Eliminating What is Holding You Back 251

eliminate the things holding you back in life and reach success

On our journey to success there comes a point when we need to get rid of the unnecessary, which is usually what is stopping us from moving forward.

There are so many things in our life that hold us back and don’t let us improve physically, mentally and spiritually.
And only by being aware of them, accepting them and letting go, can we free ourselves from the burden and unleash our hidden powers.

Sometimes these things are a big part of our daily life, it can be close people as well, or thoughts, objects and so on. We are often used to it so that means it will be hard to eliminate it once and for all. But this is the only way to make a big change and continue our growth on the path we’ve chosen.

The process

 The first important thing is to identify what is holding us back.

It may be important to you, you may have grown up near it, you may love it and will most probably miss it, but that is the price you need to pay in order to achieve more, to keep moving forward and to get rid of past things.

So try to be as honest as you can and decide what it is that stops you from changing, what it is that has been keeping you in one place for years.

Then you will need to accept and realize the fact that these things aren’t good for you. This will help you learn to live without them faster.

And last but not least, simply let go. Leave them in the past, where they should be. This way there will be more happiness, peace and space in your present and less stress, worries and negativism.

What to eliminate


It sounds harsh to tell you to just eliminate people from your life and never see them again. But sometimes that’s what you need when you’re stuck.

We often don’t realize how someone around us, that we spend time with almost every day, has a bad influence on us.

So look around and examine the people in your life. Is there someone that is complaining about everything all the time? What about the negative people who are such pessimists that you lower your energy level and become a bit depressed the minute you meet them?
There are also the material ones, who probably only use you for their own benefits. And the people who only share their problems and never take the time to listen to yours. Not to forget the ones that have no goals, no desire to change, are full of bad traits and you’ve never actually learnt anything from them.

Such people are holding you back. They may be people you know from your childhood, colleagues, even roommates you have no other choice but to live with, a relative, a friend of a friend and so on. It can be anyone.

And it takes courage and determination to cut that person out of your life. Eliminating sounds very severe when it comes down to people. So you can just try to spend less time with them, not to take advice from them or let them ruin your mood.

I have such people in my life and have often met similar to the ones I described. My situation is rather difficult because my father is probably the most negative person I know.
And it took me a lot of effort to learn not to let his opinion, comments and actions affect mine. But it can happen if you give it time.

I also have a roommate who I find far from someone that can help me succeed. And I became quite good at ignoring. I know it sounds childish and not the best way possible, but that’s how I handled the situation.

Of course, every now and then I also communicate with people who are not the best example, and they are my friends. But I never let them affect me in any way. Instead, I concentrate on their good sides and benefit from that.


Get rid of it!

I said that directly because I’m sure almost everyone lives in a place full of things he doesn’t use and need. So eliminate that and make free space in your life.

The more belongings you have, the more you need to take care of them, think about them, and handle unpredicted problems.

Be more of a minimalist and throw away, donate or give to acquaintances all the things you haven’t used lately or are saving for a rainy day.

Also, stop buying stuff you don’t need.


I won’t tell you to stop eating. I will, however, tell you to throw away and never buy again one third of the things you eat.

The reasons about junk food are clear. It’s just junk. But we are also not meant to eat everything that contains sugar (and it’s much more that most people think), processed foods and grains.

The only food our body needs is fruits, veggies, eggs, nuts, some seeds, meat (I’m a vegetarian, but am just mentioning it). I will add fish and dairy products because I like them, although there are many bad opinions about them too.

It sounds ridiculous for most people to eat only that and I myself am still working on eliminating all of the others. It’s a slow process but totally worth it.

The thing is, variety in the food industry is a big lie. If you imagine all the food in your local supermarket at one place, what is actually okay for eating is a really small part of it. The rest is bad and absolutely unnecessary for our organism.

So I encourage you to start working on getting rid of these foods step by step.


These are activities like watching TV, playing computer games, browsing the Internet for hours with no clear purpose, social medias, checking email every half an hour and so on.

I say ditch the TV, check your email once in the morning and once in the evening (except for those whose business depends on that, because I know many that do), delete most of your profiles in different social media platforms and keep one or two (I have more only because of my blog and use them rarely).

The problem with these distractions is that they sound so insignificant and minor compared to all the other things we do, but they really take a lot of time because we spend hours doing them without realizing.

They are one of the things holding you back. So be aware of that.

In your case, the activities may be of another kind. Everyone is different. These are just the most popular these days and the first that popped up in my mind.

Negative thinking

It’s such a bad habit.

Simply because you attract the things you think about the most, the things you worry about, imagine happening and fear.

The law of attraction works all the time and doesn’t make any difference between positive and negative things. It just gives you what you expect.

Many people are just used to expect the worst. They are negative all the time and full of doubts, fears and worries. That is why they have more and more of them.

And all this is so pointless. Nothing ever turns out to be that bad. And all the worries just ruin your present moment.

Negativism is definitely not something you can carry with you in your successful future. So get rid of it.

Instead, start thinking positively. Only this little change can help you achieve anything you want.

There are other things preventing you from moving forward. It’s your job to notice them and do something to eliminate them. Otherwise we can all stay in one place for the rest of our lives. It’s easy and comfortable. But nothing good will even happen there.

And outside, out of our comfort zone, is where the real magic happens.

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10 Things Uber Successful People Do in the Morning 15

10 Things Uber Successful People Do in the Morning

Who doesn’t want to be successful? Whatever our purpose in life may be, we want to achieve success with it. Although success is usually perceived as career growth, it also encompasses personal growth. These two things go together.

So what can we do to reach the personal and professional growth of uber successful people? Maybe we can imitate some of their habits. Their morning rituals, in particular, set the pace of the day.

Did you know that the way you start your mornings affects your entire day?

You probably felt that, but guess what: science proves it as a fact, too.

In a study called “Waking up on the wrong side of the bed: start-of-workday mood, work events, employee affect, and performance,” researchers found that whatever the mood of workers was during the morning, they preserved it throughout the entire day.

So if you start off in a good mood, you have greater chances of having a great day. That’s why morning routines are so important.

Let’s learn from the ultra successful people, shall we? How do they start their mornings?

What The Most Successful Do in The Morning

1. Spend Time with the Partner.


As we said, success is not only about professional achievements. It also means having the right person by your side.

Take Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan as an example. They are both crazy successful, and they are definitely happy to have each other.

Waking up next to the person you love makes every morning special. Appreciate that moment. Have a coffee together. Talk. Be glad you’re there for each other.

2. Mindfulness.

Yes; mindfulness is a habit.

Successful people are always busy. Can you imagine a hectic morning with dozens of urgent email messages, business partners calling, and the kids yelling? And they are still in their pajamas! That’s why they practice mindfulness.

Researchers from The University of Sydney found that mindfulness reduces work-related stress and improves the mood at work. That’s why successful people always seem ready to deal with any situation.

So how do you practice mindfulness in the morning?

Just wake up. Take few deep breaths. Be aware of the present moment. Be aware of the responsibilities the day ahead will bring. Relax, and tell yourself that you’re ready.

3. Plan the Day.

A good plan will set you on the right track.

Plan your tasks for the day in the morning. When you have such an outline, it will be easier to handle all responsibilities. You’ll know you’ll have time for all tasks.

If you realize there’s not enough time, you should plan how to outsource. If, for example, you cannot complete a business report, you can hire assignment masters to write or edit it for you.

4. Exercise.

I know; it’s a cliché. However, it’s also an activity that works.

Physical exercise makes you fitter, but it also makes you happierWhen you’re done with your morning exercise ritual, you feel at ease, and things start to clear up.

Most successful people exercise. Hillary Clinton does yoga. Obama works out for 45 minutes six days per week. Mark Cuban does cardio fitness. Follow their example!

5. Practice Patience.

Too many things ahead? If your schedule is busy, you’ll be eager to get things done ASAP. The morning is the period of the day when you should practice patience. Relax.

You already made a plan. There’s time for everything. You’ll get through the day. For now, cherish this precious moment of morning relaxation.

6. Juice Up.

How to Win The 9-to-5 Battle by Staying Healthy at Work letsreachsuccess.com

It’s no wonder why so many celebrities are into the latest juice detox trend. Healthy juices give you valuable nutrients and make you feel more energized.

Have a different juice every single morning. Sure, the juicer will take some cleaning after, but the juice will certainly give you enough energy for that.

7. Eat Breakfast.

You saw this coming, didn’t you?

Uber successful people know that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s even better when it’s healthy.

Yes; the juice can be your breakfast, but it won’t make you feel full for long. If you don’t intend to have a standard breakfast, pack some fruit for work. A banana and an apple are mandatory!

8. Hydrate.

Have a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Hydration is essential for the way your entire system functions.

9. Be With the Right People.

In Tools of Titans, author Timothy Ferriss refers to a so-called “five chimps theory” in zoology. According to that theory, you can predict the behavior of any chimp if you analyze the five chimps they usually hang out with.

There’s a lot of wisdom in that theory. When you surround with nervous people, you’re nervous, too. When you surround yourself with positive characters, you reflect good vibes, too.

The first people you contact in the morning will set the mood for your day. Choose them carefully.

10. Celebrate Achievements.

When you wake up with a positive mindset, you’ll boost your chances of spending a good day.

Instead of thinking about all obstacles ahead, you should take time to think about all achievements you’ve made towards your current goals. This appreciation will convince you that you’re on the right track.

When we sum things up, all these morning habits of the ultra successful people seem pretty simple, don’t they?

However, it takes tons of persistence and commitment to stay true to them. Start by making small steps. Pick few of these activities and repeat them every day, until they turn into habits.   

Cathy Baylis is a personal growth expert who writes insightful articles that motivate and challenge others. She has worked as a writer for a little over a decade now, and owns several blogs that she updates on her free time.