The holidays are over. We all enjoyed them. And now we have to deal with the consequences.

No matter how well we behaved, and how hard we tried to keep doing what we regularly do (exercising, working on projects, eating clean, being active, etc.), the atmosphere and all the people around us made us feel awkward and not part of the whole thing if we didn’t join them and instead decided to keep doing our daily rituals and habits.

This may refer to your last vacation, time off from work, a long lazy weekend, a depressing period of not going out, or else.
But when it comes to an end, we all need to do something to get back to reality with all its commitments, important projects and tasks right away.

What happened?

The result may be:
– you ate too much;
you’ve been lazy;
– you did nothing for days;
– you put off your school or work projects;
– you ditched your hobbies/workout/meetings/tasks;
– you lost motivation to try new things and improve yourself.

During this time you probably didn’t think about anything connected to the outer world with its problems and worries.

The problem is that we get used to this kind of lifestyle so quickly that by the time the holidays are over, we feel like we can go on like this forever. And, in fact, we can.
But the rest of the world will move on.

We forgot what it was to have a day full of things to do, to feel active and passionate.

So it’s time to recall that and get back on track.

What to do about it?

 You may feel guilty when you realize all the consequences this time off had. They may not seem important to someone else, but you’re the only one who knows how hard you’ve worked on making each of these healthy and successful habits a part of your day.

And now not only have you stopped doing them for a while, but you went a few steps back in your development.

You may now start to overanalyze all the unhealthy food you’ve eaten and all the time you’ve lost that you may have invested in something more productive. And then come regret and disappointment.

Well, don’t!

This is a waste of time and energy. Instead, smile for all the quality time you spent with your loved ones, the memories you’ll cherish for a long time and the break you took from reality. And then get back on track.

Here are a few tips on how to do it:

  • Act! – Go out to meet friends, do housework, go for a walk, try something new. Just do something to break the monotony of your current state and become active again.
  • Do it now! – Start immediately, otherwise you’ll put it off again and again and ‘later’ will never come.
    Buy a gym membership, throw away the junk food, arrange meetings, set deadlines…
  • Just do it! – Thinking too much – including planning, finding the perfect time to start and so on – is bad.
  • Start small! – Do things in small steps, slowly and easily so that you can be in your old active mood in around 10 days. Don’t push your limits the first time you’re back to the gym, don’t make drastic changes in your eating plan and don’t plan all tasks in one day.
  • Keep yourself busy! – Act slowly but don’t relax too much. The point is to lead the same life you led before the holiday. So try to always do something, no matter how small it is, so that you don’t go for a nap every time you pass the bed or have a snack every few hours.

It’s not hard at all. What you need is a little motivation and a desire to get back on track. And once you do it, you can start working on new things and making yourself proud… until the next holidays.