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150 Ways to Live Simply and Happily

Lately I got to know myself better, learned how to live in the present, to focus on the essentials and to experience and truly enjoy each moment.
And without a single difference in my outer world (because all these were simple changes in my attitude towards life and myself, a change in perspective and way of thinking) I simply became a happier, more peaceful and contented person.

And I decided to share that with my subscribers.

In the book you’re going to find 130 easy ways, tips, strategies and ideas on how to live simply and happily. There are also 20 selected quotes on the subject.

I believe that no matter where in your personal development plan you are now, you can always benefit from a positive reading like this and think of even more reasons to smile and appreciate what you have.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and let it make your life a little simpler and happier.

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Lidiya K

Lidiya K

Author, blogger and podcaster in the fields of self-improvement and life hacking. Creator of Let's Reach Success.
Full-time freelance writer. Lifestyle designer.
Lidiya K


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  1. Thank you for this incredible present of happiness. I will read it gladly and suggest it to anyone interested in personal growth. Happy holidays and best of wishes!

  2. Great read, thank you for sharing,
    # 96 is the one I liked most.
    96. Never forget that it’s never too late to become who you want, to
    achieve your goals and chase your dreams. So today may be the day to
    take a new direction, change yourself and start a better life.

  3. Lidiya, what a thoughtful and generous gift! The suggestions, thought-provoking ideas, and words to live by are treasures to cherish! Thank you for so freely sharing with all of us here at WordPress these “life lessons” you have learned in your journey thus far.

    Ron —

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