20 Things Life is Too Short For: Part 1

Most of us live like they’re going to live forever, but let’s face it – it probably won’t happen.

I’m an optimist but an important fact we should never forget is how mortal we are, and how short life is.

The point of you being reminded of it each day is to realize that our time is limited and it’s too precious to be wasted. Keeping that in mind will also make you appreciate things more, be grateful and enjoy the present.

So here are some things life is too short for (that, unfortunately, we spend too much time doing):

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1. Holding grudges.

That’s so wrong. It’s harmful and you don’t win anything by doing it.

It means that you’re holding onto something bad someone has done to you in the past, you keep resentment in your heart, and probably a desire for a revenge.

But whatever that person has done, it’s in the past. There’s nothing you can do about it. And instead of ruining your present moment by keeping this anger, why don’t you let it go and forgive that person?

This way you’re setting both you and him free and each of you can go on with their lives.

2. Having a job you hate.

Everyone that has a job he can’t stand, with people he doesn’t like, a boss that is treating him bad, no motivation to work, low salary and that spends his all day thinking about its end, is slowly dying.

Come on, life is too short for that! Be brave, take control of your life and at least find another job.

3. Waiting for the perfect moment.

If you’re doing that, I can tell you one thing – it will never come. Not because it doesn’t exist, but because you don’t know where to look for it.

The perfect moment is right now, right where you are. Nothing is more precious that the present and the sooner you realize it, the faster you’ll start experiencing it.

4. Hiding your feelings.

If you don’t show them now, then when?

If you feel something, please express it as strong as you can. Your expectations may not be answered, but it’s better than keeping it all in yourself.

5. Not traveling.

We live in a beautiful world. And whatever you think you’ve seen, there’s much more out there.

Life is like one big book and your place is just the introduction. So dive into the world of traveling and do whatever it takes to make money and time to go some place far away.

6. Living the way others want you to.

Seriously, life is too short for that. Everyone around you has so many ideas of what you show do, say and think, that if you let them take control, you’ll have no voice.

Living by someone else’s standards isn’t living at all. So do something about it.

7. Being a materialist.

It’s not about the stuff you have, but about what kind of person you become, what you do with your life, how you treat others and what you leave behind.

Belongings don’t matter. Money is needed so that you can have enough, not more than it. And everything else is just material stuff.

8. Stressing over things you can’t change.

There is only one thing you can do about them – acceptance.

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Seeing things as they are and realizing that’s the way they should be is a relief. It sets you free from unnecessary worries, stress and fears and lets you live happily and simply.

[tweetthis]Remember that everything has its purpose. If you can’t change it, accept it, let it be and go with the flow.[/tweetthis]

9. Spending time with people you don’t like.

Such a waste of time. You don’t need them, and they definitely don’t need someone that doesn’t like them. So just let everyone follow his path.

10. Not doing things you enjoy.

Life is too short to do things you hate, but also not to do things you love.

For me, life is too short not to write. For you, it will be something else. Find your thing, dedicate yourself to it and feel the greatest contentment.

And here’s part 2 of the list of things life is too short for.

What do you think? Which of these do you spend time doing and how can you change that?


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  1. I couldn’t agree with this post more! True, some of those things are easier said than done, but with a lot of dedication, it’s surprising how much better you feel when you overcome them. #2 in particular is a big one for me. A few months ago, I quit my full time job (that I hated) so that I could write more, and I have never been happier. It’s astounding how much freedom it gave me and how much I love what I’m doing now. Sure, it’s not easy, money’s a little tight, and I picked up a part time job (which I do like), but none of that matters because I wake up every day eager to get started on my writing. It’s miraculous.

    1. I love how you talk about it. It sure is your passion and following it is one of the best things you can do with your life. I’m hoping I will be able to say the same about myself one day and make writing not only my passion, therapy and hobby, but also a career.

  2. Live is short and very precious. No one knows what the morrow will bring so it makes perfect sense to live each day as if it was your last one. This two time survivor keenly aware of that reality and strongly agrees with everyone of your 20 points, except number 9.

    In fact, we can learn so much about our inner selves from limited exposure people we don’t like, because everyone we meet is our mirror. The people who think like we do, have the same outlook on life as we do, behave as we do, and enjoy what we do, reflect our own good traits back to us, and predictably, we like that big time.

    Those we do not like do not think like we do, do not have the same outlook on life as we do, do not behave as we do, and do not enjoy what we do, so we find it painful to witness them reflecting back the traits we all have, but choose selectively suppress within ourselves to us.

    Even when we have struggled to made substantial changes in our lives, changes that could have not been mastered if we had lacked self-love (compassion), when we see those traits manifest in others we come up short when it comes to compassion, because our first instinct is a self protective one ie. we judge them harshly and reject their company as being not good for us. Ha! I have learned tons about myself from limiting my time spent in the company of people I did not choose to be with rather than rejecting them. I discovered becoming a self righteous smarmy personal development blogger who called others “toxic” and/or “difficult” and refused to associate with them wasn’t healthy at all. I blogged about this in my personal blog under the title
    Half the truth is no truth at all. http://thistimethisspace.com/2013/04/20/half-the-truth-is-no-truth-at-all/

    1. Thanks for the concise comment. I like your way of thinking.

      But when it comes down to happiness, contentment and just enjoying the moment, it’s better not to spend time with such people. We can learn a lot by being around them, but there’s also struggle in that. And where there’s struggle, there’s no simplicity and going with the flow. We feel the need to judge, compare, and other harmful emotions that make us feel worse.
      So in order to just live freely and happily, it’s sometimes better to just ignore people like that. To be compassionate and understanding is a must, and if we can help them in some way throughout their journey it’s our duty to do it, but until then we can find other like-minded people and expand our horizons and grow spiritually with them by sharing love, inspiration and things we like.

      I’ll check out all your posts in your blog when I have more time these days. I love your main blog and it has helped me a lot and am so glad to see you have another that’s on my favorite topics.

    2. I’m visually challenged and I do apologize for the typos I can see now but could not see before.
      Live was meant to be Life, of course.

  3. I have been thinking about that recently a lot and kept asking my friends about… what if they would have only 2 years left on this planet?!

    It looks like many of them realizes that they do the job they do not really like, but because they do not really see the dead line it makes them calm.

    But 2 years concept changes there view on the problem.

    I share your list on Twitter if you do not mind.

    Here is this article if you want to read one day http://lifeasaninvestment.com/mind-soul/if-you-would-have-only-2-years-left/

    Have a nice week!


  4. If you can do things in the list, you are a lucky person. Not everybody is so lucky.
    Maybe I look pessimist, but I am really a realist…

    1. It’s okay to be a realist. But thinking that you CAN’T do the things in the list is being a pessimist, in my opinion.

      We’re all capable of more than we think 🙂

  5. I want to do some changes but still afraid that I will fail. I know I have to change my mind but I have that little voice who controls my feeling. Can I find your book in Barnes and Nobles or Amazon?

  6. Wonderful blog… I really appreciate your style of writing and the Content within the blog. You are a clever author.

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