Practical Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Motivation

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Sometimes confidence is everything.

It can make people like us a few seconds after they’ve met us, it can make others respect us without knowing us. It can make a whole room of people listen to us carefully and believe our words only because we’re saying it confidently enough. It can also cause fear or make others feel inferior to us.

In the communication between two people there is always one who sets the rules and decides the direction of the conversation, who subconsciously influences his opponent’s actions (even if they both don’t realize it).
Basically, confidence helps you be that person and win battles and arguments without the need of even saying something.

That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

You may be humble, shy, an introvert, or else. But in today’s world that means you’re often trampled and your rights are being violated.
Confidence can get you out of that trap.

It is a unique quality that makes you look and sound better, stronger and what you say will almost always be accepted.

Being confident in yourself means believing in your abilities and potential, and this is a great thing. Because even when you fake it, you actually start believing and that improves your performance, you start seeing yourself in a different way and can now achieve much more. You’re motivated, certain in your abilities and what you do and know how to show that.

We can all benefit from a little boost of confidence every now and then. So here are a few quick and easy exercises that can help you motivate yourself and accept your strong qualities:

  1. Think of a moment when you felt extremely confident. Remember a time when you won something, passed a difficult exam, received a compliment, looked great, were in a better shape, got a promotion and so on.

Visualize the picture and try to really feel the emotions and thoughts you were filled with at that moment. Recall it with every detail.

What were you thinking about? How were others looking at you?

Remember the smell and noises around you. How did you feel? What was your posture and what did your eyes radiate?
Great power and confidence, I’d say.

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    1. Been there.
      Caring too much about what others think of us, seeking their attention and approval, that’s a huge burden. If we could free ourselves from that, we’d all achieve what we’re after in life.

      Thanks for stopping by.