Some think it’s their lucky day. Others take it as a special one. One person can be scared of it, while for another it’s like every other day.

Well, what is the answer then? What kind of day is Friday the 13th?

I’ll tell you. It’s the best day of your life. It’s your happiest day. It’s the moment you want to remember and enjoy the most. Only because it’s today.

What I mean is that each day of the year is like that. Every single day of your life is the most special one when it is happening now. And you know it will never come back. So you can either experience it to the fullest, or let it pass.

People think they are not happy because of the place they’re at right now, or the people around them, the house they live in, the season, workdays and so on. You can find hundreds of excuses.

But actually happiness is all about inner peace and awareness. It’s about being here, now, on that date, with these people. And about being happy with that, grateful and satisfied. Only then a person’s soul, mind and body can be in harmony with the rest of the world.

What I want to say can be summarized in one quote:

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
A.A. Milne

You see, only being happy with what you have now can save us from living in the past or future, from having regrets and being sad.

A date is only a number, as is age and many other things we worry about. And even the calendar is useless if you don’t make any day count.

How to make the best of today?

So it’s time to change things. Actually one thing – your perspective, attitude towards life.

Until now Monday has been the start of your week and you hated it, the weekend was what you were expecting the most, 23rd is when you get your paycheck, the beginning of every month is when you’ve got many projects at work, and out of the whole year you like only August and December because that’s the time you have holidays or go abroad.

These random examples show how we take dates, days of the week, months and seasons way too seriously. Instead, we should love every single day of the calendar and look forward to the next one.

So let go of numbers, dates and waiting for a certain time of the year and feel the magic of today. Here is how to do it:

  • Don’t think about the past or worry about the future.
  • Stay present.
  • Find the positives of that exact day.
  • List everything you’re grateful for.
  • Spend quality time with your family.
  • Do something new or something that scares you. This way the day will be remembered.
  • Do your daily tasks with a positive attitude. Be excited and appreciate how responsible you are.
  • Smile a lot.
  • Do little acts of kindness.
  • Find the beauty in little things. Stop to smell the roses on your way to work, enjoy going to bed after a long day, drink tea, have a nice meal, take a long shower…
  • Get up early and make this day longer.
  • People will be surprised of your unusual happiness and will ask questions. Telling them that it’s a wonderful day for you will make it so.
  • If something bad happens, don’t react negatively. Almost every problem can be fixed somehow. Accept it with understanding and think what you can do about it. Don’t get too emotional.
  • Meditate and take some time for yourself.
  • Be kind with people even if they are mean, angry or grumpy. You’ll be amazed how both you and the other person will improve your mood.
  • Just change the way you look at things. Once you raise your inner energy, even your coffee will taste better and your favorite show will be more interesting.

What a great day, wasn’t it?

Here is an example:

I went to bed late and had to get up at 6:00, then go to university to have a test at 7:30. It’s snowing. It’s cold outside. Everyone is in a bad mood in the morning. Sounds like a bad start of the day…

Let’s get a new angle on that now:

I’m so proud of myself for studying yesterday evening. I managed to get up as soon as my alarm went off which is quite a boost for my willpower. And will help me with my new goal to get up earlier from now on (because I haven’t been doing it for a while).

I look outside. It’s snowing. For the first time this year. And it’s beautiful. It was really cold when I got up but after putting on warm clothes and going out everything was fine.
I did well on my test. And even went back home on foot.

And here I am now, at 10:00, writing this post. And as you know writing always makes me happy and helps me find contentment. So by now, while my roommate is still sleeping, I’ve done a few very good things – got up early, went out, did my test, enjoyed the snow, found inspiration, wrote a post.

So far, so good.

And by the way, while writing, I just looked out of the window and noticed how a boy went on the balcony on the last floor of the building opposite. Although it’s far away, I saw how it looked around and got excited. Then hurried back inside. So I just witnessed a child’s joy of the first snow for the year. Nice!

Now that sounds like a good start of the day.

Everyone can have this attitude towards life. You just need to find the beauty and simplicity in everything.