We are all trying to get more of everything in life. And when we do, the desire increases and we want even more. This way satisfaction is never achieved and we become greedy creatures looking for ways to satisfy our needs.

But more is not the answer. Less is.

We try so hard to achieve more, be better, have more of certain feelings and qualities, possess stuff, bring more people into our life, have more things to do, speak more and get information all the time. But we never actually experience any of that. And this makes it pointless.

That’s because of complexity. We’re overburdened. We can’t breathe freely, or slow down, or enjoy one thing at a time.

The solution lies in simplicity. Because it’s the key to brilliance.

Regardless of where you are in your life now, what you have and where you’re going, you need more simplicity.

Instead of adding, you need to exclude. And instead of keeping things and holding onto people, memories and ideals, you need to let go.

Beauty comes with simplifying – when you get rid of everything fake that just doesn’t fit, and let the natural glow.

Freedom comes with simplicity. You’ll only feel free when you let go of everything that’s preventing you from moving forward – past, worries, judging, desire for control, etc.

Seeing what really matters will only happen when you exclude the unnecessary.

Simplicity consists of having less:

  • desires;
  • belongings;
  • worries;
  • fears;
  • words;
  • thoughts;
  • expenses;
  • daily tasks;
  • regrets;
  • stress and so on.

And all this can happen by learning how to let go of things you don’t need, how to get rid of the stuff that makes your days complex and to stop adding new things.

It also means that your mind will be clearer, you’ll be happier, will feel freer and in peace more than ever before.

And here are some ways to keep things simple:

Practical Ways to Achieve Simplicity in Life

  • the next time you want to buy something, ask yourself whether you really need it and whether it will make your life better in any way;
  • when you have many things on your to-do list take a minute every now and then to slow down, feel good about what you’ve already done and analyze if all the rest is worth doing. Maybe it’s just something you think you’re supposed to do, but nothing will actually happen if you leave it like that;
  • when you catch yourself thinking about the past or worrying about the future, stop and try to focus on the present moment, that’s where you create your future;
  • when you’re angry at yourself or someone else, practice compassion and forgive. This is the ultimate salvation and helps both you and the other person. It means letting go of what was so that you can embrace what is;
  • eliminate distractions and focus on what is important;
  • try to be honest with people and say exactly what is on your mind, otherwise you make communication so hard;
  • when things get a bit difficult to handle, instead of stressing over what might happen and be afraid of the result, try to be grateful for what is, to realize that it’s the right thing for that moment and to fully experience it;
  • if there’s someone in your life that only makes your life harder, try to spend less time with him and don’t let him affect you;
  • when the weather is bad, don’t feel upset, just accept it and let things go in their natural way;
  • instead of thinking of what is missing in your life, focus on the abundance of love, happiness, possibilities and things to be grateful for;
  • the moment something bad happens, learn from it, accept it and let go.

There are hundreds of ways in which we can practice simplicity. And the final result is pure joy, finding contentment in everything we do, being in peace with ourselves and the world and living in harmony.

So give it a try. Eliminate, reduce, get rid of things, and strive for less. That’s the real “more” in life.