Who We Really Are

Who We Really Are, Let's Reach Success
Who We Really Are, Let's Reach Success

Who am I?

We’ve all heard that question many times. Mostly in our heads. And I’ve been there too.

But I finally found a proper answer that will make me stop asking it.

If we think about it, it causes us too much stress. The question itself is not the problem, but all the worries, fear, wondering and overthinking that go with it are.

How ridiculous is it to spend so many moments we can’t take back asking ourselves that over and over again? And after each unsuccessful try we become a bit depressed, sometimes lose hope for a while and can’t enjoy the present.

In fact, does it really need to be defined? I mean, we could be anyone and anything we want to, we are the creators and are all together in this.

We put labels on everything, including ourselves. Actually, we judge ourselves and are being judged more times a day than we smile. So we are all that.

You can be an average person – just a part of the crowd, or in love, a writer, famous, a parent, student, someone who is helping people and contributing to the world, or another one that’s looking for a purpose and trying to find his path, or a person who has a disease, who dreams of becoming an actor, or rich, or else.
It’s all your choice.

For example, I’m a blond girl, that loves to write, loves deep thoughts, prefers simplicity over a complicated life, has certain goals and dreams, feels lonely or a void inside every now and then, fails but is alright with that, has fears but tries to challenge herself and go out of her comfort zone, has a great relationship with her mother but hasn’t really mastered the one with her father, and many more things.
And in each moment I choose which of these to be. Now I’m a blogger, then I’ll watch a movie and be in another reality, tomorrow I may have a gym session and be one of the many girls there trying to burn some fat, etc.

So the answer of the question is that it doesn’t really need to be answered. You are who you are. Stop trying to define it because words won’t be enough.

We’re amazing human beings with countless possibilities and instead of trying to put a label on that, try to enjoy the present moment as much as you can, create, dream, love. laugh.
That’s when you realize who you are.

The next step after realizing that not every question needs to be answered, is to accept what you are. To love yourself for what you’ve been through and where you’re heading now. To appreciate and be honest with yourself. Then you’ll give your best, then you’ll be invincible, then you’ll leave a great legacy.

We rely on words way too much. But, lately, I’ve become aware of the fact that they only ruin the things we’re trying to describe.

A sunset, for instance, should be watched and enjoyed in pure silence. So that you can be there with your whole being, without thinking what you’re going to do later, or what the weather is, or when the sun will go down, and without saying how beautiful it is.
Because when you say that you ruin the view. You give a name to that beauty, you compare it to something else, you wonder if it’s going to be even better tomorrow.

That’s the zen way of looking at things and not everyone will agree.
But since I’ve started emptying my mind so that I can truly enjoy the things around me, I’ve become much happier.

So be grateful for who and what you are. Also, stop defining yourself for the things you’re not and focus on what you have, do and are and embrace it.

The answer is, who you are cannot be defined through thinking or mental labels or definitions, because it’s beyond that. It is the very sense of being, or presence, that is there when you become conscious of the present moment. In essence, you and what we call the present moment are, at the deepest level, one.
Eckhart Tolle

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