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1. There’s no such thing as not being a creative person. All human beings are.
If you can build a world of your own, with all those expectations, ideals, fantasies, dreams, goals, plans, regrets, memories, opinions, values, visions, questions and answers, then you can also build anything else. You just haven’t decided to bring it to the physical world yet.

2. I can never be bored as in each moment I discover something new about myself, a deeper layer of my own universe. And to find another person that interesting, who has such deep content, would be an awfully big adventure.

3. We’re all secretly searching for meaning, seeking it in every outer source, until one day we realize it’s always been right in front of our eyes – on the inside.

4. Some things just sound good. Traveling the world can make you the loneliest person, money can make you lose your soul, being brave, confident and admired as the person you look up to may turn your life into a constant battle with yourself. Keep that in mind.

5. The deepest sorrow can become your most valuable lesson and the best thing that has ever happened to you. Just give it a chance.

6. I should never say never, I know. But there’s something I’m sure about – there’s never going to be a day in my life when I’ll have nothing to write about.

7. Having a weakness and the chance to do something about it and improve yourself is another thing that gives our lives a meaning and makes us feel like we’re doing something.

8. Stop asking for opinion. Whatever they tell you and however good and objective they’re trying to be, what they say has nothing to do with your own world and who you are.
The only opinion that matters is yours. So start asking yourself about all the stuff you need and try to be as honest as you can.

9. It doesn’t matter where you come from. But lately, I’ve come up to the conclusion that it also doesn’t matter where you go. Too many people focus on these two destinations and ignore the only one that’s essential – where you are. So look around, be awake and feel alive.

10. You may say that you don’t like change and are not really good at it, but let me tell you a secret – you already changed a few times since the beginning of this sentence. As in every moment we are different from who we were in the previous one. And it’s neither good, nor bad. It’s just life.

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