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Our brain does a phenomenal job when it’s looking for reasons not to do something we’re afraid of. Or when there’s even the slightest need of going out of our comfort zone, taking a risk, speaking up, doing something different or facing hardships in order to achieve it.

Most of them are excuses, negative thoughts, our own limitations like fears and worries.

I’m sure you’re perfectly aware of the fact that they aren’t true. And the best thing you can do at this moment is to act upon your desire, opportunity or goal, and not listen to your brain.

I’m not talking about ridiculous things or ones that put you in danger. I mean those that will take us to the life we deserve, the unique chances we need to take but which also requite hard work, time, the possibility of failing, breaking free from the comfort zone, making sacrifices and not listening to others.

It’s not easy and that’s why we’re looking for reasons not to do it at all.

Here’s an example.

I’ve always wanted to write and publish a book. And if I think about the reasons why I shouldn’t, I will eventually give up and my dream will never come true.

They are:

  • It will take a long, long time.
  • I can’t find that much inspiration and at some point I won’t have anything else to say.
  • People may not like it.
  • It may be a failure.
  • No one would probably even read it.
  • You should have built a name already and have a big audience to sell it. And I’m no one.
  • It may not look professional.
  • Writing it is not enough. There are many other things that need to be done – editing, formatting, promoting, etc.

But what if I focus on why I should write it:

  • People may actually like it.
  • I may inspire someone.
  • It will make me believe I’m a real author and give me the confidence to write better things.
  • I will feel more independent.
  • I may start making an income.
  • I will have a decent product on my blog.
  • I will start and finish a big personal project.
  • I will be proud of myself.
  • Other bloggers will take me more seriously.
  • It’s something I’ll eventually do, so it’s better to start now.
  • The feeling of publishing it will be amazing.
  • It will be a great experience. From then on, I’ll know my weak and strong sides, mistakes and unexpected problems throughout the writing process.

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I can go on like that for the next hour. And I can also think of many more reasons not to do it.

I’m saying all this to remind you of how important what you focus on is.

It’s actually a matter of choice. When you have to take a decision, you’ll make a list in your head. And it’s crucial whether it will contain items in favor of or against doing the thing you want to do. Both lists can be quite convincing and will sound like the right thing to do.

In conclusion, I’ll say that whatever the situation is, you’ll do the right thing if you:

  • ignore the excuses your mind thinks of;
  • focus on the reasons why you should take action/start something new/ take a chance/ etc;
  • think of as many positive reasons as you can and remind yourself of them throughout the whole thing;
  • make the best of it.

So if you have an opportunity – take it, if you are secretly dreaming about something huge that takes courage – do it, if you have goals – start working on them right away. You won’t regret it.

This is what winners do, the way successful people think, how great ideas turn into reality and what you will wish you had done years from now.