How To Be Successful Without Having Stress in Your Life2 min read

How to Be Successful Without Having Stress in Your Life, Let's Reach Success

You already know what it really takes to succeed, you know it’s simple but not easy as it requires time, dedication, focus and consistency.

But I’ve noticed that once people start leveling up in life, they also bring more stress into their daily routine. And instead of enjoying the benefits of their career, bigger salary, relationships, new habits and lifestyle, personal successes and wins, they become more stressed and exhausted than ever.

Here is what to do about it:

1. Let go of the past.

The main problem is that you carry a significant part of your past with you and relive even the bad moments, which makes you upset and depressed.

You can’t really be here and perform well if your thoughts are in the past.

Not only do you need to let go of what has already happened, but you need to do it right after that. The point is to have a clear mind and be able to focus on your current task, be creative, think of great ideas and not to waste time and energy on regrets, analyzing past events, or else.

2. Learn from the successes, not the mistakes.

If you think about the past, at least focus only on the good parts.

That works better in every area of life – personal development, relationships, business, sport, education, marriage, etc.

If you follow that rule, you’re following a principle of Buddhism, psychology, business, and one that all successful people out there believe in.

We tend to focus on what went wrong when things aren’t working out. That discourages us. We feel bad, guilty and hopeless. We start blaming and judging and everything fails even more.

So the next time the project you’re working on doesn’t look good, try to remember what has gone right so far, what led you to it in the first place and how you felt at the time. This will motivate you and you’ll be more likely to repeat that behaviour.

The mistakes we made are in the past, there’s nothing you can change about them and they certainly have no place in your present moment. Reminding ourselves of failures only brings more pain.

Instead, think about your achievements, no matter how small. Don’t be afraid to admit your successes and feel good about them. They will remind you that things can work out, and that having succeeded once means you can do it again.

That’s a guest post I wrote. Read the whole article here.

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  1. I found this post quite interesting and agreed with most of it. However, I do disagree about ignoring your mistakes and just moving forward because we need to learn from our mistakes or we’re going to get stuck and just keep repeating them. We can particularly develop bad habits which can really undermine our efforts. At the same time it’s all too easy to fixate on what we’ve done wrong and ignore what we’ve done right in a situation. My son is in scouts and they’re learning how to sail. He and another boy had done quite well but ultimately were helped home by the rescue boat. They were both pretty down on themselves and I told them both to focus on what they’d done well because they had done well and because they were feeling low, they were already going over their mistake and they needed to reinforce the positive. I guess it’s a matter of turning our mistakes around for growth and not letting them weigh us down so we can’t reach our goals and dreams.

    1. Great example.
      But I said we need to ignore our mistakes because so many of us tend to go back to them, relive them in their minds, and basically experience them all over again. And not only does that ruin the present moment, but it ruins potential success.