“This Moment” – an eBook on Living in The Present

My new book is here. It teaches you how to let go of what was and will be so that you can embrace what is. If you want to become more mindful and reach a state of peace, then it’s for you.

You can get it here.

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There is never a perfect way to describe a book. Many may try to summarize its main points, mention the chapter titles, and try to say their version of the idea behind it. The author himself, of course, can do it best as he knows exactly why he wrote it, what made him do it and what meaning he has put in each sentence.
But still, everyone understands it in their own way, through their experience, perspective and emotions.

And now for the first time I know exactly how to describe a book in the best way possible: it’s something I’d love to have read a long time ago. (I don’t say I wish I had read it, as this doesn’t correspond with one of the main ideas inside it). I just know that if I had, or if someone had told me these things back then, I would have saved myself a great deal of regrets and worries and would have lived more in the present.

So now you’ve got the chance to learn all I know about this beautiful philosophy – being present, living in the now, experiencing and enjoying this moment. That’s what I’m writing about in the book.

Get ‘This Moment’ here.

The main points I’m making in it:

  • this moment is all we have, we need to cherish it and make the best of it;
  • only there can we find peace of mind and contentment;
  • there are barriers that prevent us from being present;
  • we think too much about what was and what might happen and thus miss out on this moment;
  • letting go frees our mind and lets us live consciously here and now;

and much more.

This book may be considered inspiring, informative, spiritual, uplifting or even life-changing. It’s all up to you.
You may expect to find it in the “Self-help” area as it teaches how to get over your past, let go of worries and thinking too much, avoid comparing and find ways to be peaceful and grateful.
But once you finish it, you’ll know that it teaches how to ditch expectations too. So it’s better not to put it in a particular category as this only limits the number and type of readers it can touch.

It’s an easy and pleasant reading. It’s written simply, because there’s nothing complicated about this moment. It’s beautiful, one of a kind, has power and is the only place we can find peace and happiness.

All these things seem pretty easy to understand, most are obvious, or you’ve already heard of them.
But we still live a hectic life full of regrets, fears and worries about what might or might not happen, illusions, expecting things to turn out in a certain way, planning, comparing, etc.
Basically, everything else but experiencing the present moment.

If we look at it this way, life is a series of such moments. And not being able to focus on the now means we’re not living at all.

Not being present means not being contented and in peace as this state can only be reached by an empty mind that knows how to be mindful.

That’s the purpose of this book.  To set you free from the burden you’re carrying, bring you back to where you belong – here and now, remind you of how important and precious this moment is and let you appreciate and enjoy it.

If you think it’s for you, you can get it here.

Hope you’ll find it useful.

Lidiya K

Lidiya K

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Lidiya K


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