A Few Last Things to Do in 2013 That Will Change Your 2014 175

Another year went by.

And no matter if it was successful, pleasant, meaningful, bad or wasted, it is gone.

Now that you look back maybe you find many things that you would have done differently, many more that you wanted to have done, and many others you regret doing.

But let’s face it, what’s done is done and you can’t change it. There are, however, a few things you can do now (yes, now, in the very end of the year) that can make you look at things from another perspective. That will help you make piece with your past, which will soon be in 2013, and welcome the next year.

 1. Accept 2013 with all its ups and downs.

Everything that happened was meant to, and even when you failed and made the wrong choice, you were moving forward by knowing what not to do next time and by taking a lesson.

2. Have no regrets.

Realize that everything happened for a reason, understand the meaning of every situation through the year and whatever happens, don’t begin the new one with a bad attitude towards life.

3. Smile.

Smile for what it is, for what has been, and especially for what the future has in store.

4. Analyze things for one last time.

Think of all the decisions you’ve taken in the past year, the choices you’ve made and the opportunities you’ve missed. Make a list if you want. Write them as facts and then try to think of what caused each situation, whether or not you could have changed the outcome.

Take a lesson from the bad items from the list and give your best not to repeat them in the next year, and for the good ones – be thankful and look forward to experiencing them all over again.

5. Be thankful.

Appreciate everything that has happened, every person you’ve met, every place you’ve been to, every small talk you’ve had, every time you’ve cried/laughed and so on.

All these moments were beautiful in their own way. So be grateful because at some point they were your present and will never be back.

6. You’ve moved forward.

You may not be where you’ve planned to be, but you’re also not where you used to be. So congrats for that. Be happy with what you’ve accomplished, no matter how big it is.

7. Life is full of possibilities.

Every single day is a new one. Whatever you’ve done wrong, you can do better the next day. That is a wonderful chance to change and do it right this time so that you can be proud of yourself.

And stepping into the next year is a 365 times bigger opportunity to change. Not that it is different from every other day, but that we see it as a new beginning and that gives us strong motivation to pursue our goals.

So use 1st January wisely. You only have it once a year. Being a rare thing makes it precious, so do your best to change for the better.

8. Have a vision for 2014.

You want it to be the best year of your life and it can be so only if you have a strategy, a plan you’ll follow and stick to.

9. Have things to look forward to.

Maybe you’re planning to go abroad in a few months? To quit your job or start a new one? Aren’t you waiting for the summer season? And what if you take a course in a new language and go to the country it originates from and practice it?

You can do whatever you want in 2014. So plan beautiful things, new experiences, new people to meet and places to be, and be excited before the big day.

10. Why don’t you make a plan for every month?

 List all the things you want to try for the first time or keep doing. Set goals for every month, plus a few general ones that you’ll try to achieve throughout the year.

Make them specific, with a deadline, measurable, attainable and relevant.

11. Breathe deeply and let go of 2013.

Whatever your plan for the year was, whatever you achieved and failed at, it’s gone. Let go of all the things connected with it and don’t bring them into your new beginning.

12. Be an optimist.

Have a positive attitude towards next year and  expect the best.

13. Simply move on and embrace 2014.

With a smile, with contentment, with a bit of anticipation.

You still have time to prepare for the best year of your life. To set your mind to it, to analyze the previous one and plan the next one. So don’t say you weren’t warned because that will be the first excuse you are making on your way to a better life. And we all know how one excuse leads to another.

So welcome 2014 by being ready and looking forward to it. If you keep things positive, simple and with appreciation and the right attitude, nothing will stand in your way no matter what the calendar says.

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3 Ways to Effectively Limit Access to Your Parking Lot 8

3 Ways To Effectively Limit Access To Your Parking Lot

Not all areas of a building are meant to be accessible by any person who walks through the door. By the same token, parking lots are meant to be secure in some buildings, and only vehicles with proper access should be permitted to enter.

However, that is not always as easy as it sounds.

Absent barriers and other methods of keeping cars and trucks out of certain areas, parking lots are often considered to be a free for all in many respects. This is obviously not what many businesses and organizations want, so continue reading to learn about three effective ways of limiting access to your parking lot.

Hire Round the Clock Security

There are times when you might want to hire round the clock security to patrol the entrance to certain areas of your parking lot. This human presence tends to serve as an effective deterrent to unauthorized vehicles. At the same time, people parking in the facility will tend to feel safer knowing that a guard is on the premises at all times.

But one drawback of this that must be taken into account is the expense. Salaries and benefits alone may be cost prohibitive for many companies, meaning that other options may need to be considered as well.

Install an Access System

Putting up a physical barrier that requires some type of validating credential before being able to enter a certain section of the parking lot can prove quite effective. There are many types of parking access control systems to choose from within the marketplace today.These systems range from automatic arms that swing up, to full-fledged gates that lock behind an authorized vehicle.

Begin by taking a look at the possible options that are available in your area and then work towards getting the right product for you installed and operational.

Assign Spaces

If you have an issue with important personnel not having a place to park when they arrive at the building, it might be time to assign spaces. While this might not address a security issue, it can help you by allocating parking spaces to the individuals that need them the most. People are not likely to park in a spot that is clearly labeled as being reserved for another individual.

These three tips will help you begin to bring increased safety and security to your parking lot. This becomes even more critical as you begin to grow.

You need to have a way to minimize access to certain areas of your facility, and this begins with your parking lot. Make sure that you and your employees are well protected by spending some time of the front end to get every aspect of your parking structure under control.