Simple Ways to Deal with Anxiety During The Holidays and Make the Best of Them

The holidays are almost here.

They are the time of the year for spending time with the family, enjoying the comfort of your home, preparing delicious meals, resting and not thinking about the hectic everyday life.

But here are the things most people actually do during these days:

  • shopping;
  • trying to find the best gift, which is also the expensive one;
  • having to visit relatives and friends they see once or twice a year;
  • decorating;
  • buying a Christmas tree;
  • overeating;
  • feeling nostalgic about their childhood with all this Christmas atmosphere;
  • New Year’s resolutions;
  • plans for the next year;
  • getting depressed about what they didn’t achieve in this one.

And all this makes us anxious and brings stress.

Not only do we miss out on the rest we’re supposed to have, but we are even too busy and have too many things to think about than usual.

And the holidays become a complicated and stressful experience, rather than the peaceful family-oriented series of events they actually are.

So here are a few simple ways to deal with this anxiety and make the best of this winter’s holidays:

5 Ways to Deal with Anxiety During The Holidays

1. Let go of the need to have the perfect holiday.

Many people try to reach a level of perfection by gathering all the family members (which means having to have awkward silence on the table as some of them are just too distant or listening to arguments between others), preparing and serving as many meals as they can, buying a lot of stuff, having a great Christmas tree and impressive decoration, etc.

And it almost never makes up for all the money that is spent, the lost time, efforts, stress and expectations.

Instead, why don’t you just invite over the ones (no matter if they are family or just friends) that make you feel good, that have been there for you and you love spending time with?
Why don’t you make a small number of meals, but make them with love?
Or just give these people your presence, the nice atmosphere of your home, a warm welcome and gift cards instead of fancy presents?

2. You don’t need to go to any special place.

Stop worrying about choosing a great restaurant to take your partner to, or saving for the most famous destination to visit.

You don’t actually need to go anywhere else if you don’t feel like it.

Just staying at home, not thinking about everyday life (like projects at work, stuff you need to do next month, money problems) and enjoying your family’s company, can make you much more contented than going to a luxurious hotel.

3. The Christmas atmosphere is not that hard to have.

Stop wasting so much money on all the things you see others buy.

Have a small decorative Christmas tree, bake some cookies that will make your place smell nice, light the fireplace, lie on the sofa with your loved ones and watch a Christmas movie.
That is more than enough to give you a pleasant holiday experience.

4. Say ‘no’ more often.

Say no to an invitation for a party or else if you don’t want to go.

Say no to cooking so much only because everyone else is doing it.

Choose only a small part of the decorations you usually put up and the shopping you do.

5. Stop planning, start experiencing.

You can spend all December planning how you’ll celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, what you’re going to do after that to get back in shape and work flow, what your goals for the next year will be and what you want to be different.

But during that time you’re missing out on what’s important.

So let’s focus on making your kids happy, smiling more, giving presents instead of waiting to receive some, enjoying the snow instead of complaining how cold it is.

These are the simple ways I’m offering that may just be solution that will make your holidays more pleasant, full of great moments and unforgettable.

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  1. Great tips! Very seasonally appropriate, and I think it helps people not get so stressed out that they forget their bigger things- their big goals, or their self care time, or their family and friends (which is the point, after all). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you very much for your post. I live with a severe chronic illness and have spent a number of Christmases where things weren’t looking good and now it feels quite tinged with sadness even though I am well this year. Last year I was going through chemo and had my second treatment on Boxing Day. That wasn’t was bad as it sounds. I had a great day on Christmas Day and ate some awesome food, great catch ups with family and my whole extended family was understanding and supportive without being over the top. It was a perfect day. Getting into Christmas this year is a bit slow but I did buy a Christmas tree today. Now, we just need to get it up. Hope you and yours have a Merry & Blessed Christmas xx Rowena

  3. Or try to “introduce chaos.”
    This year we had no funds to prepare Christmas. At last some money came on 10th of December. I’ve just started buying gifts for kids.
    Plus I’m busy with my publishing venture.
    Plus we are selling an appartment. Lots of paperwork.
    Plus our home needs so many fixes.
    And we have no coal for winter yet.
    And my sister is visiting us with her family.

    Planning? Not in our agenda 😉