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There are times when life seems unfair. When you feel like the universe is against you, others don’t understand you, and nothing you try seems to work.

I was like that too.

I think we all go through that phase. And when we come to certain realizations, have experience, learn from our mistakes and persevere, things turn out just fine.

Then we understand that everything that has ever happened was the right thing at that moment. It had a purpose, it was either a lesson, experience or a thing to go through so that we can get ready for something else.

And we start to accept things as they are. We become okay with them. And that’s when life begins.

From this moment on we know that it all comes down to perspective.
Simply because perspective is everything.

Once we think about and analyze our behavior, we see that maybe the problem wasn’t in the other person even if he started the argument, it’s in the way we reacted and the action we took after that.

Because in most cases the other person is not the problem. It’s you that has to do something else and look at things from another point of view. Then you can be compassionate and put yourself in his shoes, realize he’s just an outer stimulus and can’t affect your life, and also to let go of judgement and comparison and accept him for who he is, and be okay with the way he behaves.

It’s funny how when we think in the old way, we take things personally and that prevents us from being truly happy. We expect too much from others and when they don’t do, say or think that way we’re disappointed and feel bad.
We crave for attention and want to please everyone at the same time. All that is too much pressure and makes life complex and unpleasant while it’s supposed to be simple and full of joy.

But when we change perspective, we can smile, breathe deeply and slow down because we are okay with things, events and people and experience the present moment with contentment and a peaceful mind.

We start to see the beauty in little things, to notice the positives. We don’t take things personally anymore because we understand people, that they have their own fights and fears to overcome or may have just had a bad day.
So even if someone’s angry with us, we don’t get depressed or try to find out what’s wrong with us. Instead, we try to help him.

We also don’t seek attention from others anymore because we ourselves are enough. We let go of expectations and other people’s opinion and just go with the flow.

We become like water and instead of interfering and putting effort and pressure, we are at ease, make the best of what we have and appreciate it.

That’s how a happy person handles life. And that’s why simplicity, going with the flow and looking at things from another point of view is his philosophy.

I encourage you to give this a try. No matter what bothers you in life, try to change the way you see it. This way even the worst problem can become a temporary situation, a lesson or even a possibility.

By doing this you’ll also be freeing yourself from the burden of unnecessary worries, overthinking and trying hard to change things that are just out of your control.

Another thing you should do in order to live the life you deserve in the best and happiest way possible, is to let go of the need of control and security. They are both an illusion and the sooner you realize that, the better. Accept the course of events and try to benefit from the way things are. Not to change them.

Human beings are remarkable in their ability to change for the better once they put their mind to it. You’ve got all it takes to achieve everything you want but you often lose track and lead astray because of the many distractions we live in.
But once you have a purpose, a clear path to follow and have changed the way you look at things so that now you realize that everything is perfect just the way it is, beautiful things will come to your life.

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1. Invest in a premium air freshener.

You will never want to step into a smelly car so investing in a good air freshener for your car is mandatory to avoid embarrassments. Based on your individual preferences and requirements, you can choose between an air purifier, a diffuser humidifier, an oxidizer, an odor masker in scented or non-fragrant varieties. So, make sure your car is not smelly or suffocating but lifts up your mood and fills your nostrils will a pleasant fragrance every time you step in.

2. Scratches? Use nail polish.

You must have invested quite a hefty amount choosing your favorite shade and painting your car. Scratches are like nightmares and they can’t be removed easily if the damage is intense. Painting can be quite expensive so what’s the easiest hack?  Act smart and use a nail polish with the closest shade to cover the scratches. Let it dry and voila! The scratch is almost invisible.

3. Lost? GPS is there.

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Do you feel confused with the directions and get lost too often? Don’t forget to use the car GPS system and you will never be lost again.

Switch on the GPS every time you head towards an unknown location and it will guide you to reach the destination safely. If you always tend to forget where your car is parked, download the app on your smartphone that will locate your car in the parking lot and give you a map to reach there.

4. Toothpaste for sparkling headlights.

This is another common hack for car owners which is highly useful. If the headlights of your car are too cloudy or gloomy, that can increase the chances of a road accident on a hazy morning or a rainy night.

To revive the lost shine, apply toothpaste on the lights. Wipe off with a clean towel and see the sparkling shine restored easily.

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Don’t Panic And Act Smartly

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