12 Ways to Find Everyday Simplicity

how to find everyday simplicity

One of the main reasons we suffer so much is complexity. Our constant effort to make everything complex, although it’s quite simple, is what makes us want to give up, to just escape and leave everything behind.

Everyday simplicity is what we need more of.

The funny thing is that things are so simple in their natural form. But we insist on making them hard, then we can’t handle them and it’s just too much for us. What we need to do is simplify.

That’s a guest post I wrote for DumbLittleMan. You can see the original article here.

How to Have Everyday Simplicity

1. Choose the truth.

Simplify communication by speaking directly.

2. Acceptance.

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3. Listen more.

Try communicating in a new, simpler way. Speak less and listen more.

4. Let go of excuses.

Our mind is pretty creative when it comes to coming up with excuses. But because of that, we can procrastinate, never get anything done, never reach our dreams, and so on.

So let go of these, don’t let them interfere with your simple way of living.

5. Dress simpler.

Get rid of the clothes you haven’t work in the last year. Instead of adding, try removing. Do that with accessories too.

Soon getting dressed before you go out won’t take so much time and worries, but will be an automated decision because you’ve simplified the process. Get clear about your style of clothes and how you present yourself with it, and stick with it.

6. Spend time in silence every day.

Most people never get some time for themselves, to just do nothing, enjoy the silence and be in peace. That’s why life is often way too stressful and we are never alone with our thoughts.

But you can create such time in your day. Wake up a bit earlier and make the most of the early morning. There’s no one to bother you and nothing else you should be doing, so you can spend that inspiring time reading, writing, meditating or just drinking your coffee slowly.

Such a ritual will make your day less stressful and you’ll handle daily issues and worries more easily Try it.

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7. Choose walking over driving.

That’s a wonderful way to stay active and get your creative juices flowing.

8. Do one thing at a time.

Multitasking is an enemy of productivity. We’re made to focus on one thing and work on it until we complete it, then move onto something else. That’s how our brain can concentrate and pay its undivided attention to the task in front of us, and thus get it done faster and better.

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9. Simplify your food choices.

10. Be okay with what you can’t control.

Everyday simplicity is impossible if you’re constantly trying to control everything and everyone around you.

Simplify your life by accepting what you can’t control and letting it be – outer factors, other people and their reactions, life itself.

Instead, focus on what you can control – your attitude towards life, your habits and behavior and how you react to what life throws at you.

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11. Declutter.

Find a place for everything and put it back there after using it. Keep things simple and organized.

12. Shop with limits.

Buy something only when you need it, not when you have money in your pocket.

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What about you? How do you find everyday simplicity?

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How to Look and Sound More Confident

How to Look and Sound More Confident

We associate confident people with success. But does confidence lead to success, or does success lead to confidence?

It’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that working on your confidence levels will indeed boost your achievements in the workplace.

The thing about confidence is that it works two ways.

On the one hand, exude confidence and your clients and colleagues will have confidence in you – self-belief is very reassuring to others!

In fact, for better or worse, the mere appearance of confidence can be more likely to get you a promotion than your actual ability! When you think of some of the dubious phonies who’ve leapfrogged you in the past, it kinda makes sense, right?

And on the other hand, confidence builds confidence within yourself. When you adopt the look and the sound of the self-assured, you begin to feel bolder on the inside. You take risks and put yourself forward for opportunities you might otherwise not have. You begin to work with clear, bold strokes rather than inching ahead in half-measures.

Great – so how to create that feeling? Well, in the long-term, you can use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to deal with the underlying causes of your indecisiveness and lack of confidence. But in the short run, getting the aforementioned look and sound of self-belief is a fairly simple matter of adjusting the way you speak, listen, and move.

If you’re particularly shy, try starting with your hands.

Keep them out of your pockets.

Burying your hands in your pockets instantly gives the (possibly correct) impression that you are nervous or uncertain.

And even the (hopefully incorrect) impression that you are dishonest or lazy. Keeping your palms open and faced upwards is a way of opening up to those around you and exuding trust.

Likewise, a firm handshake of around two-five seconds communicates warmth and self-assuredness. A limp handshake, on the other hand, might create the impression that you feel out of your depth. And an over-strong handshake always feels like the giver is trying to prove something!

The next steps are to work on your eye contact and the way that you intone your sentences.

This can be a bit much to think about when you’re struggling with what you actually want to say. Which is why it’s best to start with the other stuff first.

But take it one stage at a time and you can gradually build a confident manner that will start to perpetuate itself by making you feel strong on the inside. For a full guide to the remaining tweaks, you can make to get that feeling, run through this new infographic from Poundplace.


Build your confidence back up, and success will surely follow.

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Build your confidence back up, and success will surely follow. Here's an infographic on how to look and sound more confident: #confidence #selfesteem