What’s Your Hero Story

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You’re a hero. But you probably haven’t shared your story yet.

So do it. People would love to hear it, and the one who needs to hear it the most is you yourself.

We lack self-trust these days, and self-confidence. We think we’re just a part of the crowd, don’t have time to take care of ourselves, have got used to being underestimated and not understood, and tend to focus on the bad sides of the past, present and future.

But, in fact, things are completely different.

I’ll try to make you think about the other side of things and understand why I consider you a hero.

First, there are all your good qualities. The ones you often ignore, forget about and have no chance to show. But they still exist.

We are all humans and feel empathy, love, gratitude, hope and joy. These are some of the most powerful emotions and the world needs more of them.

With their help we have the chance to help others, to feel their pain and try to alleviate it. We love our loved ones and are ready to do anything for them. We appreciate what we have and thank for it. We try to give so that we can deserve what’s given to us.

Doesn’t that make us heroes?

What’s more, our past doesn’t only consist of moments of weakness and grief, angry reactions and being rude to others, offending and causing pain.


We’ve smiled to other people so many times, we’ve made someone feel special by making a compliment, sharing how we feel about him or just being nice. We’ve brought back hope in times when it was needed. We were there for someone when no one else was.

And even in some of the worst moments, we were the heroes.

Our heart gets broken, but we move on.
Our loved ones die, but we learn how to live without them.
We lose a job, house or something important. And we find a way to keep going no matter what.
We get beaten up, but our wounds heal.
We get robbed, mugged or worse, but we get back to normal after some time and even find a way to forgive the person who did that to us.

Doesn’t that make us heroes?

We fail, but we try again.
We lose hope, but we find it and become even stronger.
We meet bad people, but still find a way to trust in the good ones and believe they are out there.

We are the heroes of our time. And we’re born to thrive.

So don’t be afraid to get out there and share your story with others. You have no idea how many people need to hear it.

In a world of hopelessness, support and encouragement are always needed. You never know who you inspire with your words. But you know very well how you’ll feel when he smiles again after having felt defeated and not understood for such a long time. Then he’ll turn the darkness into light for someone else too.

We all have our light inside of us, we can all shine. We just need to remember that we’re heroes.
And our hero story needs to be shared.

So what’s yours?

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