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The Journey into Non-Judgementalism and Why We Shouldn't Judge Choices Without Knowing Reasons

Manifest plainness,  embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.
Lao Tzu

Less is better, and most of the time it is more. Simplicity is the origin of a happy, balanced and contented life.

This lifestyle is a choice. Everyone can have it but no matter how simple it may sound (in a nutshell, you just need to stop doing, using and having some things), many will find it hard because of the complex daily life we have – with so many tasks, information, communication, technology, things to do, eat, buy, etc.

I believe that you can feel the benefits and freedom of minimalism only if you try it and see the actual results and changes in you, your habits, actions, thoughts.

So I suggest you give it a try and decide for yourself whether it’s better that way.

Every day I find a new aspect of life to which this philosophy can be applied.

Here are some of the things that we need to do or have less of, and what we get more of in return:

6 Aspects of Life in Which It’s Better to Choose Less

1. Less food in the plate.

The more we eat, the more sleepy we get. After consuming heavy food we don’t want to do anything else, aren’t in the mood to speak with others and our brain goes slowly.

I know from experience that eating less is connected to productivity. I am able to do more things and to do them right and consciously in the days I eat less. Every decision we take is more reasonable on an empty stomach as well.

Another important reason to eat less is that food in large amount is just not healthy. It ruins our organisms and deteriorates digestion.

To start eating smaller portions will be a bit of a challenge because of the habits the fast food industry has formed in us in the last few decades. We think that a plate full of carbs and fats is the normal amount of food that our body needs. People are used to eating more and wherever we look, we see big portions offered or even ads with kids eating a lot more that they actually should.

Don’t forget that you are doing it for yourself. Your body and mind have never been so hungry that they wanted you to feed them with such amounts of food. So think about your eating habits and try the less.

In a few days you will feel much better and your head will be so clear that you’ll know you’ve done the right thing by choosing less.

2. Less information.

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Another misconception we’ve been living with for so long is that we have to know all the information.

Think about the last few days.

How many times did you read something in the newspaper? Or checked websites with different information? What time did you spend listening to the radio or watching the news? And did you really need all that?

The truth is that there are certain things we actually need to know – connected with global issues, important events in our city/country, new things in our business niche, etc. And it’s okay to spend some time every day to hear or read about all that.

But there is also the fear of missing something out – which, as most fears, is unreasonable – and it makes us search new sources to collect information. This is so exhausting, stressful and keeps our mind busy all the time.

Most of the things are either not important for us, or just meaningless. If we all realize that we can’t be informed about every single thing that is going on, we will be calmer.

My advice is to eliminate some of the media sources of information you use and choose only one important website or else to check every day.

And be sure that even if you don’t search for the news, the news will find you. If something is really important, people talk about it and it will get to you in no time.

3. Less stuff.

This a big issue and more and more people write about it and tell the world how better their life is without too many material objects.

The things we have, control us. And yes, we have them for a limited period of time, but we give too much meaning to a single piece of paper/metal/etc. The worst thing is that it is often the reason for a fight, argument or worse.

Eliminate the things you don’t use. Things that you will use ‘one day’ are also only making your space smaller. Give them away to those who need them more.

4. Less tasks.

It’s a common thing to be busy nowadays and it’s often ironic what people are able to do just to look like they are always on the go.

Most of the things we do, however, are unnecessary. You don’t need to check your email every 5 minutes or do extra work that will only waste your precious time.

Write down all the little things you do every day and think about them.

If they help you and others in some way, if they build your character, make your life better or are just good, then do them. If not – there is no place for them on your to-do list.

5. Less things on my blog.

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I decided to write simply. I choose a minimalist template, with less colors, less pictures and fonts, less widgets (only the necessary ones so that it’s easy to navigate), and just less stuff.

I even removed comments recently.

6. Less stress.

Stress is a serious problem and some people refuse to believe it’s a matter of choice. I think that’s exactly what it is.

Things get worse. Other people get you upset and angry. You have problems, you are in a hurry, you do too many things at once. You think too much, and all this results in stress. Not if you react to things in another way – with understanding and calmness.

And if you have a minimalist approach to your life, none of this would happen.

Here is what you get more of when you choose less:

  • time for yourself and your family;
  • space in your apartment;
  • a readable and better-looking site;
  • tranquility;
  • comfort;
  • balance;
    and many more.

I just gave a few examples to describe how simplicity can change our lives for the better. And again, it’s all your choice and in your control.

I’m eager to know what you can add to this. What other aspects of life can benefit from minimalism? What do you choose less of?

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5 Smart Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Home 18

5 Smart Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Home

A smart home was something we could only see in sci-fi movies just a few years ago. Today, smart technology is becoming more available in terms of prices and offers. Therefore, it’s not so surprising that many homeowners are choosing to introduce technology into their homes and make their lives more convenient, safe, cost-efficient and fun.

In fact, a recent report predicted that a global smart home platform revenue will increase from $4.2 billion (2017) to $39.5 billion (2026).

There is no doubt that the concept of a smart home will revolutionize our interaction with our interior, and impact various other aspects, such as the potential resale value of our properties. Knowing all this, it seems wise to start thinking about the ways to incorporate new technology into your home, today. Here are our top five.

Be smart – save energy

If there are two trends that have marked the previous year when it comes to home design, those are energy-efficiency and new technologies.

So, why not combine them and make smart technology work for you and help you save money on your electricity and heating bills? Your first step towards doing that is installing smart lighting. This change will enable you to remotely manage all the light bulbs in your home by using an app, so you won’t have to wonder whether you left your lights on ever again. The best way to use this technology is to pair it with LED bulbs and thus maximize your savings.

Another popular upgrade that helps you save money and automate your home is a smart thermostat. This device connects to your home Wi-Fi and allows you to set the desired temperature no matter where you are. Some models can even remember your habits and adjust the temperature accordingly.

An important safety upgrade

The times we are living in may be new and exciting, but they are still dangerous. That’s why you should do everything you can to make sure that your household is protected both from the unwanted guest as well as various hazards.

Smart home security takes care of that by offering state-of-the-art locks, high-resolution cameras, smoke detectors and motion-triggered alarms. Compared to the traditional security systems, smart security systems will not only alert everybody with a loud alarm but can also send an alert to your phone in case of emergency.

Comfort and convenience with smart furniture

Smart furniture is not being discussed enough, and we’re here to change that. It is set to completely change the way we live our lives.

Let’s start with a smart table or side table. These pieces can feature LED lights, Bluetooth speakers and wireless phone chargers.

The innovative smart sofas offer similar perks but with more coziness. Besides LED lights and speakers, they provide you with a convenient place to charge your phone, allowing you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

Other innovative pieces include color-changing wardrobes and TVs that can be “masked” into artwork, when turned off.

Make everything work together – smart hubs

You might find it difficult to control all your smart gadgets individually. A smart hub allows you to create a centralized system where all your devices are connected to the cloud, and you don’t need more than one app to manage all of them.

Additionally, smart hubs enable you to automate your devices. For example, this would mean that as soon as you unlock the door (using a smart lock, of course), the light in your entryway will be turned on and the thermostat will set the optimal temperature.

The only problem with smart hubs is that this new technology is still in its infancy, and there are too many manufacturers who do not collaborate. This makes pairing up devices from different manufacturers into one hub impossible. Until that changes, to avoid any problems, you should buy the products from the same brand.

A helping hand voice

If you are among those people who remember the Halloween special episode of the Simpsons on the mention of a smart home assistant, don’t be afraid. The assistants of the real world are nothing like Ultrahouse 3000 voiced by Pierce Brosnan. In fact, this technology can make your life a lot easier by helping you make the home automation run smoothly.

Just like Cortana and Siri are improving the smartphone user experience, smart home assistants will make your life easier.

They can be set to react to voice commands, which allows you to control various smart home features without having to use any app. Also, if you have a camera above your entrance and a smart lock, your assistant can unlock the door when they recognize your face.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, and we are sure that there are plenty other surprising smart home innovations on the horizon. Until then, try out these five, and see for yourself how they can change your life.

About The Author

Emma is a writer and a home décor enthusiast. She believes that good design can be found at the intersection between beautiful and functional. Her inspiration comes from traveling and exposing herself to new experiences.

Let's incorporate technology into our homes. Here are 5 smart home security and automation hacks to get started: