8 Small Habits for Big Success

We are what we repeatedly do.

Then, in order to be successful we need to develop successful habits.

Here are a few small, but powerful ones, which if practiced with consistency, can become the pillar of your success:

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1. A positive mantra

Think of the things you want the most – your purpose, goals, values and dreams.  Form a few sentences (positive ones, with powerful words) and make them your mantra by repeating them in your mind a few times throughout the day.
You can write them down and just read them out loud until you get used to that.

2. Get up earlier

This gives you an advantage as you have time for yourself and no one and nothing will distract you.
You also have the chance to plan your day, do some reading or writing, check emails, etc, which will kickstart your day and mentally prepare you for the other tasks you have.

Getting up earlier means changing a habit. The easiest way is to set up your alarm for a time that is 2 minutes earlier than the previous day. And in a month you’ll be waking up 60 minutes earlier with no problem.

3. MITs (most important tasks)

Develop the habit of defining your 3 most important tasks for your day. Focus on them and complete them first thing in the morning.

These are usually the tasks most connected with your top goals. And doing something about them each day is what will help you achieve them.

4. Begin

Whatever it is that you want to succeed in, you’ll first have to begin. It’s not easy but there’s a bearable way to do it.

Take a goal or project, and divide it into steps. Then do it again, and again until you have super simple things you need to do. And then simply begin with the first one.

This way you’ll get one percent better and closer to your goal each day. But you’ll have to make the first step so easy that it would be ridiculous NOT to do it.

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    1. I guess you still find the task overwhelming. Try to break it down into even tinier steps. And always keep your purpose in mind. It’s what will show you the light through hard times.

  1. #1. My mantra is “It’s possible, it’s possible, it’s possible, it’s possible.” I sing it in my head to a simple melody.

    #2. Guilty. I now wake up about 40 minutes earlier than two years ago.

    #3. I’m overachiever. Recently I’ve 5 MITs

    #4. Guilty as charged. In fact I’m pretty sure I started too many activities.

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