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We all want to change certain things in our current lifestyle, and most of them are connected to the outer world.

Some want a better job, a bigger income, to start their own business, to have great relationships, to exercise more. Others seek more fun, better social skills, material stuff or else.

And if we start working on getting these things, we will eventually understand that the changes we need to make are inside of us. Because our bad habits prevent us from moving forward, the lack of certain qualities doesn’t let us achieve our goals and our own limitations are what stops us from living the life we are meant to.

For that matter we need to build some super qualities. They are like superpowers because we are not born with them and very few have them.

It takes a lot of work to get what we want because before everything else, we need to become the person who’s able to be successful and do certain things in order to follow his dreams.

Here are the 5 superpowers we all wish we had that are all we need to build a perfect lifestyle:

1. The ultimate belief.

A huge problem these days is one of the worst limitations people set to themselves. It is the lack of belief.

People don’t believe big things are possible to achieve, they don’t believe they deserve a happy life, they don’t believe they are ready and have what it takes to succeed.

Well, guess what? You do!

 You have all it takes to achieve whatever you put your mind to. And only when you start believing in your abilities and potential, will you be able to see yourself rise from the ashes and get to the top.

The ultimate belief is a superpower because very few people possess it. What it takes to have it is to eliminate the hopelessness and limitations, to stop listening to the naysayers and have a clear direction in life.

Don’t let certain people and events in life distract you from your purpose. Stay true to it.

2. Self-confidence.

Even if you think you have it, it’s probably not enough.

Self-confidence can be considered a superpower because of the things it makes us do once we possess it.

It means we are absolutely sure we will do everything right, we will do our best, we will actually reach the top of everything we want.

 Being confident in our abilities immediately improves our performance and leads to higher results.

So I urge you to develop a positive vision for your goals, to strongly believe in what you do and that it will be successful and to never underestimate yourself.

People these days are rarely sure why they do things, they doubt they can do them at all, and that ruins the whole thing.

3. Initiative.

This is simply the power to do things without being told to, to start without thinking too much, to just act. It means you do things independently, take chances and opportunities and don’t just wait for fate to do its job.

Here is what Napoleon Hill says about it:

“Before a person can rise very high in any field of endeavor, he must become a person of vision who can think in big terms, who can create definite plans and then carry these plans into actions, all of which makes it imperative that the quality of initiative be developed.

Golden opportunities are lurking at every corner, waiting for the person with initiative to come along and discover them.”

4. The ability to know exactly what to do next.

In his post Superpowers, Chris, the unconventional world traveler and one of my favorite bloggers, says that this is the one superpower he would choose to have.

Sometimes—no, often—I get stuck. I have plenty of ideas, but I’m not sure what to do right now. Exercise or taking walks can help. Coffee helps. But I spend a lot of time staring at the screen, going from brick to brick, back and forth on things that are only somewhat related to what I really need to do.

When I do find the next step, I feel like I’ve stepped into a phone booth and emerged in a cape. I can fly! I can proceed with absolutely certainty. I’ve become unstoppable. And if you had this power, you would be unstoppable too.

And so can everyone else feel. Why don’t we all start working on developing this ability – because as everything else it can be learned – and then move forward faster and easier as we will always know what the next step is.

It’s connected with initiative and the ultimate belief. When combined, they form something so powerful that you will no longer have the fear of failure or consider that things may go wrong.

5. The ability to go beyond yourself.

That’s a combination of different qualities – compassion, empathy, doing things for others, giving and sharing, and thinking about the greater good.

We will never be successful or truly satisfied with our lives if we focus only on ourselves. Because soon or later we understand that it’s about something bigger than us, and it always has been.

At the beginning of our journey and usually for most of our life we do things about ourselves only. And that’s not bad considering the fact that we need to become a certain person, build some qualities and habits and eliminate others, get to know ourselves and experience a lot before we realize we are capable of much more.

Then it’s time to give back for everything we’ve received. It’s time to just do good for others and expect nothing in return, to leave a legacy and think of ways to contribute to the society.

The best thing we can do is to have goals and plans that are also connected with helping others and going beyond ourselves.

 Martin Luther King says “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broad­er concerns of all humanity.”

In conclusion, I will tell you a secret.

All these are not superpowers. They are things every person is capable of doing, possessing or achieving. It takes time and dedication and it’s almost never that easy. But the results are tremendous.

Once you start working on building these qualities, greater opportunities will come in your life and the magic will begin to happen. And you will know you’re on the right way.

 What superpowers would you like to have? What is the one quality or ability you would choose?

Image by Helgi Halldórsson @Flickr

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How Your Home Affects Your Mental Health and Mood 27

How Your Home Affects Your Mental Health and Mood

As the seasons change, so can your mood. Your mental health is dependent on many factors like environment, susceptibility, relationships. But what about the home you live in?

It is suggested that having more unrestricted spaces and open concepts would be more beneficial to our mental health because it would allow our minds to create multiple paths and perspective about the world around us, potentially strengthening intellectual abilities.

For a better understanding of how the structures around us affect our mental health, researchers are looking into the benefits and shortfalls of raising children in more open versus enclosed spaces.

Few points to be taken care of if your home is affecting your mental health:

1. Clean equals calm.

The surroundings in which you live should be neat and clean. If you live in clean surroundings, you are going to relax your mind and feel good.

2. Embrace small and cramped.

Even if you live in a small apartment, you should make your stay an enjoyable one. You can design your small home with elegant furniture which you can find on the online portal Urban Ladder.

Also, embrace your house with coordinating colors and then see you will love your small living area as well.

3. Light it up.

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Most people are sensitive to light. Some people like to live in dark and others like to live in full light. Those who live in dark are prone to remain sad most of the times. So try to live in the places full of light.

Sunlight changes your mood so incorporate the sunshine into your daily life. Spend some time in the open sunlight.

4. Set up for sleep.

Sleep plays a very important part in our lives. If you get proper sleep, you will be able to remain happy.

Make sure you have a dark environment to sleep, be it in the night or day. Because darkness helps in making you sleep properly and wake up in a happy mode.

5. Room wisely.

Roommates can be either positive or negative. So you need to choose a room partner very wisely.

If you start living with a negative person, you are going to compromise with your mental health and can bother yourselves. So instead of hampering your mind and health, it’s better to choose a proper roommate for you.

6. Paint your way to a smile.

Choose soft colors for the wall paint as they soothe your eyes and mind.

7. Break-ups may require a break from your apartment.

If you have been living with a partner for a longer period of time in an apartment and somehow you break up with that person, the memories are going to hamper your mental health. So it would be better if you also take a break from your apartment and change your apartment.

8. Choosing a color.

Remember, all colors can affect your mood, behavior and stress levels. Choosing the color of your office, your clothes or your desktop should not be taken lightly. They do affect our moods and productivity.

However, colors are not the only thing that affects us. But, when you are given the choice, pick a color that will work with you and not against you.

At the end, we would like to tell you all your mental health depends completely upon the surrounding you live in so make some efforts to bring some positive changes in the surroundings and notice the real change in you.