“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” Plato

 When was the last time you did a good deed? Without expecting anything in return? Acts of kindness, just like that…

If you don’t remember, I’m afraid you’ve drifted apart from the real human nature. You’ve fallen into the trap of today’s society and have come to the point where you do good to someone only when you want something back or have other stimulus to do so.

But if you do, you certainly remember the incredible feeling you get after that. Because that is what good means in its original meaning. That is how our soul and mind work when not affected by outer temptations and tendencies like consumerism and egoism. That is how we were meant to communicate with one another – by doing good, being kind, helping whenever we can and never expecting anything in return.

By being kind to someone for no reason, by giving, by helping and doing good, you can become happier, find true satisfaction, harmony and can experience something wonderful. Because the minute you see the person’s smile, or feel the benefit of what you’ve done, or see how someone finds hope because of what you did, you will know it was worth it. And will want to do it again.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone just did a few random acts of kindness to people he doesn’t know. Then we would live in a much happier and peaceful place.

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But don’t worry if you still haven’t tried that. It’s never too late to go back to what lies deep inside you – your humanity, kindness, compassion and desire to help.

So begin now by trying some of the things listed below and feel the good things that will come into your life once you turn to your better side.

10 Small Acts of Kindness

1. If someone really likes something you have, simply give it to him (as soon as it’s not really important or necessary to make a living).

A friend of yours may make you constant compliments about something you possess. Your colleague may be looking at your sandwich or else with interest while at the café although he has already ordered something else. A friend (girl) may love your new earrings, top, etc.

Just give it to them. At first you will feel resistance and will do it unwillingly, but the inner pleasure you’ll feel after that will be priceless.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll have gone miles further than other people because you will have won the battle with selfishness. Step by step you will soon be a new person, an individual who is willing to give.

2. Plant a tree, or at least a flower.

Experience it, do it consciously and feel how you help nature create a new life.

3. Give money to a beggar.

That is the easiest thing you can do and he will probably spend it better.

4. Adopt a pet.

That will make both its life and yours better. And it will truly love you once it gets attached.

It’s even proven that having a pet improves your health.

5. Give advice, information, direction and help whenever you can.

If someone stops you on the street and is looking for a certain place, take your time to explain where it is to him, or even show him the way. Don’t say you’re in a hurry because you never know when you will end up in the same situation.

If a friend is depressed or feels down, listen to him, encourage him and send him your love. If someone needs advice, always give it.

6. Do volunteer work.

You can read about its benefits here.

7. Donate all the things in your apartment you don’t need.

I’m sure there are clothes in your wardrobe you haven’t worn in the last few years, books on your shelf you won’t read again, toys your children used to play with and so on. Give that to charity.

This way you will make someone happy, will declutter, create more space at home and feel great after that.

8. Don’t wait for an occasion to make a gift to your loved ones.

The Psychology of Gifting Flowers and Why It Works

Just surprise them. That will make them feel special and loved.

9. In the coffee shop pay for the person behind you on the queue without telling him.

The employee behind the bar will be quite surprised too, but ignore that. Just smile and leave after that without waiting for any recognition.

10. Send flowers anonymously to someone you know is lonely.

A BONUS IDEA: Have you ever found a penny on the street? I’m sure you have. And didn’t it make you smile? Didn’t you feel lucky? Didn’t you stay positive for a while only because of that small thing?

That makes everyone happy no matter how small it is. Because for a second you believe that life is not so bad, you forget the bad things and just look at that little lucky object.

But have you ever tried being on the other side?

Sometimes when I have small money, I throw a coin somewhere on the street. That is a sure way to make someone smile. In probably a few minutes someone will be holding it and will feel lucky. So do this little thing a few times. Even make it a habit of yours. You won’t see the result of your good deed but you will know it. That’s more than enough.

So go out today and start doing good. The world needs people like you.

Start today, do it with passion, and expect nothing in return.