At this moment tens of thousands of people are lonely. Some regret what they did or didn’t do yesterday, while others hope that tomorrow is going to be better.

At this moment innocent people die in accidents, others get robbed.

Right now someone somewhere is crying, while someone else a few kilometers away is laughing.

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A woman gives birth to a child and at this same moment a child says a final goodbye to his parent.

Some go to bed, others wake up.

Many people are falling in love, meeting someone new, feeling insecure or having doubts. Many more others are sleeping and dreaming right now, or just watching TV or browsing the Internet.

Some are writing, others are reading.

And what’s the only thing they have in common?

The present moment.

There is nothing that powerful, with so many opportunities, that can change a life in a matter of seconds, so fleeting and yet with a lifetime of consequences, like the present moment.

The power of now is unbelievable. And the best thing is that it’s given to you and you decide what to do with it.

Why do we take it for granted then, never make the best of it and then regret that?
Maybe because we have so many of these little gifts, literally millions.

But often, in the end, we realize we never made even one of them count. And that means our life remains unlived. This is so sad.

I’m here to tell you that you can change the course of your life right now.
By catching this brief moment and making it last forever.

By experiencing it, being aware of it and appreciating it. By being right here, right now, and realizing it’s the best place to be and you don’t need anything else.

Now is where you’re supposed to be and thinking about the past or future prevents you from living this moment, which is the only thing you truly have. And if you can’t live this one, you’ll miss out on many more. And having in mind that life is made of moments like that, you don’t live at all.

But if you take control and focus on your current activity, on the people around you, on how you feel right now, if you look around and breathe deeply, you might just feel like the happiest person in the world.
And no one is able to take that from you. Because this moment is your present.

This moment is yours.

Lately I’ve been spending my days thinking and writing about that, practicing mindfulness, appreciating the now and letting go of past and future, realizing the importance and power of this moment.
And I published a book on the subject: “This Moment”

I think we can all benefit from a reading like that.

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Its purpose is to remind you of the beauty around and that everything that’s going on is nowhere else but in the present moment. That you need to fall in love with it, pay attention to it and truly experience it. That it’s the only place where you can find the peace and happiness you’ve always been looking for.

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      1. How we usually talk about traveling through time but no matter what it would still be the present so the now moment is not really a variable, it’s really us moving into and out of the moment.

  1. Well Lidiya, this was amazing. It reminds me of After Earth at very critical time in the main character’s mission, he (Will Smith) tells him, “Root yourself in the present moment.” The present truly is a gift to our future, which in essence, means that what we choose to do with it determines what the future will look like. I believe it is like deciding what we want our future present to be like: where do we want to be now, without having, doing and being everything we are, where we are now? Get it?

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