose hope easily, aren’t motivated and don’t believe they can achieve their dreams.

The solution is to just insist on your rights, interests, personal space, possessions, job promotion or whatever else you need in your life. Remember that if you want something, there is always a way to get it. And perseverance is a sure one.

6. Think outside the box.

 If we think like children the business nowadays would be much more developed. Kids are the perfect example of what brainstorming is – they come up with great unusual ideas all the time.

They don’t follow the rules and their imagination knows no limits. They combine things that are incompatible at first sight.

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If you want to freshen your own business, writing, site or else, just ask your children to share their thoughts on the subject.

7. Believe.

Simple as that! You just have to believe as strongly as kids do. Consider everything possible and you will achieve a lot more.

The problem with most people is that their goals are limited, they don’t see themselves successful, they don’t actually believe they will find someone special and will live happily. And if you don’t believe, you won’t get it.

Only two kinds of people understand that:

  1. The happy and successful ones in the face of leaders, people who have accomplished their dreams, the greatest writers, businessmen, men of art, and those who have found inner peace and balance;
  2. Children.

The conclusion is that we are born with the ability to  think that everything is possible and to believe that we can do whatever we want, but the many barriers of society, morals, rules, expectations and convictions have made us lose that magical spark.

Successful people have made a great deal of effort to get back to that state of their mind where everything is attainable. They’ve set themselves free from all the criticism and opinion of others and became the best version of themselves.

What we need to do is to encourage our children to stay as they are – enthusiastic, full of life, belief and happiness, curious, unique and positive. And to always learn from them.

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  1. Wow- what a wonderfully inspiring blog post!! I have always felt this way… children truly are the eyes of the world and if we practice seeing through their eyes, we, individually and collectively, would be much more satisfied. I would also add: “They love fully;” they unconditionally love the people in their lives and they meet each new person (regardless of color, stature, physicality, etc). with an open heart and open minds. Would you mind if I re-posted this? Thanks! Have a hopeful day 🙂

  2. Well written and discerned! Not coincidentally, Jesus taught that little children were among the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven and entering into it at all required a child-like faith.

  3. Your posts never cease to amaze me. This morning a tear rolled down my cheek as I was reading. That’s how much your writing moves me. Maybe it is old age, but I don’t think so.

    1. Oh thank you so much! It means a lot to me that my post moved someone. It’s never the age. It’s all about the kind of person we are, how open-minded we are and whether we let the inspiration in us or not. 🙂

  4. Ooooo…outstanding post Lidiya! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

    There a hundreds of fun happy moments I am very fond of, and as many (and growing!) from my two children (daughter 19, son 12). For example, one day talking to my then 5 year old son about why he couldn’t go to the park with his sister and I, he told me he was sick. Sick with fever…and a prognosis I will NEVER forget or stop laughing about…

    He said, when I asked him why he had high fever, “because my poop comes out too fast.”

    1. Thank you for sharing that memory 😀
      I’m sure you’re in a great relationship with your children.
      I’ve still tried only the one side of both (I mean I’ve played the role of a child) but I think that doesn’t stop me from appreciating all the power and magic they carry in them.

  5. Hi, an excellent post. I love being creative in everything I do and over the years I realised a couple of ways of being creative. Like making mistakes on purpose, or tuning my guitar differently so i make mistakes of which some are very interesting. I never thought about until now but some respects I was doing what you’ve mentioned here. As adults we know how things work so we always do things the same and miss the opportunity of beautiful mistakes. Also Number 2 Honest reminded me of a brilliant quote from the genius that is Mark Twain “The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.”

    1. Great quote! Thanks for commenting, I see that you got the point of my post. The problem is that adults are so pragmatic, logical and scared to risk and do something unordinary or unexpected, that they don’t even want to give children a chance to share their opinion.

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