Why Have a Morning Routine

why have a morning routine

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”
 Lemony Snicket

Successful people are those with successful habits.

And although it’s better to do what the great ones do rather than nothing, I think it’s even better to find a way that works best for you (for whatever it is that you want to improve and change in your life).
But if I had to choose one of the habits these people share, it would be the things they do first thing in the morning.

Here is why you should have a morning routine:

  • it’s a keystone habit – that means that once you implement it, it will affect other habits of yours. For example, in order to get up early you’ll start going to bed earlier, also you’ll include things like reading, planning your day, eating a healthy breakfast, doing some housework, or else.
  • it gives the rest of your day a purpose;
  • it kickstarts your day;
  • it’s the only time of the day when you can have time only for yourself (as others are still sleeping), be in silence and relax;
  • it’s the best time for some mindful work, which leads to you being more productive;
  • develops discipline;
  • brings peace – the morning is quiet, beautiful, there’s no one and nothing to disturb you;
  • you get energized and have energy throughout the whole day;
  • you get stuff done – you can complete a task or a few from your to-do list and feel less overburdened later in the day;
  • you don’t need to be in a rush – the average person gets up just before the time he needs to go out, he doesn’t have enough time for a coffee and breakfast, he often forgets something at home and gets angry, etc. But getting up earlier and having a morning routine gives you time for everything, you can do things slowly and don’t need to be in a hurry. That eliminates stress and you feel much more contented;
  • how you start your day defines how you’re going to end it – begin with a positive attitude, healthy meal, smile and time for yourself, and I can assure you that you won’t end the day being tired and feeling bad as usual.

Your morning routine reveals your approach to your days. And after all, life is a series of days. So if you make it a habit and do it every morning, your life will become more peaceful, organized, productive, disciplined, positive and healthier.

It’s not really about getting up early and doing stuff (although, that’s a big part of it), but more about the importance of just doing it, of knowing you’ve got a successful habit, of realizing its benefits and letting it help you improve in every other area of your life.
It all comes down to feeling more productive, to seeing yourself fresh and focused in the early hours, believing you can achieve much more, letting others see you lead a healthier life and being admired.

All this will change your mindset, and that’s where success is created. We first become happy and successful in our heads before it shows any result in real life.

So embrace the morning and dedicate it to your morning routine. Until it becomes a habit (for the next 30 days), be absolutely serious about it and make it the most important part of your day.

Make sacrifices in the beginning – like going to bed earlier, and finding the will to get up early although you won’t want to leave the comfortable bed – so that you can enjoy the benefits of it and the new and better person you’ll become later.

What about you? Have you felt the benefits of having a morning routine?

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