I’m thinking more and more about the so-called abundance in our lives. It does exist, but we tend to notice the wrong side of it.

What I mean is that we want to have more when it comes down to food, belongings, money, technologies, information, entertainment and so on.

And the moment we use or consume the certain thing, we feel good. But right after that, we feel emptier than before.

It’s because this stuff actually sucks the life out of us.

The food we eat is killing us. We don’t eat for energy or health anymore, but because it tastes good. And we barely think about the fact that probably 2/3 of the food in every supermarket is processed and made only to get us fat, ill, addicted to sugar and salt.

We also crave information more and more. From all sources.

And that’s why we’re surrounded by technologies everywhere.

But reading the newspaper, watching TV, checking out sites, email and social media, getting notifications on our phone and computer all the time… it’s just too much. Just think about how much of all this you actually need and wanted to know at the first place.

That’s just a small part of the abundance we live in today.

And the saddest thing is that it takes our time, energy and attention so much that we remain blind for the real things.

Those are the people we love, the things we love doing, having free time, meditating, relaxing, seeing the beauty around us, laughing and loving more, just going for a walk, reading and writing, eating healthy natural foods, having a purpose and so on.

And because of these two reasons – forgetting what really matters and focusing on stuff and activities that waste our time and potential – we live unconsciously.

And here’s the solution – eliminate the unnecessary.

Simplicity requires elimination so that the essential can be seen and enjoyed.

Here I’ve listed 40 things to get rid of.

You may consider some of them vitally important. But that’s not true.

We can easily live without that. It’s just that it will be hard to ditch it because we’re so used to it.

The first 20 items on the list are material. The next 20 are more spiritual and mental.

  1. TV set
  2. Smart Phone
  3. car
  4. most of your clothes
  5. most of your accessories
  6. dishwasher
  7. microwave
  8. coffee machine
  9. caffeine
  10. junk food
  11. grains
  12. processed foods
  13. sugar
  14. most of your kitchen utensils
  15. FB account
  16. other social media profiles
  17. ads
  18. medicines
  19. too many decorations at home
  20. regrets
  21. fake friends
  22. haste
  23. doubts
  24. negative thoughts
  25. disappointment
  26. guilt
  27. hatred
  28. comparing yourself to others
  29. jealousy
  30. the need to be always right
  31. fear
  32. insecurities
  33. anger
  34. worries
  35. too many desires
  36. complaining
  37. overthinking
  38. making choices because of someone else
  39. the need for attention
  40. the past

It’s your choice.

You can keep living the way you do, which is much easier because change often requires effort.

Or you can give elimination a try and embrace simplicity. It’s a sure way to find peace and harmony, to feel free and happy and have more space in your life.

So with which of these do you disagree? And why?
I’d love to hear your opinion.

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  1. This is a really good post! And i agree with a lot of the things on the list. Earlier this very year i gave away a lot of clothes i hardly wear/need…and just 2 weeks ago my phone fell and broke…and i dont feel the urgency to get a new phone! i feel free without a smartphone…decluttering your life creates more room to focus on life goals and chase them.

    *much love from my blog: bobbyinspires.wordpress.com

      1. yea. it really does work. The problem is most of us tend to follow trends too much and end up getting things we dont even need. My brother got the new Samsung curved UHD, so ama increase my debt by dashing to the shop and getting it! Everyone has a smartphone, so i will go get one even though i will only use the expensive phone for just texting and calling (which a cheaper phone can also do)…eventually as you say, we are swimming in a pool of clutter and distractions….simplicity is really the key to a happier life..

    1. I’m talking about stuff like aspirin.
      Of course, you’ll take a medicine when you’re sick and the virus is already in you.

      But people tend to overuse normal drugs that ‘cure’ headaches, stomach-aches, etc.
      And the truth is they only heal the symptoms. And the real problem is still in us, or our behavior.

    2. Well said Lidiya. i am a firm believer that God didnt engineer our bodies with medicine in mind…sadly we ended up needing it. our lifestyles are the fuel behind the booming phamaceutical industry. I believe that if the world can just change their bad habits such as too much processed food, we will slowly begin to repair our bodies and our future generations will have less dependancy on medicine. I still prefer to sleep/walk off a headache if its not too severe rather than taking asprin..

      1. Can’t agree with you more, Bobby.

        Not to mention the fact that we’ll be able to live much longer, and a better life, if we had good habits and didn’t depend on medicines and foods and stuff that come together with ads.