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things I choose to do in my 20s

The 20s are the best time to do anything you want. It’s not too early and not too late, so the possibilities are countless.

If you’re in your 30s, 40s or else, you can still do whatever you want with your life. You may have more limitations, though, most of which are only in your mind, but age can’t stop you when you have a burning desire, a dream or a need to change.

So even if you’re not in your 20s, you can do the following things to some extent. But if you are, I think they are a must.

This list contains the things I’m currently doing with my life. And it doesn’t mean I’m working on my goals all the time. I also do all the time-wasting activities everyone else does, I’ve got my unhealthy habits, bad moments and periods of just doing nothing.

Sometimes, I may seem like a random 22-year-old girl with no big plans and a direction. That’s because I don’t really talk about these things and people in my life know me only to the point I want them to know me. So, of course, wrong conclusions are inevitable.
And as far as I know I’m on the right track for myself, I’m alright with the opinion of others.

So here are the things I chose to do in my 20s:

1. Follow my passion.

becoming a writer

It’s a rare thing nowadays for a young person to know what he wants to do with his life and to have serious intentions to get it. I’m glad I found my passion and especially that I’m doing something about it every day.

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2. Working on making it my career.

It’s also important to know what you don’t want to do with your life. And sometimes it’s easier to figure it out.
I’m sure that I don’t want to have a 9-5 job, work for someone else and depend on him, do stuff I hate, wait for the day to be over, dread Mondays because of that, become a depressed person and to top it all, make an amount of money that will never be enough to help me afford the lifestyle I want.

That’s why I’m working on making my passion my career.

[2016 Update] I’m not a full-time freelance writer, with multiple income streams, working on digital businesses and almost location independent.

[2017 Update] I now moved to another country, traveled to Asia for a few weeks with my laptop, and am financially independent.

3. Trying new things.

Now is the perfect time to do it. I’m talking about things that a real adult can’t really do.

For instance, I took another course in Italian more than a year ago, now I’m learning Dutch, went swimming for a few times (I ditched it after a few lessons but don’t feel bad about that as it was just an experiment), and I just finished a short course in bartending. I was planning on working that this summer but a much better opportunity came up and I just couldn’t reject it. But I had a great time there, met interesting people and learned new skills which was so fun. And I can always practice it if there’s nothing better to do (but I expect much better things to come along).

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4. Learning new languages.

I love foreign languages. Italian is my favorite but I’m open for every other.

Some time ago I learned how to write and read in Hebrew, have been learning German for a few years back in high school (but it’s just not my thing and I don’t enjoy it so I haven’t practiced it since), I have some knowledge in Russian as it’s close to my language. My new favorite country is Holland (have friends there, love the culture and paid a visit recently). And it’s my new goal to speak Dutch well by the beginning of next summer.

Here are some tips on how to learn a new language faster.

5. Choosing principles to live by and staying true to them.

6. Perfect timing.

I know I’ll probably never have as much free time and lack of responsibilities as I do in my 20s. So I’m trying to appreciate it and make the best of it.

7. Started simplifying my life.

8. Do my best not to end up in a bad relationship.

I know it may last for years and have so many people around me that choose to be with the wrong person just because they don’t want to end up alone. But you can’t be alone in your 20s. That’s something you’ll worry about later.

To stay in a bad relationship and put up with someone that treats you bad is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

9. Making fitness a daily habit.

Now is the time to get in shape.

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10. Figure out who my real friends are – the ones I want to stay in my life, and investing in these relationships.

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11. Traveling.

How to Live Anywhere in The World: 5 Tips for First-Time Digital Nomads -

That’s an important one. You can never be sure if later you’ll have the time, chance or money to travel the world, so it’s best to start now. It’s one of the greatest things everyone can do with their lives.

12. Living life to the fullest.

I do that too. And I’m pretty good at it. But I also have my antisocial periods as I’m more of an introvert.

13. Not getting into debt.

In Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s (a part of the 21 Convention), I heard a great rule and realized I actually stick to it. It says:

If you can’t pay cash, it’s not for you!

I have many friends who went to study abroad, and of course it’s better to get your education (if you’re serious about it) in England rather than here, in Bulgaria. But they got in a big debt because of that and technically, started their student life by taking money they don’t have that will need to be returned when they graduate university. That’s a big burden. And a sure way to never get rich later in your life.

14. Try to listen to what older people (or those with more experience) are saying.

They know better. I’m glad I realize it early on in my 20s.

15. Finding role models.

I have my role models and people I look up to. That’s priceless. And it doesn’t really matter whether they are people from your surrounding or someone you follow only online and whose books you’re reading. Having a mentor is a key.

16. Choose experience over material stuff.

I choose to welcome experience. That’s why when I have some spare money, I’d always go abroad or take up an exciting course, instead of buying top technologies.

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17. Completing education.

I don’t really enjoy it, but I’ll go through it in my 20s. It’s once in a lifetime and now is the right moment.

Many people start it and when other things happen at the same time, they take a year off. That usually turns into a few years and some never complete their education. Others don’t go to uni at all, and eventually regret it.

That’s why I will finish my education and get a master degree, regardless of the fact that my career plans are different.

18. Having a vision.

Another important one!
I’ve figured out what I want, have some big ideas and plans and have started working on them. Vision is everything. There’s no action, and of course results, without it.

I hope you agree with me on all that.

Which of the things I do in my 20s do you think is most important? And what other things should a person do at that age?

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Facts on Saturated Fat and How it Affects Women’s Health 12

Facts on Saturated Fat and How it Affects Women's Health

If you’re confused about what food are good for you today, but bad for you tomorrow, you’re not alone.

Take fat, for example. One day, all fats are bad. Then we’re told we need healthy fats. Another day, the perception of what’s considered ‘healthy’ fat is under scrutiny. Here’s the skinny on saturated fat.

The Truth About Saturated Fat

Just a few decades ago, fat was the enemy, especially saturated fat as found in butter and other animal-based food products. They’re the kind of fats that solidify at room temperature, which is due to their atomic makeup; the carbon cells are completely covered, or saturated, by the hydrogen cells.

Foods that contain saturated fats include:

– Red meat
– Eggs
– Cheese and other dairy products
– Poultry
– Pork
– Palm and coconut oil

Saturated fat was thought to cause high cholesterol and ailments like heart disease. However, new research has shown that a diet that includes saturated fat and reduces carbohydrates actually has the opposite effect, especially in women over the age of 50. This has led to the rise of low carb and paleo diets.

The benefits of saturated fat has been studied by researchers, dietitians and journalists like Nina Teicholz, whose book, The Big Fat Surprise, summarizes nine years of research on the subject of saturated fat and women’s health.

The conclusions reached by many who’ve viewed the data are that there is no conclusive evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease or obesity when eaten as part of a balanced diet. In fact, over the period between the first recommendations by the American Heart Association demonizing fat in 1961 and now, heart disease, obesity and related conditions have increased.

How Did Saturated Fat Become the Enemy?

The big turning point came after the release of the so-called “Seven Countries” study conducted by Ancel Keys. This research – and false conclusions – looked at diets around the world. Keys determined that the seven countries with the highest rate of heart disease also consumed the highest amounts of saturated fat.

What the study overlooked, and what turned out to be the real cause of adverse health effects, was that people in these countries also ate the highest amounts of processed carbohydrates and sugar. The problem was that Keys went in with a hypothesis about the correlation between fat consumption and heart disease, and rejected any findings that didn’t support his theories.

What’s it All Mean?

We’re not suggesting that fat doesn’t raise cholesterol, which is a contributing factor in heart disease. However, certain kinds of cholesterol are beneficial, even necessary, to good health.

Adding modest amounts of saturated fat and reducing sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption increases the HDL (good) cholesterol and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol. The trick is to choose the right kinds of saturated fats, not deprivation.

Food With Beneficial Saturated Fat

The right levels of saturated fat in your diet allows you to enjoy eating again. Food tastes better and is more filling, which means less temptation to binge and less over-eating. Choose saturated fat from healthier foods like coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and grass-fed beef over grain-fed.

If you’ve been depriving yourself and avoiding ‘real’ foods like red meat, cheese and butter, this is good news. The best diet for anyone is one that uses moderation without necessarily excluding entire food groups.