So after talking about 5 ways to boost your productivity in the first part, here are a few more hacks.

6. Don’t break the chain.

It’s also known as Seinfeld’s productivity secret.

What you need is a big wall calendar. Decide what the thing you want to do more and better is and put a big X each day you do it. Soon you’ll have a chain (after a week or two) that you will see every time you pass the calendar and wouldn’t want to break.

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The point is that everyone enjoys seeing all his efforts at one place which in this case is the days you’ve been doing the activity (exercising, dieting, writing, etc.) As the chain grows larger, you’re less likely to break it. Because once you do, you will feel like all the work so far doesn’t count. Which, of course, is not true, but it’s a little trick to deceive our brain into being motivated and more productive and to continue doing the task every day.

Not doing it for a day means there will be no X on the calendar and the chain is broken. That makes it easier for you to skip a second one, and a third one.

But all that also makes you stick to the schedule as you’re proud of yourself and happy with the results. Being reminded of what you’ve achieved so far gives you the power to keep moving forward.

Your progress is visible and that helps you stay on track. The bigger the chain, the better the result.

7. Do the hard things first.

All experts in the area suggest doing the tasks you hate the most first thing in the morning so that for the rest of the day you will have to do easier things or stuff you enjoy.

It’s hard at first. That’s why it’s better to just rush into it without thinking too much and get that thing done. Otherwise you’ll put it off for later. And the more you procrastinate, the more you stress about it, think about it and ruin your whole day.

And after you’re done with it, your day will be much more relaxed, productive and successful.

It’s also a great way to start your day as it boosts your productivity and fuels you for the next tasks on the list.

8. The 80/20 rule.

I love that rule because it’s so true and we rarely realize it before we really think about it.

 It says that only 20% of the activities we do are worthwhile and are what brings 80% of the results. The other 80% lead to only 20% of the final result and only waste your time.

This can apply to anything.

If you focus only on the 20% of your clients that bring 80% of the revenue, and invest more time in building these relationships, your results will multiply.
The other 80% of the people that use your service or else are not that important.

What you need to do to increase your productivity is to identify what the 20% consist of (whatever area you’re working on), and focus on that while you eliminate the rest or stop paying so much attention to it and waste time and effort.

9. Plan and make a list.

Sounds simple but really works.

Make a detailed plan of the things you have to do from the night before. Write it down.

This way you will know what to do in each moment of the day, the things will be in some order, and you won’t be wondering what to do in the gaps between.
You don’t need to memorize them. Just carry a notebook or list with you wherever you go and cross the things out once you’ve completed them.

10. Eliminate distractions.

That’s a big issue these days with all the technologies we’re surrounded by.

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Constantly receiving notifications from different sources can be quite distracting. So try to turn the sound off while you’re working on something important. Do everything possible to be focused because otherwise the task won’t be completed properly.

Use software or different applications that don’t allow you to go online for a fixed period of time. This way you can work on your writing, for example, without having the chance to just check your email or social media and find yourself browsing without purpose again.

Usually the simplest way is the best. So give these hacks techniques a try, if you haven’t already. I hope they will help you do all your tasks better, in no time, with less effort and more focus.

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  1. All so applicable to me right now. I haven’t had sugar since jan. 1 so I wasn’t tempted at all today by the many valentine treats around.
    I’m also trying to wean myself of so much technology.

    1. I deactivated my Facebook for a while (a month probably) and ditched all processed foods, sugars and grains (to me salty foods are the real challenge) in mid january
      So we’re on the same quests here. So great to meet someone having these battles too.
      The Facebook part is totally okay for me, but I’m making drastic changes in my food habits now and that is a big one.
      Good luck with your goals. You’ll do just fine.

      1. Thanks. Sometimes I feel like I’m some kind of “weirdo” for having all these goals. My kids ( not so much my husband anymore–he’s become more supportive) give me flack sometimes. ” it’s his birthday cake ! You have to try some!”

      1. Your welcome Lidiya. One powerful thing I’ve learned thus far about productivity is not about just the outcomes or be efficient or be effective, it’s about the purpose on why we do things. And having the courage to say no to the good things so we can be available for the great things to come.

          1. Could you believe most people don’t have that? I just read an article about how leaders need to motivate their team, I was inspired about the statement that-just because something is common sense it does not mean it’s commonly practiced. It’s just so true. What do you think?

          2. I don’t really listen to common sense that much. The average thinking is getting harmful.
            One of the things I want to do with my blog is to inspire and help people find purpose and direction in life. It’s sad to see so many lives spent without meaning and value.

  2. Do hard things in the morning: So true! That is when I do reading assignments from class (I like reading, but not for class). The 80/20 rule: Indeed. As a business student, I recognize and apply this principle. The wall chain: I will start doing this first thing tomorrow! Thanks for the tips, Lidiya.

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