I met some friends at a café the other day and had a quality time.

Someone mentioned what time he got up this morning and that’s where the conversation headed. I said I went to bed at 4 a.m. and somehow managed to get up around 9. My sleep patterns have been a bit messed up lately but getting up at that time leads to going to bed earlier in the evening and eventually getting back on track.

Anyways, what stroke me was a thing one of my friends said. She said I’ve done a good job not sleeping in and then added that she can’t get up early if she doesn’t have something particular to do. And because she didn’t want to waste her last few days off from uni, she gathered with other friends earlier in the day so that she can have a reason to get up earlier and not spent half of the day sleeping.

And then I realized that some people needed to make something – whatever it is – their reason to get up. But if you think about it, after a few years you come to the conclusion it was not worth it.

What I mean is that I have my ‘why’. I get up with purpose every morning. It may be to write, read some stuff, work on personal projects, go to the gym, or do something else that’s important to me.

The funny thing is that I probably won’t do it because of classes, to meet friends, or to just be up. Because most of the things we do in our days are unproductive and time wasting activities that prevent us from living with a purpose.

That is why we need to identify what is the thing we’re ready to get up early for.

What makes us start the day with an intention and excitement? What do we look forward to when we go to bed?

It’s also known as purpose. The driving force behind every action we take. Without it, it won’t last long and success won’t come. But by having it, and keeping it throughout the process, we manage to stay motivated and eventually achieve our goal.

Here is why having a purpose gives you a reason to wake up:

  • you can’t wait to start the new day so that you can work on your project/goal/plan or else again;
  • you are one step closer to your purpose;
  • you often start waking up early and having a healthy and powerful morning routine only because of your purpose;
  • it keeps you going throughout the whole day;
  • it gives meaning to everything you do;
  • you are full of motivation;
  • your actions are purposeful;
  • it gets you back on track after going through a tough period;
  • it makes your life challenging;
  • you never get bored;
  • you find great pleasure when doing something connected to your purpose;
  • you improve many other aspects of your life as a result;
  • you let go of other less significant projects that are wasting your time;
  • you become productive;
  • you are full of enthusiasm;
  • you are inspiration for those around you because they see you’re driven by a mighty power;
  • you live more consciously;
  • you focus easily;
  • it’s your goal number one;
  • it’s the first thing on your to-do list every day;
  • you visualize the success.

This can be about anything. Something you want to possess, the new person you want to become, the business you’re planning to start. It can be a personal or work project, a desire to become wealthy, to live in a bigger house, to become emotionally independent, to acquire new skills and habits.

A purpose is always connected with the thing you truly want, deep inside you.

You may have not found it yet, but when you do, it will become your driving force and the reason you wake up every morning.

If you haven’t found what moves your hearth, however, you can’t say you have a purpose. You may have many plans and goals, but it’s not the same.

Steve Pavlina, one of the people whose writings have helped me a lot, shares how to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes.

In a nutshell, he basically advises us to ask ourselves a few questions and to be as honest as we can.

So finding your purpose is one of the best things you can do now that will define the rest of your life. Everything changes for the better once you know it.

Of course there are people whose reasons to wake up are not good for the society and the world in general, and that’s why there’s no balance on the planet. If we were all doing it for the greater good, things would be different.

I urge you to find your driving force, make it meaningful and for others – not only for yourself. And then follow it every single day.

Once you find your purpose, put your heart and soul into it.

I believe that whatever it is you decide to do, you should do it with all your heart.

With passion we can create amazing things, offer true value, help others, be happy, productive and successful.

Without it, we have average results, aren’t focused on our current activity, lose motivation, aren’t confident and don’t really believe in what we do.

You can recognize a passionate person from afar.

He simply looks contented.

As he’s doing what he loves, puts meaning in it, has a purpose, and if he has managed to turn it into his career (through a lot of hard work and sacrifices), then he doesn’t really have a job, but a hobby, a pleasant activity he fills his days with.

And I think we should use this approach to any other area in life, not just our job.

If you’re going to read, don’t just pick up a random book and try to finish it so that you can have more titles on your bookshelf.

Put it away and replace it with one that inspires you. It’s worth investing a lot of time in finding it, as the power of a book that you can truly grasp and feel passionate about is indescribable.

Or if you’ve decided to start working out, choose something you enjoy.

Jogging may be your thing if you love nature and early mornings. It may be fitness if you like being indoors and looking at yourself in the mirror pushing makes you feel alive.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, but it’s important to be passionate about it.

Only this will make your performance good, will give you purpose, satisfaction, joy and fulfillment.

We live in a world where most people are always in a hurry, doing things they don’t want to do, spending time with people they don’t care about, working for someone they can’t stand, in an environment that makes them depressed.

That’s awful.

But it’s also a choice.

Because at any moment you can pack your stuff and leave. And then, start over.

Yes, it’s risky. Yes, it will take months (or years) of hard work. Yes, you’ll have to say ‘no’ to many other things you’re used to.

But throughout the process of getting to your new life you’ll be working on something that’s important to you.

And it’s a universal law that if you put passion and focus into something daily, it will pay off and the results will be amazing.

You just need to stay consistent and motivated. And put your heart and soul into what you do.

So what are you passionate about?