The Tao of Happiness: eBook on How to Be Happy without Changing Anything

So it’s finally here – my first book.

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“The Tao of Happiness” is a guide on how to be happy without trying to change things and interfere. Instead, I write about how to let go, slow down, find contentment and enjoy the present moment by truly experiencing it.

The book is a simple reading about what it takes to be happy, how to find joy in everything we do, to fix our relationship with ourselves, be grateful and go with the flow.

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the tao of happiness ebook


And here are some of the things you’re going to find in it:

  • all the elements of happiness;
  • the power of acceptance and gratitude;
  • mistakes people make when trying to be happy and force things;
  • habits of happy people;
  • how to let go of the things that prevent us from living freely and consciously: such things are comparing, judging, fear, regrets about the past and worries about the future, etc;
  • what is contentment and how to find it;
  • a guide on self-healing;
  • how to be free of attachment;
  • why it’s better to let things happen in their natural way
    and much more.
Is happiness achievable?

Absolutely! This book is all about how easy it is to become a happy person and remain so for the rest of your life.

What does it take to be happy?

It doesn’t require hard work, effort, dedication or a lot of time. You don’t need to set goals and follow them. These are things you need to do on your way to success, but unlike it, happiness is right here, right now.

What you need to do is make a tiny change in your mindset, to come to a few deep realizations, fix the relationship you have with yourself and accept things as they are.

Why Tao of Happiness?

I love the principles of Taoism, Zen and Minimalism and have used them throughout the book. They are philosophies with which I explain how simple and beautiful things already are, how going with the flow is the right thing to do and that letting go of expectations will help us let in joy and peace.

I chose to write about happiness because that’s what we all need more of in our lives. And that’s the thing I’ve achieved to a certain extent and wanted to share with you.

Why I wrote this book?

I like what I did. That doesn’t mean you’ll like it too, but I did my best and I did it with all my heart.

I enjoyed the whole process. I didn’t force things and still managed to write at least 1000 words every day for a few days and then spend many hours editing it and doing all the other stuff that needs to get done before publishing.

When the final goal is meaningful – in my case to help people, inspire and share how I see happiness – all the work is a pleasant experience.

If you think the whole idea sounds good, share it with someone. I’ll appreciate it.

Lidiya K

Lidiya K

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Lidiya K


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  1. May your book be a salve to those on the journey with sore feet and a sea anchor to those
    with false winds in their sails.

  2. Hi Lidiya. I just reserved my copy of the book. I appreciate what you are putting out into the universe and look forward to continuing reading your posts and books.

  3. Lidiya, if a single person will find “how to be free of attachment” thanks to reading your book, it was worth all the effort 😉
    I’m writing now a book about developing a right personal philosophy; the one that serves you instead of taking you down. I consider it a basic element to the whole realm of personal development. I hope to publish it in the middle of July.

  4. Hi Lidiya. Congratulations. I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to get to this post, but I, too, have been busy compiling and editing an anthology of my poetry and photographs which I have also released on Amazon as my first book. So, well done. I know how much work went into this project of yours.

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