The 3 Virtues That Will Always Keep Me Going in Business

Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate. – Jon Bon Jovi

A few days ago on my way to a colleague from university who I was meeting with to do a not so interesting project, I called my mum. While talking, I explained her about my blog – the many new ideas I had, how people have reacted positively to my previous posts and how I can’t wait to write new ones.

She’s practically the only person in my surrounding (and of all my family, friends and acquaintances) that knows about my blog and writing passion. That is why I sometimes overload her with information about every single aspect of blogging and writing. And, of course, it makes her happy.

But while we were talking on that exact day, or should I say while I was talking (because I had so many things to say), I ended up being lost in my own city.
Even though I’ve been to the place I needed to go to two times for the past few days and it’s not that far, I found myself in the middle of nowhere.

Some may call it disorientation, absent-mindedness, or a total lack of concentration and focus. And so be it. But for me this is a perfect example of what passion is.

Eventually I found the right place. I had obviously passed it by without noticing and gone further. But I didn’t feel confused, sad or even lost. Because I knew I had found something so precious, so motivating and fascinating, that many people would give anything to have.

I had my passion. And the only place it was going to take me was forward, while building my character and personality and helping me explore myself.

The feeling of being passionate about something, being excited, absolutely motivated and so interested and concentrated in what you’re doing at the same time, may change your life.

When I write, for instance, I feel great. I lose track of time and feel so much better and relaxed after that. It is my hobby, my therapy, my personal project and hopefully a business one day.

At some point I realized I can develop all that. I, then, found blogging and knew it was what I was looking for. This way I could share my writings with people, be noticed, create a community of friends with similar interests, advertise (and thus implement what I study), follow other bloggers, read constantly on the subject, and many more things.

I enjoyed doing all that so much! And once people started liking my posts and telling me how they got inspired and found it useful in some way… well, that was a new feeling for me!

And only because I found my passion, developed it, put so much time and effort (which I never considered as something I have to do), it became more than a hobby.
It was now a rewarding activity, something meaningful. Now I want to write more, learn new things connected with blogging and grow my online audience by reaching interesting people I can share ideas with.

It’s amazing. I have big plans for it but for now will keep it this way. I love the motivation it gives me that keeps me going throughout the whole day. Other things that annoyed me before, now seem pointless to worry about. And I’m always full of more and more ideas – you know, once you open the source in your brain for creating ideas, it can go on and on, finding an idea and opportunity in everything around you.

So what I want to tell you with this post is that you need to find your passion. Here is how to do it.

You’ll notice how not long after you start practicing your hobby many good changes will come into your life. You will have a better understanding of yourself as an individual and will start looking at things from another point of view.

When you don’t have a passion

One of my best friends doesn’t have anything to be passionate about. And every now and then when she has nothing to do, she gets sad and asks me for any ideas.

It’s normal for her to feel such emptiness, even though she has many other beautiful things in her life. But finding what you love and doing it is irreplaceable.

Actually I know what she needs. Every time she sees a dog or a cat on the street, she goes to it, gives it her full attention, feeds it, feels sorry for it and wants to help it. She loves animals in every possible way and can burst into tears in an instant when she witnesses one of them being tortured, hurt or else.

That is why she can look for ways to help them. There are many organizations you can join for free that collect donations, find homes for street animals, take care of them or else. It’s a proper way to get familiar with things while taking part in it and helping animals. And who knows – one day she may have her own business like that.

I told her all that. But unfortunately, like many other people, she has too many limitations as a result of previous disappointments, other people’s failure stories, society, negative thoughts, fears and so on. She can’t even imagine that this could happen, not to say that she could actually save other creatures’ lives and thus become successful.

She doesn’t believe she has the power to achieve her dream. She doesn’t think things are so easy.  She doesn’t see opportunities and prefers to stay in her comfort zone where she will keep being dissatisfied with her current activities and keep wondering what to do.

I hope she finds it one day.

That is why the earlier you find what you love and start doing it, the sooner you will follow your path and start thriving.

Benefits of doing what you love

Here is a list of some of the good things you will experience if you follow your heart and turn your hobby into an everyday activity:

  • happiness;
  • finding purpose in life;
  • you won’t find yourself wondering “What to do now?” ever again;
  • you’ll be passionate and excited most of the time and will share that with others;
  • become healthier – with less stress and depression;
  • you have big chances to turn that hobby into a prosperous and successful business because people always know when you put real passion into something;
  • you’ll always be looking for new ideas and opportunities;
  • you will want to improve every other aspect of your life;
  • having a direction – and goals as a result of that;
  • you’ll think over the relationships you have with people who don’t support you in your initiative;
  • you’ll find other things you used to do before that pointless and time wasting, so you will think over your whole schedule;
  • you will be constantly inspired and full of energy;
  • you will want to help others find their passion too and feel all these benefits.

So you see how you can easily make your life a wonderful adventure and feel contentment. Having a passion will become the reason you don’t want to go to bed in the evening and will fill your free time. Embrace that activity, whatever it is, and develop it every day.

Have you found your passion? If yes, how does it make you feel? 

An example of what knowing your passion in life looks like and the incredible benefits of doing what you love: