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You may consider yourself a traveler, who knows where to go and how to live his life to the fullest, but there’s something you don’t always realize.
And it concerns many of us.

You’re walking around with a huge backpack on your back. And that ruins your experience.

It’s exhausting. It prevents you from breathing deeply the fresh air of the beautiful nature around you, of buying new things from the place you’re at right now and that’s only because you have no space in it.

So why don’t you put it down for a while and see how it feels?

Then you’ll be free as a bird to run and jump, to look around with interest and enjoy the view, to visit places and speak with strangers.

You don’t need most of the things in the backpack anyways.

You get too many things you’re never going to use. You bring with you too much ‘just in case’ stuff , because you don’t know what’s going to happen and want to be prepared.

But guess what? Even if you bring all your belongings, you still won’t know what the future has in store for you. And that’s the beauty of life. It’s a never-ending journey full of surprises.

You also bring more pairs of clothes than you need because you think they’re not going to be enough.

You bring stuff from home that is not meant to leave your place or made for travelling. But it makes you feel comfortable.

All this ruins your journey and that of the ones you’re travelling with.

It feels so good when you don’t need to carry the backpack all the time. So imagine what it will be like if you leave it somewhere and never go back to it again.

The solution, again – as for many other things in life, lies in simplicity. In the beautiful act of letting go, eliminating what’s not needed so that the essential can shine.

It’s the same even if you’re not going to see another place of the world.

Think about your days.

Day after day you carry with you bad memories from the past, fears, worries about the future, doubts and uncertainties, many desires, expectations, needs, etc.

And all that makes your life a dreading experience. You can never take a break and empty your mind even if you’re not doing anything.

You keep carrying this huge backpack with you wherever you go. And other people in your life have to put up with it as well, they suffer because of your excess baggage.
This is often a reason for bad relationships.

Why don’t you throw it away then and see what happens?

The truth is that nothing bad is going to happen, things will be alright even if you stop worrying about what others think of you and whether what you do is right.

The past will still be there but this time it won’t prevent you from living your life; you’ll still communicate with people but this time you won’t be afraid that they won’t approve you or that they won’t answer your expectations.

You’ll be free. Free to enjoy this moment, to focus on what is now, to appreciate what you have and live life to the fullest.

Life is a big adventure, a beautiful journey that is meant to be travelled light.

The only way to make the best of it and enjoy each second is to put down that backpack and let things be.