“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Life is a beautiful adventure. It is supposed to be simple, joyful, magical and meaningful. This depends on the way we react to things, the way we act, the thoughts we generate, the hope and belief we have.

Rushing through our best years is definitely not the answer.

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In the center of every major city, in the offices of big companies or in the subway all you can see is thousands of people literally running. The interesting thing is that they are rarely late for somewhere, being in a hurry has just become their lifestyle. Some may confuse it with an active and enthusiastic way of living, but it is actually a thing, that is killing them slowly.

Little by little these people forget that the beauty of life is in the details, the things we take for granted and ignore, and those can be felt only in slow motion. When our senses and conscious are moving faster than our body.

So I suggest you stop now. Look around, hear the noises, feel the atmosphere, communicate, take time for your family and hobbies, work with pleasure. If you’ve fallen into the trap of fast living and for years you’ve been doing everything in a fast motion, without sparing any time for yourself, family, fun, health or for the things you enjoy, then you really need to think over where you are heading in life. Do you want to continue this daily round for the rest of your life and realize the mistake when it is too late to fix it? It is okay, because you can stop that rush right now.

Here are the things you need to do slower in order to feel alive and appreciate everything and everyone around you:

5 Things to Do More Slowly

1. Eating.

Eating is not when you are in the fast food restaurant, it’s not when you eat standing up, or just swallowing a sandwich at the office. Having our breakfast, lunch or dinner has to be a ritual which we take seriously.

Sit down, eat slowly and feel the taste of the food, its smell. Chew as many times as you can because digestion starts while we are chewing. Eliminate any distractions, take time to prepare your food and if you don’t have any, just do your best to enjoy it and feel every bit of it. Thus you will be more satisfied and won’t get hungry after half an hour.

2. Speaking.

Communication these days has reached a point where everyone says what he has to and doesn’t listen to the response. Some of us speak so fast that others can hardly understand a word we are saying.

Stop that unless you want to set a Guinness world record for fastest speaker. If you need to practice, do it in front of a mirror or with your friends and relatives. Think before you speak, don’t use many unnecessary words, tell people only the main information. Then try to listen carefully to what they are saying and respond reasonably so that the result is a meaningful dialogue.

3. Driving.

Driving fast is putting your life in danger. The mistake will happen once and the only way to avoid it is to become an attentive driver. Don’t be so brave to go over the speed limit.

4. Reading.

It is okay to read fast if you just need to go through a document or some papers. But if you are reading a book or a newspaper, don’t hurry. Examine every sentence and try to get its meaning, feel the author’s message and read between the lines. A book will speak to you only if you understand it correctly.

5. Walking.

=Fast walkers are the reason why the street of your city is so difficult to pass. They never do it on purpose, but they push everyone and infect with haste. I know people who do that even when they have nowhere to go, their walk consists of big steps and a rapid gait.

If you fall into that category, start doing something about it. Remember that it is just a habit as everything else and can be changed if you give it time and effort. Start walking slowly and look at the things around you. Go for a walk in the nature, breathe, enjoy the view and notice every detail – the blooming trees, the birds in the sky, the waves in the sea…

Today is a new day with new opportunities. Use it to make a change and do something for yourself. Start doing everything slower and enjoy people, activities, feelings, tastes, etc.. See, hear, feel, breathe and realize in slow motion and every piece of the great puzzle called life will eventually find its place.

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  1. All great points Lidiya to not just hear, but more importantly act upon; execute! This puts the definition of “success” in an entirely different HEALTHY perspective! Great stuff! 🙂

  2. Hi Lidiya,
    Thanks for sharing these nice points. I understand that you are trying to modify a fast paced approach to life and I am sure you did not intend to deliver what I am going to say next but it may be worth to hear your thought on them as well.
    I can imagine cases in which being slow is not necessarily pleasant just like being in a rush is not either. It seems that the best gain from doing things slowly is to focus on the tasks and feel the aspects that we may not regularly think about. But I guess everyone has experienced talking to those who speaks slowly and bore the listener, or who take a long time at the first shot that they seemed to find it interesting, yet it came at the cost of losing another much better opportunity.
    Let me tell you a personal story. My wife and I once visited NYC and got `city pass’ that allowed us to go and see as many attractions as we could in a day. I planned the night before and we decided to move from one to the next quite quickly. We took almost a thousand pictures (and smiled a thousand times)! The next year we went together with some elder companions who would like to take their time and ended up visiting a few places. They might have enjoyed their experience as well. I tend to think that variety mattered most for us (me and my wife), which satisfied both of us given our limited time and none of us were really into the details. It is definitely different for others.
    The bottom line of my story is that the purpose is quite important. That is what I would recommend everyone to take their time to think deeply about and evaluate their preferences. For those things that turn out to be unimportant, spend less time in favor of those that really matter.
    Let me know what you think

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it when someone reads my posts carefully!
      Well all this I’m writing about is connected with the minimalist lifestyle, which means experiencing the moment, appreciating the ‘now’, having a purpose and not just doing random things without knowing why.
      About the communication – it was more about the listening than the talking. And I included that because this is what a meaningful dialogue means. It’s about listening to your partner with your whole heart, body and mind.
      Also, slow can’t be calculated. It is different speed for everyone. The story you shared is absolutely appropriate here but it affects people of different ages, points of view and who have different plans on how to spend their vacation.
      The fact that you were faster than them doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy your time and did everything you wanted to. That was just your ‘slow enough’ motion and your organization was great.
      In the post I’m mainly talking about doing things slowly because being in a rush is one of the main problems of the society and concerns almost everyone.
      I’m not sure if I answered your expectations but thank you for making me think more about that topic. I love getting comments like these that really provoke discussions.
      Have a great day and take care!

      1. Very well put. Thank you for your careful response. I guess what I take from being ‘slow enough’ and appropriately so is more connected to the idea of getting to know the ‘why’ which in turn requires developing an understanding of who we are and what we really want. By finding a direction and a reasonably well-defined objective in various stages of life it seems quite possible to imagine how one could put this in practice successfully. I think that is where we need to explore to learn how slow we want to do things.

        Regarding evaluation of an experience, in my field of study there is always the issue of dealing with the distinction between what is decided ex ante (before something happens) and what occurs ex post (what realizes in fact) and how to evaluate whether a given decision was thoughtful enough. You can imagine times when a good choice ends up with an (apparently) undesirable outcome or vice versa. This makes things tricky. One should be very careful not to judge an advice by trying it once, if it seems quite reasonable and a key to success.

        I also take your point that the society overall works in a rush and spends little time thinking where it is heading to. Nice and outstanding observation!

        You have a great day as well.

  3. You have described me, I think… I am one of those people. I been receiving the slow down message in different forms over the last few days, and interestingly your post complements “attend to the gaps”, become aware of and listen to the silences… I will never be able to do that if I don’t slow down 🙂

    1. Hello there! The first step is to realize that you are one of these people… and need to slow down, so you already are 2 steps ahead. Keep going and stay positive 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed your post. Wise words indeed. I certainly need to improve on some of the points you made, and I also need to ‘think slower’. I get headaches and terribly tired, and I have been wondering if that’s because I over-think (aka worry) about things. Time to take it down a notch.

    1. I’m sure the headache is caused by that together with too much stress, which is actually the result of over-thinking. Try to think more positive because most of the times we tend to visualize the worst scenario in our heads.
      Good luck with all that and take care!

  5. Beautiful advice. Clearly and concisely put. I’m glad to have found you. Thanks for finding me worth a look.

  6. Another good post. I always admired calm, relaxed people. I’m not one to them. I’m usually faster to react than most. I get excited then calm down later after reflecting on the details of the situation. LOL!
    I aspire to becoming one of those people I admire. I have advanced in this task, though I consider it a benefit of aging.
    Thanks for you tips!

  7. You are a woman with a youthful appearance. However, you have an attitude of a well traveled, mature individual.
    This site is very impressive! Thank you for stopping by and allowing me this opportunity.

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