The Ultimate List of Morning Habits: 32 Easy Yet Powerful Morning Routine Ideas

Many things are given to us but we don’t use them in the right way and we often forget to keep them in a good condition.

Our body with all its organs, our senses, belongings and mind are our partners in life. That is why we must treat them well and give them the attention they deserve.

Here is a list of some of the things we use every day but are careless of. Let this post be the inspiration you need to change that and substitute everything negative in your life for its positive equivalent.

Clean body

Personal hygiene is one of the most important things for someone who is willing to become successful. It is a must, because regardless of your achievements and actions, if you look grubby and dirty no one is going to take you seriously. This will affect your work performance, relationships and public appearances.
Your body is your temple, so keep it as clean as you can. Take a shower once/twice a day, brush your teeth, wash your hair, hands and face and look splendid.

Clean clothes

You should keep your clothes neat, stainless and ironed. It is okay if they aren’t first class, expensive or made by famous designers. Even if they are from a second-hand shop, you can still keep them in a good condition.

Wear them with the right accessories and attitude, and if you add to that the smell of a nice perfume, be sure that everyone will cast a second glance at you on the street after you pass them.

Clear mind

This is a state, in which there are no doubts and prejudices in your head. You will be able to think without any distractions. There will be no confusions and worries but above all, no negative thoughts.

A clear mind generates only positive mantras, peaceful ideas and harmony. That is why every now and then you need to empty it and just concentrate on your breathing, for instance. Close your eyes and let the stillness surround you.

Clean diet

You are what you eat and as you know, junk food and processed foods only harm and destroy your organism, especially the stomach.

Drink a lot of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, provide yourself with the needed amount and combination of proteins, carbs and fats. Do that every few hours and never overeat. This way you will have energy for the whole day, will be in a good mood and won’t feel heavy. Taking all ingredients and vitamins your body wants will also make you feel and look fresh, make your skin look better and combined with sports, will help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Clean heart

Release all the hatred, pain, malice, envy and sorrow you’ve harbored for years. Free yourself and open your heart for the love, happiness and peace that are all around you. Eliminate the feelings you have for the people you don’t like and pay attention to the ones who’ve always been there for you.

Clear speech

Control what you say. Don’t gossip and talk about other people’s lives because discussing them speaks more about the kind of person you are. Never swear, because bad and negative words destroy your kindness and make others avoid your company. Remove every word that is not positive from your vocabulary.

Don’t lie. It is a sin whether you are religious or not. Don’t give empty promises and don’t reveal people’s secrets. Use normal intonation and try to make your voice pleasant.

Try to speak honestly, slowly, so that everyone can understand what you say, and energetically so that the people around you can share your enthusiasm.

Words can be very powerful if they are used in the right way. If your job includes public speaking, take that as a chance to be the inspiration for your listeners. Your words can change someone’s life. If you make presentations or meet with business clients, choose wisely what exactly to say and respect the etiquette of the company.

Clean hearing

You hear hundreds of things every day (news, opinions, stories, gossips, arguments, screams, music, noises, etc.) but only you decide which one to let into your head and how to react.

People will never stop judging, criticizing and talking about you. The best you can do is to accept that as a compliment because of the attention they pay to your life, and move on. As long as you don’t judge them everything will be okay. But once you let their comments affect your life, things can get pretty ugly.

You decide what music to hear. One type of it can relax your mind and body, another can have a bad influence on them.

Try to listen to beautiful things – inspirational stories of people you admire, the laughter of your children, the sounds of nature, good advice. Go to an opera, hear what the person you love has to tell you, go to motivational seminars and so on.

Cleanness and purity are possible. Find your way to improve your speaking, appearance, body, mind and everything else. It may take time but once you’ve decided you want to change and embrace positivity, you will have already won a great battle with yourself.