Stop Being Shy and Increase Confidence Today in These 3 Ways

Have you ever come up to the point in your life when you just can’t go on like that? When you aren’t satisfied with your results and performance?

When you don’t know what to do but are absolutely sure that this isn’t the right way to live? When you know that there is something more about life that has to be seen and experienced?

No matter what got you there, you have two choices now.

You can either start moaning, indulge in unhealthy living and keep wasting your time doing nothing, or rise like a phoenix from the ashes and use failure and disappointment as a motivation to move forward and actually achieve something.

Here I’ll talk about the second option.

You feel disappointment. You feel desperate. You think that things just can’t get worse. And I doubt that you realize how powerful you are at that moment.

You’ve got the chance to turn all those strong negative emotions into something beautiful. You can make them the reason why you will succeed, you can turn them into positive and use them as the momentum that will guide you through the way.

I’ve always admired and have been surprised by one human quality. It is our ability to turn failure into success and misery into happiness in a short period of time only because we’ve changed the way we see things and have found our motivation and inspiration. This is an incredible thing everyone is capable of and often happens after having a bad time in life.

So if you are disappointed and have failed, smile for that.
Because otherwise you wouldn’t have felt regret and despair and wouldn’t have done anything to change your life.

Now, when you’ve seen yourself in this bad condition, you can only get better. The only way from now on is up and forward!

Here is why that moment right after a painful experience or personal disappointment and regret is the perfect time for a change:

  • you’re a fountain of emotions and feelings that are waiting for their chance to get out and can use them in a positive way;
  • you feel powerful;
  • you can prove life and fate wrong by doing something great;
  • you can turn all that energy into reality by creating something beautiful;
  • the bad thing that happened can be your motivation to do something great with your life now;
  • you can focus on your strengths and see the possibilities around you;
  • you know people expect you to play the role of a victim but you choose to find your power, get out there and take control of everything;
  • you’d love to see yourself get back on track and perform better than ever;
  • you may inspire others to do the same and become a role model;
  • you will have realized important things about you and your life and that will affect your actions;
  • you know hopelessness is pointless and nothings will ever happen unless you get out there.

The next thing to consider is how to turn these dark feelings into something beautiful:

Follow your passion

Spend a lot of time doing what you love and you will feel great. Who knows, you may even find out a way to make it your job and start a career. Wouldn’t that be a perfect way to live life?

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Be grateful

Focus on the things you have, on your good qualities, on all the possibilities, the time you have, the great world you’re living in. This will make you much happier and will affect your actions. Each day take some time to remind yourself of the beauty and gifts (people, events, objects, nature, etc.) that surround you.

Do something

After something bad has happened, the best things is to just take action and do something. It’s okay if you don’t know where to start, the point is to just do it.

Try new things

This will bring the excitement and adrenaline back into your life. Try new foods, go to new places, meet new people, try new sports and hobbies.

Surround yourself with inspiring people

It’s awful to be surrounded by people that are in the same mental state as you – depressed, feeling hopeless, with no direction in life and many regrets and worries. Instead, try to meet inspiring souls that are full of life, have great ideas and stories, are always looking for something new and exciting and never lose the magic of life.

Devote yourself to helping others

If you’re that stuck and think that there’s nothing you can do to feel alive again, devote your time to helping others.

Don’t think too much, just find a volunteering organization that helps an area you care about and join it. You may even go to a country of the Third World and spend a year teaching orphans or collecting money to help the poor.

This will be a life changing experience and seeing people in a worse condition, becoming their hope for life and putting a smile on their face, will change your view of life.

You can suggest other ways to turn the darkness inside of you into light in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you think.